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Joe Dispenza has been mentioned in several threads, but I wanted to post about his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (2013) _ When I was in EMDR therapy, my therapist mentioned the name of someone I’ve since forgotten, but when I did a search I found a video of this guy interviewing of Joe Dispenza, so a serendipitous path to discovering his work.

At one point in this book he says something to the effect of people asking “Well all of this neuroplasticity information is great but how do I DO it? How do I change my brainÉ” The first part of the book goes into the information about neuroplasticity and the second part is actual writing exercises and meditation for each week. I downloaded the sound files from his site at _ He give a 4-week program, which is a loose framework and can be extended. In the writing exercises you choose one emotion you want to work on/rewire, do the writing exercises along with the meditation. The meditations really work the “being present” attention muscles.

The first week’s meditation work with what he calls induction, using a technique I’ve not come across before. Rather than focusing on breathing or your body, you focus on the SPACE that different parts of your body occupy in space, or the space around different parts of your body and then beyond your body. This creates a powerful state of what he calls coherence, all the parts of the brain are brought into a coherent alpha state. It almost feels like your body has disappeared sometimes (for me anyway), so it’s not a distraction.

I had some skepticism about this initially, because I’ve been working to reconnect with and be aware of my body, a challenging task for chronic PTSD peeps. But it truly is powerful. In my particular journey, I think it was necessary to work through some of the worst trauma memories with EMDR therapy before I could move to this step. He uses a term I’ve not come across before “memorized emotions” that our bodies operate from. This term is very powerful for me because it is so neutral. There is no blame attached to this term, just acknowledging where I’m operating from, my own ignorance in a neutral way and helps me work from the objective observer to make more enlightened choices. Our bodies are running the show/our brains from these memorized emotions. From other psychology books, like Strangers to Ourselves, understanding that 95% of our thought processes are run by System 1, it brought so many things into focus. He says in the meditation something like “Once you become the observer of the program, you no longer are the program”.

By doing the writing exercises, the meditations daily, I find I’m uncovering deeper and deeper layers of limiting emotions and beliefs. The process is constantly evolving. The guided meditations are like training wheels, but at present, I still need the structure. Some of it is not fun (to say the least), but well worth it. Another powerful aspect, and something else unique to what he does in one stage of the meditation, is when noticing the emotions/thoughts/behaviour you’re working on coming up, saying “change” out loud to yourself as well as a reinforcing statement like “that state of being was never loving to me”. This is used throughout the day, not just in the meditations, but you reinforce during the meditations. Eventually this overrides the habitual thoughts and rewires the neurons in new ways in a continual positive feedback loop. From my experience it’s doing the Work on steroids; not just catching myself and observing the program, but being proactive and choosing to change it with new thoughts/feelings/behaviour.

I experienced a vivid example of how it’s working the other night coming home from work on the train. The ticket police came by checking fares. The standard response to this was always instant knee-jerk reaction of fear even though I always have my fare, like a kick in the gut. I didn’t realize it until I got home that there was NO reaction that night. I was engrossed in my book and when I looked up and saw them, I pulled out my ticket, showed them and went back to reading. If a deeply embedded, unconscious, illogical fear program like programmed fear of that “authority figure” can be totally transformed, anything is possible!

He also focuses on the spiritual aspect, tapping into the universal mind, as he calls it, making a conscious choice to relinquish the programmed limitation to a greater mind to resolve in a way that is just right for you and then asking open questions in the meditation which stimulate the prefrontal cortex. These are also part of the writing exercises.
So many dots are connecting. The C’s talking about making small choices every day

Q: (L) Alright. So, when I gave these talks here at these meetings we had a few years ago, and I described making a decision to help and just do one thing after another, day after day; in making such choices one day after the other, will this gradually move you step-by-step to a different timeline?
A: Yes
Q: (L) So it's accumulation of daily steps, daily choices, daily activities?

By going after these core beliefs and the emotional baggage attached to them, I am also retraining my brain/mind that I DO have the power of choice. It may seem like a basic Life 101 to some peeps, but for me it is a skill I have struggled to learn and develop. It is painful to look honestly at how I have lived my life by default for the most part, because that’s the way the neural pathways were set up from the abuse and my own ignorance that it was possible to make choices and that they could be in favour of my destiny. Better late than never! And how can one move to an alternative reality if they can’t even see the choices available to be made, let alone make the choices that contribute to a different reality than the one psychopaths have created?

In my experience, this is the best “how to” book I’ve found. All of the books I’ve read contribute to my understanding and are fascinating, but this book is application 101.


