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Still pursuing Dr. Farrell interview vids which seem very relevant to current events in that they explore 'what really happened' in previous decades (as much as can be reasonably determined w/ actual documentation) that created the MIC and the Deep State.

In The Spider in Roswell - a conversation with Joseph Farrell, one may get a whole new perspective as to what was really going on - and that seemingly conflicts w/ what the Cs have indicated although it could be that crucial evidence never saw the light of day. The very serious realization that the post-war Federal government was infiltrated by various bad elements was behind the numerous Congressional investigations that were launched in addition to Truman's Loyalty Review Board. The Kennedys & their alliance w/ McCarthy is very much a key part of this critical time period. I get the impression that Truman handled the situation quite differently than what Roosevelt would have done had he lived (and, of course, was his death arranged?). Nonetheless, Truman inherited a big mess consisting of elements of the Mafia, Communists, Nazis, Masons (?), and a very real ufo problem. Truman was also responsible for launching the secret monetizing of Black Budget projects w/ looted WWII bounty. Clearly, psychopathic elements were involved here, but what was also suggested was that the 'alien' threat needed to be met by acquiring matching technology which was going to require tremendous amounts of money. I've often wondered if part of the missing trillions might be going for that purpose and not just to secure elite safety in underground havens or the Rapture Express.

What happened to the missing Bell scientists? Did the Bell-project lead to flying disks such as what crashed in Roswell (rather than an E.T. spacecraft)? What's the evidence for a connection to Bormann's exile-Nazi Network? When did the Military-Intelligence-Industrial complex definitely attain A-G tech? Following the thread from our previous talk, Dr. Farrell returns to make a case for Roswell as a mundane security risk, not an alien encounter. Additionally, we get a fresh report from the recent SecretSpaceProgram conference... AND we set the record straight declaring our views on the NaZionism Race Cults.

Link to the Secret Space Program conference: _

Next up:
JFK & the United Putsch of America (Part 1 & 2) - A conversation with Joseph Farrell

Dr. Farrell is back and takes on JFK: After the failed Business plot, did the Sullivan & Cromwell based Wall Street/CIA elite replace Wallace with Truman and murder Roosevelt, in a behind the scenes coup? Why did the Kennedy Brothers challenge them despite Papa Joe being one of them? Is Bormann's Nazi International linked to them? How was shadow players in Argentina connected? What's the 7 factions behind the cover-up? What's the conspiracy theories about the Bomb plot against Hitler? Was Oswald connected to a Nazi spy network? Did JFK & Khrushchev plan a joint space program? And Jos okays a joint show with another guest...
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Just a personal note re the JFK vid posted above (I'm halfway thru) - my dad stated to me way back when that the whole business of the East vs West cold war/arms race/wars to defeat communism was not only bankrupting the Soviet Union, but the United States as well. And as Farrell points out, this is exactly what the Madrid document that surfaced in 1953 stated as a goal. My dad was so much more aware than the general population and like myself was a news junkie always on the hunt for the real truth. He loved that he could use the internet to access newspapers in Europe which usually presented a much different version of current events than the local papers, popular magazines of the time, or evening TV news! Obviously, the apple didn't fall far from the tree!
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Interesting series of articles by Joseph Farrell, speculating on the possible connections between the US diplomats being removed from Cuba after attacked by "mysterious weapons" and unusual events surrounding the ramming of US warships losing control. Is someone sending a message? I've listed all the articles so far for easy access. A generally unrecognized interference is occurring with US military systems it appears and is something to consider as events unfold. With such capabilities, perhaps its possible to win battles without firing a shot... Below are excerpts with links to the full articles.

