JENGLOT, mysterious creature in Java, indonesia.

I recently knew about a strange creature named Jenglot, a miniature mummy kind of, that fits in a hand. Alive but not moving, whose hair and nails grow overtime and is fed blood once a year (from its owner preferably or any other source), it will give his bearer powers like immunity to hits cuts and attacks or other things as requested by the bearer as long as they are licit and for a common benefit (ie not personal like greed and such). It is said to be indestructible and will vanish with a flash of light if you throw it into the water or try to cross the sea that separates java with other Indonesian Islands.

It looks much like a little vampire voodoo doll. When someone will dream requesting to be given a Jenglot, he will dream about one, being revealed its location and then will go and retrieve it from behind a rock or a tree.

I have scheduled a trip to Java in january. All of this has been told to me by a javanese friend who has seen and experienced about the jenglots frist hand.

Curious to put to skeptic test what he says.



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Hi eliansito,

I've heard numerous such stories when I used to live in that part of the world but never saw one. Very similar to what is also called, in that part of the world, a toyol. Eventually I came to the conclusion that these were just stories to keep people in fear and ignorance.

Welcome to the forum and don't forget to post an introduction in the Newbies section. Terima kaseh.

1984 Thanks for the welcome and for reminding me about the proper manners, I have just discovered Cs and jumped on the criptozoology for the lack of a better contribution yet and the relative safety of these waters. I appreciate you making my list of pending books even thicker :P and will definitely do my homework in due time.

Vulkan59 before I was to be told about the jenglot I was asked if I believed in "other things" my reply was that I don't believe in anything, I don't know that they exist and I don't know that they don't exist. But will definitely jump on the field trip wagon if given the chance.

As usual one has to go through tons of "folk tales" to get to one ounce of "reality?"

I am not original from here also and indeed the peoples of the archipelago are prone to mysticism, which nevertheless does say more about their inclinations than about the actual occurance of such events, in my opinion.

Straight to the Newbies section...

Noted. If it finally materializes will make sure to prepare myself beforehand with the reading material you suggested.
It is not all that important and I personally prefer to go to such instances "unprepared" that is without any previous bias or expectations other that sheer curiosity, but I might be wrong in my approach.


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eliansito said:
Noted. If it finally materializes will make sure to prepare myself beforehand with the reading material you suggested.
It is not all that important and I personally prefer to go to such instances "unprepared" that is without any previous bias or expectations other that sheer curiosity, but I might be wrong in my approach.

Well, that depends on your Aim. If you want to be food, then going in unprepared will work. Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers, and I'm not using the term 'food' metaphorically.


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eliansito, could you explain way you have chosen the approach to go in "unprepared"? I am curious.
Well I just said it, I choose to go unprepared, or better said, my preparation of choice is to go without any expectations. I won't try to prove or disprove anything. My only aim is curiosity, leading to knowledge, if such a thing exist and does what those who have seen it say it does, I would like to know, again, if given the chance, I am not devoting my life to the pursue of that specific bit of reality.

The Jenglot is believed to be of a positive nature, ie for protection kind of, and will only harm if you try to sell it, destroy it or use it for unappropiate means ie service to self. It can only be given away if so is wished and accepted by the other part of course, yet owner will seldom do that.. It is "generated" only when one asks for it.

And I know, curiosity killed the cat. (but the cat has 7 lifes :D)


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Hi eliansito, have you read the Wave Series yet? It would really help you get up to speed with the information/conversation on the forum to do so.
eliansito said:
The Jenglot is believed to be of a positive nature, ie for protection kind of, and will only harm if you try to sell it, destroy it or use it for unappropiate means...

FWIW, I think the first part of the above sentence does not jive with the second part of it.. How can one that has positive nature at the same time has the potential to harm? Is selling it away a negative thing? Does it mean that you will have it for life and can never be rid of it? That cannot be right...

But that's just my 2 cents worth!!

And I please do as anart suggested. The Wave Series do explain lots!!