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[quote author=Bluefyre]

The first week’s meditation work with what he calls induction, using a technique I’ve not come across before. Rather than focusing on breathing or your body, you focus on the SPACE that different parts of your body occupy in space, or the space around different parts of your body and then beyond your body. This creates a powerful state of what he calls coherence, all the parts of the brain are brought into a coherent alpha state. It almost feels like your body has disappeared sometimes (for me anyway), so it’s not a distraction.

I came across the technique to focus on space in and around the body from Les Fehmi's "Open Focus" technique (discussed here ). It is shown through neuroimaging to promote alpha wave synchrony in the brain.

Thanks for sharing Bluefyre.


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Thanks a lot Obyvatel. I don't think I would have found this, there are so many threads! I've been engrossed most of this horrific day in the Paris shootings thread and am looking forward to reading this now, although part of me just wants to curl up in a ball and make this world go away!


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Bluefyre said:
...Our bodies are running the show/our brains from these memorized emotions. From other psychology books, like Strangers to Ourselves, understanding that 95% of our thought processes are run by System 1, it brought so many things into focus. He says in the meditation something like “Once you become the observer of the program, you no longer are the program”.

Related to this idea is something I recently read in an online article about Self-Observation. I found it very helpful to learn that, aside from the content of the data gathered from Self-Observation, there was another benefit from the process of gathering it:

If one continues to practice self-observation uncritically, two things will happen: the first is that you will discover in your own inability to not behave mechanically. The second thing that happens is that every little "I" you verify through observation builds a stronger, more present Observing I.

...the Observing I is still too weak to change anything it observes. However, repeated observation strengthens the Observing I with the power that would otherwise be lost through identifying with our mechanics...a stronger Observing I eventually does have the power to affect change.

...seeing repeatedly the same manifestations of the wrong work diminishes the False Personality's strength...draws force from Identification, weakening its hold on you, eventually giving you enough Will to disengage from wrong work.''

I don't know much about this website and where Rebecca and Theodore Nottingham fit in the continuum of Gurdjieff teachers, but this article was very helpful to me: _


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I just came across Joe Dispenza videos from this year and enjoying the discussion on H&W on Friday's show. This first one (actually listed as part 2) has some fascinating graphics towards the end and actual real time recordings of neurons re-firing. He information is constantly evolving with his research and seems very relevant to me in terms of Laura's video about alternate realities.




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Wow, didn't see this thread until now, I ordered a sample of the Breaking the Habit book and I will try to see the two videos posted asap, as his premises sound fair enough, from what I read. Thanks for sharing!


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You're welcome latulipenoire. He's got a newer book as well, You Are the Placebo, which I haven't read yet.


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I read the book, and found it very good in the way he puts the concepts together, I did the written exercises, and that took a lot of work, yet it was worth it - awareness of what induces the 'old you', and the designing 'new you' that you dream to be. The 'say "Change" exercise' (observing the 'old you' arising) works well I find during the day. The only thing I found disappointing was the induction - it just did not work with me, also I needed to refer to, and read my notes in the following meditations (memory not good enough to recall it all), which doesn't help the alpha state.


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Yes, the written exercises are a lot of work and it's amazing what is comes to light when writing. One very interesting thing he said in the newer video is that when we notice that our mind has wandered from focusing, that rewires the brain as well. I find my analytical mind, perfectionist programs and lifelong hypervigilance can still go into overdrive, but the more I can observe and not judge myself for it, the easier it gets. Even after all these years of doing EE I still find parts of my body gripping, my hips, my hands, and that's okay. I don't know if I will ever be able to completely relax, but I just keeping working at it. I find pipe breathing is so helpful before the induction part as well, as well as many times throughout my day.

I remember thinking "I'll never remember what I wrote", etc. when I would sit to meditate, and yet when I got deeper into it, it would come back to me and more than I had written. For me it was another exercise in not feeding the analytical mind, and trusting the process. The analytical mind is a wonderful tool and wants to continue to run the show but in meditation it just keeps producing the same treadmill of obsessive thoughts that have kept me from accessing higher mind/field of possibilities, whatever one wants to call it. And the "say change" is a tangible reminder of how much we revert to habitual thoughts and programs.


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This was a great book. I read it over a month ago, and then started the month of meditations. I stopped after the first two days of week 4 because I was busy at work and couldn't find the extra 75 minutes to squeeze into my day. So I just finished week 4 earlier this week.