Excerpts: Part One,


To say that the story of the USS John McCain's collision off of Singapore with a tanker was probably the biggest story of the last week would be putting it mildly(judging by the amount of articles and emails about it that I received), for it is now quite clear - at least in this author's opinion - that "something" is going on with the US Navy's Arleigh Burke class missile frigates, and it isn't good. It is, to be blunt, a major matter of the national security and defense. The real question is, what is going on, and who is really behind it? In this multi-part blog, I hope to outline at least a few of the interpretive options and "high octane speculations", though my list may not be your list, and your guess is as good as mine. And there's plenty of material to guess about

A few years ago, you'll recall, the USS Donald Cook was dispatched to duty station in the Black Sea in the wake of Mr. Putin's "annexation" of the Crimea, a move which the West interpreted as hostile, not withstanding the fact that Sevastopol was traditionally the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, and not withstanding the claims of local Russians of mistreatment from the US-backed coup government in Kiev. We heard lots about the violations of international law and what an outlaw Mr. Putin was, while no one in the West seemed to care that toppling legal governments - no matter how loathsome - was also a "violation of law." In any case, the Donald Cook arrived in the Black Sea, and we all know what happened next. An obsolescent Russian Sukhoi 24 fighter bomber approached the expensive Arleigh Burke class ship, and... all of its electronics died. Everything (or, so we're told). The problem was something that few noted at the time: while the electronics and computer systems appear to have been compromised, the ship was still under power and steerable. In any case, the crew tried to reboot the system while the Russian aircraft made no less than a dozen or so mock attack runs over the ship.

The Donald Cook beat a hasty retreat to the Romanian port of Constanza where, we were told, the ship was due for rest and minor repairs.

At the time, I definitely concluded that something had happened to interfere with the ship's sophisticated systems, and that the Russian fighter was the immediate proximate cause. We'll be getting back to that in this multi-part blog.

The Donald Cook disappeared from the news radar for a couple of years, when it reappeared in the Baltic Sea for NATO exercises, when again a Russian Sukhoi 24 approached the ship, and the same thing more or less happened again. Now, my rule is, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and three or more is a pattern.

It became a pattern when the USS Fitzgerald was rammed by a freighter off the coast of Japan, with loss of life. Again, the questions raised far outstripped the answers given. How, with all that expensive equipment on the Fitzgerald, was another ship able to ram it? One would assume that the bridge watch would have noticed the ship, and its strange maneuvers, and taken evasive action, and also at least attempted to warn off the approaching freighter. We don't know, because we were not told. The lack of evasive action suggests that the crew had lost control of the ship by some means. At the time, I speculated that it might be some form of electronic warfare or pulse, but one reader here kindly mentioned that standard pulse weapons would black out all electronics, including steerage. The problem with that, as I see it, is that one would assume the US Navy would have certain electronic systems, including steerage, "hardened" against the possibility. Yet another possibility is a new type of electronic weapon that can target specific systems, perhaps by scanning for certain types of signals.

Fast forward to last week: On August 20 last week, the USS John McCain, yet another ship of this class, collided with a tanker while on a routine call to the port of Singapore, as reported here by RT:

5 injured, 10 missing after US destroyer USS John S McCain collides with oil tanker off Singapore

The US Navy appears to be opting for some implied version of the "incompetence hypothesis" by dismissing the Commander of the 7th Fleet: "A two-sentence statement issued by the Navy said Adm. Scott Swift, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, had relieved Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin "due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command."

The move follows four Navy accidents in the Pacific since late January, including two collisions that left sailors dead and missing.

"While each of these four incidents is unique, they cannot be viewed in isolation," Swift said late Tuesday.

He said the Navy will carry out a "deliberate re-set" of all its ships in the Pacific, focused on navigation, mechanical systems and bridge resource management. It will include training and an expert assessment of each ship.

There were two lesser-known incidents in the first half of the year. In January, the USS Antietam guided missile cruiser ran aground near Yokosuka base, the home port of the 7th Fleet, and in May another cruiser, the USS Lake Champlain from the Navy's 3rd Fleet, had a minor collision with a South Korean fishing boat.

