Jokes about the war in Ukraine

French humour found on twitter/X :

Translation of tweet :
Hello mainstream journalists.
Here's a little game to reward you for your cowardice and lies, especially on Ukraine.
Good luck landing on your feet now that the US has dropped Zelensky.

... and the text on the image :
Hello French mainstream journalist
The Munich Charter is hidden in these 2 images. Can you find it?
Concentrate on
It's an old joke, but...
We used to subscribe to this magazine.
Ukrainian Soviet magazine "Perets", 1981.
A Zionist and a Banderovite are carrying on the Cold War.
Even back then, there were understanding people! ;)



No, it's not hot love that unites them,
but black rage, anti-Soviet temper;
And that's why they're harnessed together.
The creaking wagon of the cold war.
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