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Vulcan59: your local bahasa sounds like Obama's :)
Eliansito: unless jenglot is the reason for your intended trip, then spend your energy and curiosity elsewhere in Jawa. See the natural wonders and historical sites. Then catch a ferry to Bali, if you haven't been there already. I think it was Bob Hope that said : you have to go to Bali once, before you die. He's damn right. I'm a local and if you're still curious, this is about the extent of what a jenglot would look like, if, you can find the right guide : :rolleyes: I've been there and done that in the paranormal mysteries of Indonesia, and most of them are hoaxes and not worth s*#t. BTW, we supposedly had a meteor of 10 meter length exploded 20 km before it reaches the ground, last week. (see: :huh:
Thanks for your suggestions, been here 3 posts and have been told to read about ten books already, can't I just poke here and there while I become more familiar with what this is all about?

Not that easy to catch up guys...step by step...I posted the jenglot thing as a curiosity, and will take your words of caution while I speed up the reading, eaaaasy, eaaasy be patient with me fellas.

Rajawang: I happen to live in Bali, and haven't "been there done that" yet so I agree and disagree with what you say. Paradise is overstated these days...lets catch up 629733 tambah nol lapansatu tigaduak alidan delapan.

As I said, the trip is not even planned, my friend who told me might be going to Java in january, and if I join, the jenglot will be just one of the things I would like to see besides taking a refreshing break in the natural beauty of an (hopefully) unspoiled part of Java.

Starlight: If you sell the jenglot for profit to a greedy individual, that's bad. If you give it away for good, that is not bad, and you can get rid of it by throwing it to the waters, yet can't be destroyed by conventional means. I can't give any more details as I don't know them, can't discuss further.

I think we fed the jenglot enough...if you agree lets move on.

I read the wave

"We will be getting into some more of the "mechanics" of these things as we go along, but we will end this section with a quote from the introduction of Strange and Unexplained Phenomena, [linked above] a compilation by Jerome Clark and Nancy Pear, which is a nice compendium of a LOT of weird things:

The three hardest words for human beings to utter are I don't know. Because we like our mysteries quickly and neatly explained, in modern times we have come to ask scientists to find logical explanations for strange human experiences. Sometimes science can use its knowledge and tools to find the answers to puzzling incidents; at other times it offers explanations that don't seem to fit the anomalies and only add to the confusion about them. When experiences are especially unbelievable, scientists may simply decide that they never really happened and refuse to consider them altogether. Most of us believe that as science learns more, it will be able to explain more. Still, it is almost certain that science will never be able to account for all the "weird stuff' that human beings encounter.

When an anomaly is reported, it is natural not to believe it, to be skeptical. One usually wonders about the witness. Could the person be lying for some reason? Tricks and hoaxes do occur. There are people who go to great lengths to fool scientists and the public, who hope to find fame and fortune by false claims or simply to prove to themselves how clever they are.
It is also natural to wonder about the mental health of a person who has witnessed an extraordinary happening. Common sense tells us that ALL weird accounts should be blamed on the poor memories, bad dreams, or wild imaginings of confused and unwell minds! Still, psychologists who have examined witnesses of anomalies find them, for the most part, to be the same as people who have had no odd experiences at all. Also, the sheer number of strange reports rattles our common sense a bit, as do cases of multiple witnesses, when large groups of people observe the same strange happenings together.
More interesting still are accounts that have been repeated for centuries; reports of lake monsters in the deep water of Loch Ness, for example, began way back in A.D. 565!
Strange accounts, no matter how farfetched, deserve some careful thought. Although most readers set their own limits as to how high on the strange scale they can go, the kinds of questions raised by anomalies are worth pursuing, even if the event or object is beyond one's own limits of belief. True understanding of anomalies takes time, effort, and an open - but not a gullible - mind. ...Human experiences come in more shapes and sizes than we could ever imagine!

I don't know about you, but the idea of an unlimited and endlessly morphing reality, with any and all imaginable things and beings possible, is really exciting! Yes, we have the issue of dealing with those who want to abridge Free Will, control and/or feed on us, but even that can be viewed as a challenge and an adventure!"
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