Part Two:

I strongly suspect that far more is going on, and that certain countries (or possibly someone else) with the technologies to do so are possibly sending the US messages(we'll get back to those possibilities in part four). What's the message? "Think twice before you start something." Consider only that after the Donald Cook incident, Russia's intervention in Syria at one point simply shut down NATO communications in that country. Recall also Mr. Trump's cruise missile strike, when approximately half of the cruise missiles fired on Syrian targets simply missed.

In this respect, consider the following article which appeared on the same day as the ramming of the John McCain:

"Russia claims to have weapon that could cripple the US Navy" _

In this story, Russia appears to be taking "semi-official" credit for the Donald Cook incident:

Russian attack jets carry electronic weapons that can cripple the US Navy's missile defence system, Russian state media has claimed.

Russia-1's Vesti programme said an electronic warfare device called "Khibiny" was used by a Russian pilot to completely deactivate the defence systems of the USS Donald Cook in a 2014 encounter in the Black Sea.

The US' Aegis system, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, is designed to protect a fleet against attacks by aircraft, and cruise and ballistic missiles.

But the state-controlled Vesti broadcast claimed the pilot of a Sukhoi Su-24 jet was able to deactivate "the whole ship's systems" with "powerful radio-electronic waves" during the fly-by incident three years ago, around the time of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

A similar report appears here:


In the article linked immediately above, there is a highly suggestive statement:

“Today, our Russian Electronic Warfare (REW) troops can detect and neutralize any target from a ship’s system and a radar, to a satellite,” Vesti reported. “A small jamming device with a poetic name Lesochek suppresses radio control channels with explosive devices.”

The Vesti report continued by highlighting what they referred to as an “incredible breakthrough” in Russian jamming technology, and said its combat effectiveness was tested in April 2014 when a Sukhoi Su-24 bomber successfully disabled the USS Donald Cook’s weapon and radar systems after the ship had offensively targeted the plane. (Emphases added)

Parsing this statement closely, it seems to suggest that a method of detecting and neutralizing specific systems while leaving others intact and operational has been developed, which is the highly speculative hypothesis I advanced in response to a commenter who pointed out that typical electro-magnetic pulse weapons would shut down all systems, and that the Fitzgerald was still under its own power and steerage, as was, more recently, the John McCain. Note that this capability is also claimed for satellites, which surely will have the analysts at the Pentagram burning the midnight oil.

So this has left us with high octane hypothesis number three: the incidents might be due to targeted systems malfunctioning due to electronic interference, a kind of "selective" or "targeted jamming". We may add a possible corollary to this hypothesis: such interference may not have been directed at the ship's systems, but at another electronic system: the human crews themselves. There are patents on record detailing technologies able to interfere remotely with human emotions, thoughts, and decision-making processes remotely, by the use of microwaves and beat-frequency entrainment processes. The corollary would seem to explain the unusual lack of evasive actions by the crews of the involved ships, but again, there is no mention of this possibility in any of the articles covering these stories. This hypothesis and its corollary do raise the possibility, however, that we might be looking at a combined technology, able to target specific ship systems or their crews, or both. (Note, in this respect, the alleged statement of a Donald Cook crew member quoted above, that when the Russian Sukhoi 24 entered the "kill zone" that "mysticism began," a statement reflective, perhaps, of his emotional and intellectual state.)


"The US Navy will pause operations worldwide amid a series of collisions, the most recent between the destroyer John S. McCain and a merchant ship, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said.
"This trend demands more forceful action. As such I’ve directed an operational pause be taken in all of our fleets around the world," Richardson said.

Part Three: Another possibility is cyber-hacking, US exports manufacturing of all computer chips to China.