I bought the mp3 files, which were only $5 on his website. The writing exercises can be answered in a sentence or two, unless you're one who expands and reflects a lot on things. I found it useful to have the piece of paper I wrote them down on right in front of me as I did the mediation. I would review the questions and answers, because he asks you to remember some of them. If I had forgotten my response, I would open my eyes and peek at the paper.

I found the Induction stage just relaxing too. But I'm not much of a meditator, being either awake or asleep during meditation. The book as a whole has a lot of concepts that tie in with the forum, mostly quantum physics and aspects of the Work. He has a lot of nifty phrases like, "When you change your personality, you change your personal reality." Quite a bit of jumping timelines too. Even a description of what seems to be 4D perception, thoughts becoming reality. So there's a lot of dot connection that goes on for anyone who reads the forum.

I picked anger for the emotion I wanted to rewire. I first wanted to pick fear of failure, but I had a particularly intense day of anger shortly before I started week 2 so I went with anger. The underlying cause for me is wasting time, which usually leads to this emotion. I haven't really received a solid sign that you ask for in the meditation. But it seems things are slowly shifting to where I don't waste time and I'm being more active with how I spent my time/energy. So I'll just keep an eye out for further changes. And anger comes up, but it's easier to re-frame it and even accept it. I don't know if I understand and am doing it right, but this Ra session comes to mind (my bold):

The Law of One Session #46
46.7 Questioner: I was just wondering, if an entity polarizes toward the service-to-self path, would the anger have the same physical effect that it affects an entity polarized toward the service-to-others path? Would it also cause cancer, or is it just a catalytic effect working in the positively polarized entity?
Ra: I am Ra. The catalytic mechanisms are dependent, not upon the chosen polarity of a mind/body/spirit complex, but upon the use or purpose to which this catalysis is put. Thus the entity which uses the experience of anger to polarize consciously positively or negatively does not experience the bodily catalyst but rather uses the catalyst in mental configuration.

46.8 Questioner: Not sure that I understand that. Let’s take some examples: if an entity polarizing toward the negative path becomes angry… Let’s take the condition where he develops a cancer. What is the principle of that for him?
Ra: I am Ra. We see the thrust of your query and will respond at variance with the specific query if that meets with your approval.

46.9 Questioner: Certainly.
Ra: The entity polarizing positively perceives the anger. This entity, if using this catalyst mentally, blesses and loves this anger in itself. It then intensifies this anger consciously in mind alone until the folly of this red-ray energy is perceived not as folly in itself but as energy subject to spiritual entropy due to the randomness of energy being used.

Positive orientation then provides the will and faith to continue this mentally intense experience of letting the anger be understood, accepted, and integrated with the mind/body/spirit complex. The other-self which is the object of anger is thus transformed into an object of acceptance, understanding, and accommodation, all being reintegrated using the great energy which anger began.

The negatively oriented mind/body/spirit complex will use this anger in a similarly conscious fashion, refusing to accept the undirected or random energy of anger and instead, through will and faith, funneling this energy into a practical means of venting the negative aspect of this emotion so as to obtain control over other-self, or otherwise control the situation causing anger.

Control is the key to negatively polarized use of catalyst. Acceptance is the key to positively polarized use of catalyst. Between these polarities lies the potential for this random and undirected energy creating a bodily complex analog of what you call the cancerous growth of tissue.

The only criticism I could offer is that he misses out when he says to imagine the outcome. From Laura we've learned it's important to focus on the emotions of the outcome, and not constrain it. And then to practice an exercise of mental denial when you start to get realization. So I kept this in mind. Dr. Dispenza does stress the importance of emotions and gratitude though. And that your mind may think and want something, but your body and emotions may be saying something else (sounds like Dr. Gabor Mate).

So all in all, it's one of the best books I've read. There are just so many "Whoa!" moments, and moments where there is a connection to what we've read on the forum. Any you get all of the science and understanding, and then you put into practice. So I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to rewire a pesky emotion or program.

Mr. Premise

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Great review, 3D! Sums up my thinking on it too. It's nice to come at it already having the forum knowledge so we can correct a few things like imagining outcomes.

His technique of yelling "change!" To oneself is an effective one.


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FWIW I use the word 'REDIRECT' from the book of the same name. The reason I prefer this is that it is not so harsh on oneself. Being harsh, for me anyway, with a need for more inner self love etc, would only more rattle the cages of my negative intoject and those 'I's' would have a hey-dey.

Plus re-direct has the connotations of all that is referred to in the book. It is less of a demand of self but rather a connection to self of the possibility of choice and thus change.