The last two days I've been offering my usual high octane speculatie various incidents that have plagued the Arliegh Burke class of US navy missile frigates, the Donald Cook incident, the Fitzgerald incident, and the most recent, the John McCain incident. Thus far, I've advanced three basic hypotheses:

1) Crew and officer incompetence, which appears to be the favored "implied meme or hypothesis" of the US Navy, particularly in the wake of the McCain incident;

2) A form of targetable remote jamming or electronic systems interference or electromagnetic pulse, "selective jamming," as I dubbed it yesterday. This appears to be the implication of all three incidents, when considered whole, as the ships affected were apparently able to do certain things (such as continue under their own power) while during a certain period of time, they apparently were not able to take evasive action (and this applies both to the warships and to the ramming commercial ships in the Fitzgerald and McCain incidents). This appears to be a hypothesis suggested by careful parsing of statements by Russians themselves, assuming such statements to be true for the sake of argument (we'll get back to that possibility in a moment);

3) A form of remote electronic interference with the crews of those ships, in a form of "selective jamming" that amounts to mind manipulation.

Of course, one may advance a fourth hypothesis here:

4) Some form or combination of all the above.

But there is a fifth possibility, namely, that the incidents were not the result of "remote selective jamming" at all, but rather, a cyber-attack, as the following articles indicate:

Were they hacked? US Navy to investigate whether BOTH warships that crashed into much larger merchant vessels with deadly results were the victims of a cyber attack

(See also: _ )

It's the last article I want to concentrate on, and in particular, these statements:

The commander of the US navy has ordered an unprecedented worldwide “operational pause” as analysts warn Chinese hackers have breached US military security, causing two recent US naval collisions.

A report prepared for the Pentagon and officials from government and the defense industry in 2013 warned that the nation’s most sensitive advanced weapons systems had been compromised by Chinese hackers, and four years later the Pentagon’s worst fears are being realized.
More than two dozen major weapons systems whose designs were breached in 2013 were programs critical to U.S. missile defenses and navy ships, according to a Washington Post report that detailed previously undisclosed sections of a confidential report prepared for Pentagon leaders by the Defense Science Board.
This electronic intrusions were a huge issue a few years ago, with military experts warning that the practice of having all of our computer chips built in China was a disaster waiting to happen. Because we are too cheap to pay Americans to do the work, we have allowed China access to the backbone of our systems.

There's another aspect to this cyber-attack hypothesis, for if it is the explanation behind all these incidents, including the Donald Cook incident, then one might be looking at something else than my "selective targetable jamming" idea or its corollary "mind control" hypothesis, but a simple matter of the old PROMIS software-NSA "clipper chip" scandal of the 1980s: with the export of chips to China, the entire military might be compromised by chips that are, in effect, Chinese versions of the NSA's clipper chip, and they might be reading the same mail, so to speak, that the NSA is reading. This would mean that Russian indications of a "selective jamming technology" which would include a "human interference" component are a kind of Potemkin village, a claim that might be true, or might be false, one simply does not know.

Might this fifth hypothesis be combined with the other four? Certainly. For example, imagine activating a "clipper chip" or a certain segment of a software code remotely, by a specific radio signal: "if receiving frequency "x" then execute lines of code "w,y,z..." and so on. Imagine being particularly fiendish and Byzantine, and coding software, or building a chip, to activate certain instructions when it receives a signal in a frequency frequently used by a potential enemy, or even activated on certain well-used terms in a foreign military, and you get the idea.

Of course, your guess with this story is as good as mine, but I cannot help but see why, faced with these glaring security nightmares, the US Navy is opting for the "implied incompetence hypothesis," because the alternatives are nothing less than a nightmare.
All of this leaves us with the question of who might be doing this.

Part Four: US Diplomats leave Cuba after attacked with unidentified weapon. SEPTEMBER 12, 2017, CONCERNING THAT CUBAN SONIC WEAPON THING…

Over the past few weeks I've been receiving a steady stream of articles from people concerning the apparent use of some sort of "sonic weapon" in Cuba on the employees or diplomats of the USA and Canada to Cuba, and their families. I've refrained from commenting thus far even though I suspected this story might be related to the USS Fitzgerald and John McCain incidents. But Mr. S. shared a version of this story this week that contains a statement that caught my eye, and hence, it's now time to comment on this story and offer my trademark high octane speculation(s) about it.

quote from article mentioned:
"This could mean that the weapon used is deploying microwave energies rapidly heating brain tissue which generates a “shockwave,” with the goal of vibrating the inner ear at dangerously high levels. The other option is ultra sound waves weaponized with a low-frequency or high-frequency beyond the range of human hearing that causes fatigue, apathy, hearing loss, confusion, disorientation, and nausea, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). However, that evidence was considered slim according to the study."

For years it’s been rumored in conspiracy circles that some group, likely the CIA, has been harassing individual citizens in gang stalking with a sound-based weapon. In 2017, it shouldn’t be so hard to grasp but some still struggle to understand that frequency ELF (electronic low frequency) can be harnessed as a silent weapon. The Army had a website now permanently removed dedicated to one of these technologies nicknamed “Voice-to-Skull” in which they proposed beaming voices into enemies’ heads."

Farrell: I myself have written of these technologies in various blogs, and a few of my books.

What intrigues me here is the potential link, via this technology, to the Fitzgerald and McCain incidents. Recall from my previous blogs about these incidents, that the US Navy is writing off these bizarre warship rammings as due to crew incompetence and lack of training. My problem with this has been the vast amount of assumptions one has to entertain in order for the incompetence explanation to make any sense. I don't entirely discount it, but by the same token, I find it difficult to swallow for the very simple reason that bridge watches would be particularly concerned with scanning the horizon, and taking evasive action - i.e., steering out of the way- of approaching ships. And this will hold true both of the warship crews, as of the crews of the ramming vessels themselves. In my previous blogs about these incidents, I have suggested that the "incompetence meme" may be the way that the Navy is covering up the possible use of such mind manipulation technologies. Recall in this respect that some crew members of the naval vessels reported feeling "mystified". i.e., disoriented, confused.

If this is the case, then the Cuban incidents may and probably are of a piece with the Fitzgerald and John McCain incidents. and perhaps one may speculate that Cuba has access to some old Soviet technology along these lines, for the Soviets were pursuing research in these areas as actively as the USA was. If so, then one may speculate that perhaps the naval incidents were, indeed, messages ultimately from Russia, and that therefore, maybe the Cuban incidents are as well. The technological connection is there.

The primary difficulty with this hypothesis, as I indicated in my previous blogs on these subjects, and again in my blogs earlier this week about the murder of Malaysian ambassador Raza, who is, or was, handling the debris transfers of Flight 370 from Madagascar to Malaysia, is that Russia has no real motive to send messages via these methods for the simple reasons that it exposes their possession of such sophisticated technology in return for very little, for note that if Russia is sending such messages, Washington appears not to be receiving them, or at the minimum, not listening to them. This implies that someone else might be sending the messages.

But either way, to my mind it seems at the very least a possibility that mind manipulation technologies were in play in the naval incidents, and in Cuba, and one cannot rule out extra-territorial players, willing to send such messages in a way that Russia and its satellites might be made to look like the culprits.

Part Five: Sept 17, 2017 US diplomats in Cuba continued, various symptoms described and explanations of possible weapons used.
Farrells comments from article.