I do agree that there are times - many in fact, when I shout at myself and 'change' is used but it is more of a derogatory nature, ie self scolding.

For me I prefer to think or fool my 'I's into the fact that they have a 'say' in how 'we' would like to see ourselves. Thus re-direct gives the choice of change, rather than admonishing self TO change - as 'change' is a process and not done overnight. Change is harsh (though real) and for me in particular is associated with negative memories aka final warnings (authoritarian types). So would more likely be 'rejected' and side-stepped at the first opportunity! It sounds like an order to me - IMHO.

But the idea of choice in the word Re-direct (or any similar personal word associations) would be far more acceptable as something I could work with, bargain with and less harsh but more 'we will do this together - enjoy doing this together' and would get a far more positive reception, including, EACH TIME, the PROMPT, that the 'new direction CHOSEN' can be far more beneficial, advantageous and a better habit (incorporating the memory/imagination/creativeness of what that COULD be). Kinda like a pact with those pesky 'I's.

sorry to seems to be splitting hairs - horses for courses. Just something I came up with, though am not practising enough - fall asleep too much still!

Hoping this method may appeal to someone :cool:


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I'm reading the book, haven't finish yet but it helps me view things differently. E.g. me bitching about my job, I became more grateful that I at least have some income, than I'm trying to make a better schedule of things I have to do during a day, maybe to come here more frequent...


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really enjoying this book, just finished the info, about to start on the meditations. It reminds me of when Laura was talking about intent, not anticipating how things would happen, just thinking and feeling that they would.


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I just recently picked up Dr. Joe Dispenza's book. I haven't gotten very far; I'm somewhere on page 20, but nonetheless, I wanted to share a couple of snippets, and share my thought on them

Considering that I haven't gotten very far in the book, I am not sure if my initial impressions are correct, but from the bit I have read, the book just seems EXTEMELY new agey.

PG 15 said:
[/Snip] Your consciousness (mind) has effects on energy (matter) because your consciousness is energy and energy has consciousness. You are powerful enough to influence matter because at the most elementary level, you are energy with a consciousness. You are mindful matter.
PG 16 said:
[/snip]... This is crucial to understanding how you can cause an effect or make a change in your life. When you learn how to sharpen your skills of observation to intentionally affect you destiny, you are well on your way toward living the ideal version of your life by becoming the idealized version of you self.

Hmmm... Not that any of the above is untrue; not that we are unable to influence our reality in some ways, but to believe you are just 'blessed' with an objective awareness about yourself and the world around you, is a bit wishful thinking. To think that all you have to do to becoming your ideal self is become aware of your 'powers' is a bit preposterous to me.

PG 16 said:
This means that since we too are made up of particles, we are all implicitly connected beyond space and time. What we do unto others, we do unto ourselves.

Yea... Sure. We are evidently 'one', and what we give to the world, we shall receive as well, but there's so much more to this concept then just, "All is one, and one is all" mantra.

He goes on on page 27, to claim that we can effect the past, present, and future. He sites a study in July 2000 conducted by Israeli doctor Leonard Leibovici, who engineered a double blind trail involving 3,393 hospital patients. He divided the patients into a control group, and an 'intercession' group, and set out to see whether prayer could have an effect on their conditions. Leibovici selected patients who had suffered sepsis while hospitalized, and randomly designated half the patients to have prayers said for them, while the other half were not prayed for. He compared the result and concluded that the prayed-for benefited from the prayers. However, there's was an additional element to the story, to those who were 'praying', unbeknownst to them, had not been praying for patients infected in the 2000. Instead, they were praying for people who had been in the hospital from 1990 to 1996; in other words, patients from a couple of years prior to the experiment. The conclusion was such; the prayers done in the 2000s went on and took effect years before.

I won't go on to state how delusional this whole idea is, but he uses this study to further drive his point that we can change our past, present and future.

On pages 19-20, he sites another study done by cellular biologist Glen Rein, Ph,D., who set out to find how intentions effects DNA. The study concluded that with a little positive thinking mixed with intention, can have an affect on DNA.

The author goes on to affirm how positive thinking + intention = create your own reality.

The only phrase, that I think held any depth to it, up until this point in the book is:

PG 20 said:
The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.

And even still, considering everything that was said prior, such a phrase can be interpreted in many ways.

I have a couple of more pages I can quote, but I think the above expresses my point. Like I said earlier, I haven't gotten very far in the book just yet, but the bit I have read as me a bit displeased.
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