One notes that the explanations given in the article appear to be dismissive of the idea that this is some sort of mind manipulation technology, but I cannot help but think that this may be a bit of deliberate dissembling for a variety of reasons, two of the most important of which are (1) the very idea of mind manipulation technologies must be denied for a variety of reasons, and (2) the technique itself must continue to be obscured from the general public, even though a few minutes' research will reveal all sorts of patents exist for the use of remote manipulations of the mind and emotions. One of the most frequently mentioned methods is the use of entrainment and interferometry to induce "beat frequencies" in the interfered area which induce various emotional states, depending on the beat frequency induced. As for the first reason for carefully denying - or pretending mystification - at what possible technology might be in evidence here, is that the admission of such technologies would wreak havoc with, among other things, jurisprudence. Consider only the case of the convicted assassin of Senator Robert Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, whose advocates over the years have come increasingly to suggest that his behavior implies some sort of mind manipulation may have been in play in his case. Similarly with the assassin of John Lennon, who claimed the existence of various "voices in his head." Additionally there is a growing literature from people claiming forms of mental and emotional manipulation. And the list of patents on the topic grows. Thus far, the existence of such technologies has not made any impact on jurisprudence, largely because most people simply do not believe they exist. But there are a large number of patents in the public domain, and eventually, courts will be forced to consider their existence and impact.
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I've been thinking about the statement here that the US is having all its microchips produced in China including those for the military. Can this be true, its hard to believe. It'ss incredibly stupid and short sighted if so. This information came from The Washington Post which, of course, is known for its fake news so maybe a propaganda piece. Perhaps there are other sources out there with this information.
Re: Dr. Joseph Farrell

Reports of mysterious injuries to the US diplomats in Cuba recalled the deplorable exposures of US Embassy personnel in Russia: From 1953 to 1976, beams of microwaves of 2.5 to 4.0 GHz were aimed at the US embassy building in Moscow.

From the Jack Kruse forum website:

The Moscow Signal Experiment of the US Embassy

The Moscow Signal

This is an old story but one that many readers will be unfamiliar with, it illustrates that experiments in the electromagnetic 'Dark Arts' has been going on for at least half a century. It is widely reported and accepted that the Soviets started bombarding the American Embassy in Moscow in 1953 with 'microwaves', which continued for thirty years. In 1962 the CIA decided to officially investigate the Moscow "signal", so in 1965 the U.S. government-funded Project Pandora, "a top secret multi-million dollar program". Top scientific experts were consulted by the American Government "about the meaning of microwaving" the Moscow Embassy. Dr. Robert Becker, was asked if central nervous system, CNS disturbances occur by microwave radiation. The Pandora Project found that the microwave radiation interferes with decision making capacity, causes chronic stress and low efficiency. The white blood count of Embassy workers was 40% higher than normal. Monkeys exposed to microwave radiation showed a marked decreased performance of simple tasks.

Nothing was publicly revealed to the U.S. public until 1976 when stories started circulating in the Boston Globe. Dr. Becker states in a 1984 TV documentary that the U.S. couldn't say anything about it because safety standards for the U.S. were higher than the microwave signals used by the Soviets on the Moscow Embassy. If the U.S. admitted bioeffects or athermal effects, (non heating), from the radiation, such as a high white blood count, it would throw into doubt the U.S. standard set "rather arbitrarily " in the 1950s. It would also be an embarrassment to the Americans who chose to keep the public in the dark about the microwaving of the Moscow Embassy from 1953 to 1975. So, in 1976 the embassy employees found out that they were being used as guinea pigs when the US decided to install defensive screens to protect personnel, a situation roundly condemned in an official report. Consequently without admitting liability, the state department eventually tried to appease the embassy staff by re-grading Moscow posts as carrying an extra health risk and gave all staff a 20% salary rise … a number of staff tried to sue the US Government…'

Neil Cherry in his mammoth 2000 report (review of 188 research papers on EMR for the New Zealand government), included the Moscow Embassy affair in his analysis of the harmful affects of EMR. He wrote that the employees and dependants were studied for possible health effects from the radar exposure (Cherry disputes the "microwave" description for the EMR detected), by a team from the John Hopkins University under the direction of highly respected epidemiologist, Professor Abraham Lilienfeld. Dr Lilienfeld noted that the group was quite small and the follow-up time too short to generally identify significant health effects such as cancer. He thus recommended that continued health status surveillance should be carried out. This was not done. The incidence of sickness and death were compare with the average US rates for similar age groups for both the Moscow Embassy and other Eastern European Embassies. Cherry writes there was great pressure for the group not to identify adverse health effects. Dr Herbert Pollack, the U.S. State Department Contract Officer is recorded to have changed the conclusions of the report, Goldsmith (1995a, 1997). Despite the small numbers, the Lilienfeld data shows a significant increases in:

Cardiac symptoms
Neurological and psychological symptoms
Altered blood cell counts
Increased chromosome aberrations, and
Elevated cancer in children and adults
Sickness increasing in a dose-response manner with years of residence.

These symptoms are associated with chronic exposure to very low intensity pulsed microwaves in the range < 0.04 to 0.2(W/cm2). Cherry concludes that, 'In a sense too, the fact that the State Department case officer, Dr Herbert Pollack, altered the conclusions, attests to the significance of this study, the results of which would be embarrassing to the U.S. Government, both in terms of compensation and in terms of the validity of the U.S. exposure standard.'

The 1984 BBC documentary 'Opening Pandora's Box' explained how the safety standards for electromagnetic radiation, EMR, were set higher in the 1950s to allow the military to have unlimited use of EMR technology. At the time, American science reports suggesting EMR health effects of brain tumours, heart conditions, leukaemia, cataracts and more, but these were ignored. The military was a major source of funding and so reports were not followed up. Microwave News, a journal on nonionizing radiation, reported that radar men, air traffic controllers and police officers filed complaints. These court cases revolved around the validity of the safety standard. Dr. Milton Zaret, (famous Scarsdale eye doctor who linked RADAR TO cataract formation) another Pandora scientist explained that most government committees, who set the safety standards around the world, were set up in the same way as in the U.S. Members of the committee did not want to impede or put restraints on progress by tightening the safety standards for EMR. This is illustrated by government action, as follows. As part of Project Pandora, the U.S. government conducted Operation Big Boy on Navy ships to find any health effects from radar equipment on the ships. When effects were found, the government terminated the project.

Dr. Becker stated that there was tremendous growth of the communications and power industries and a complete lack of information or even consideration of EMR health risks. Industry didn't consider bioeffects of EMR until the mid seventies. There was a "complete lack of consideration" of any biological effects from electromagnetic radiation and the repeated dogma was there are "no possible biological effects." Then there were concerns over complaints and the subsequent study results on computer VDTs and miscarriages and birth defects and powerline exposure and leukaemia in adults and children living near them. Studies reported a high incidences of suicide in people living near power lines. Other studies reported that electrical workers were at risk for leukemia. Meanwhile, the U.S. standard had been virtually unchanged since the 1950s. In comparison the Soviet standard was originally 1000 times lower than the U.S position. The targetting of the Moscow Embassy highlighted the fact that very small dosages of EMR can have long term harmful effects, which are still officially denied even today.


A link from the same article highlights this info from April 2005:

The Japanese entertainment giant Sony has patented an idea for transmitting data directly into the brain, with the goal of enabling a person to see movies and play video games in which they smell, taste and perhaps even feel things, New Scientist says.

The patent - based only on a theory, not on any invention - marks the first step towards a "real-life Matrix", the British science weekly says in the next issue.

In the sci-fi film of that name, cyber-reality is projected into the brains of people via an electrode feed at the back of their necks.

In Sony's patent, the technique would be entirely non-invasive - it would not use brain implants or other surgery to manipulate the brain.

The patent has few details, describing only a device that would fire pulses of ultrasound at the head to modify the firing patterns of neurons in targeted parts of the brain.

The aim, it says, is to create "sensory experiences" ranging from moving images to tastes and sounds.


I was hoping the subject of the Cuban attacks might come up in the last session - maybe next time. What the Cs did say re the ship collisions does reaffirm what Farrell expressed previously:

Q: (Joe) What about the recent events about 15 marines having accidents in two days? There's a general spate of accidents or screw-ups among the US military.

(Pierre) The boats.

(Joe) Yeah.

A: Psychopathy takes its toll!

Q: (Pierre) Referring to the level of inefficiency and chaos. And it's just a time of peace. Imagine during a time of war, with all the added stress and pressure! It would be a disaster.

(L) Yeah, and with the negative selection of people. They're incompetent, and you select them because they're psychopathic enough. And then they're dumber. Risk takers and dumb, and...
Farrell has concluded that the elite may have miscalculated by attempting to turn an average student into a 'Stimulus Response Mechanism.' In his opinion, they may have dumbed down their own advisors and those implementing their program of global domination in the process. By surrounding themselves with obedient, programmed 'intellectuals' who are no longer able to use the more dynamic, creative thinking functions of their minds, they may be sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Especially by appointing them to leadership positions where they can damage society beyond repair."

Psychopathy takes its toll indeed!
PaulfromMinneapolis said:
LQP, I've been reading Joseph P. Farrel's books and agree with you here. Is this device "available" at this point?

I lost contact with any of this many years ago, and there is no "available" device as far as I know. If it exists, it is probably in the basements of DARPA somewhere (they were involved in the gov testing).

The last involvement I had was in supporting the Inventor's case in meetings with a private venture capitalist. This capitalist refused to provide any funding - primarily because he simply could not understand the function.
When I began posting about Dr. Farrell, I was unaware that a thread had already been started although I thought I did a search beforehand. Anyway, in reading the beginning material now, I'm struck by this interview excerpt:

What does it take for an alternative explanation to become the accepted one?

Well, that depends on the alternative explanation. But in the case of my work or Chris Dunn's or others of a similar vein, I think it really boils down to what the German scientist Max Planck said, that
a new idea or theory is really accepted when the older generation quite literally dies off and the new comes to occupy the academic chairs and editorial positions in newspapers and publishing houses.

I think that pretty well sums up our current situation as the WWII generation passes away along w/ increasing numbers of baby boomers. Since so much of the population only trusts/believes 'authority figures/institutions', infiltrating those aforementioned positions w/ agenda driven intellectuals/head honchos makes getting alternative explanations accepted by the susceptible younger generation relatively easy - even if it seems incredulous to us! Ironically, having these positions of power occupied by newcomers pushing fraudulent science/medicine is contributing to the accelerated pace of die off of the older generations in particular. Or we just get Alzheimers and can't remember anything anyway.
I have discovered the work of Joseph P. Farrell for about a year now.

I believe that is greatest asset is a really good ability to connect a lot of different authors work, and explain them in a very clear way and with facts. Especially on his books about Nazi Germany.
Nevertheless having said the above, and people that have read his books, know that he likes to go to the end of the twig with his speculations. But he always warns when he is speculating and when he is not.

Also, i think he is the kind of athor that has no problems admiting that his hypotheses is just that an hypotheses, and that it may be wrong.

I think some of his opinions are in line with what the C's have informed us.

For example one of the latest entries on his site: _

Perhaps, just perhaps, one of the objectives of the whole plandemic is to create a climate of opinion for massive testing (voluntary or otherwise), because the designers of the operation are looking for some particular "group" of "someones" not otherwise visible to the naked eye, but only detectable through genetic sequencing.

Yes, it is true that he does not talk about/recognize the hypothesis that there might be a "density problem" with our reality, at least from the books i have read.
In his book Babylon's Banksters: The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion, he clearly recognizes that there is an international cabal orchestrated by a few to oppress the many and does a good job in pointing the connections in 3D terms through out the ages. But never gives an explanation of how such a cabal could have been maintained through such ages. Never hinting that there might be higher dimensions denizens pulling the strings. Not that he does not believe in higher dimensions, but it always seems a bit abstract.

In conclusion i thinks his books are in a minimum, good for a dot connection in more 3D/world affairs terms.

Has i intend to read more of his books, i will try to keep adding info to this thread.
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