In the red


Padawan Learner
Do I love you because you make me laugh?
Or is it your eyes shining blue that guide my path?
Perhaps it's the intention of your human hands
Or the no time for convention that you reprimand
Maybe it's something I was meant to know
But only with you as my chaperone
A tilt of the head in that way you do
Makes a physical statement so honest and true
Not soiled by conditions that they tell us are so
To be who you are is to be what you know
For opinions are nothing to the doors of the heart
In flinging them open that's when the giving can start
As much as recieving it grows in your soul
Don't trust in believing for its there you'll be sold
To the world and it's masters and their secrets and laws
Making money disasters that pay for justified wars
The grail that you're holding has always been yours
Full with potential on your own sunny shores
Not vested in greed or power or want
Here cometh the hour that all will confront
There's knowledge to share if you're willing to hear
Don't be afraid, let others draw near
Magic is real and untapped in your spirit
Be centred and still to know what to do with it
When all of your doubts are withered to space
The truth will flood in and it's hurt you must face
For paradise lost is the lie of control
Making matter a god and salvation a hole
In the darkness we sit aging and waiting
As a pillar of judgement accusing and hating
Without even knowing those we support
Who made us their players for their devious sport
But ever the choices were always yours
To follow the masses without any cause
A dream we held onto that gave us small minds
A reptilian brain and a weakening spine
To scatter discourse wherever we roamed
To take it by force as our planet groaned
In stoves of division did our fires roar
Making weapons of torture and stockpiling some more
Through oceans of guilt the populace waded
As commerce sailed on and people were traded
For nothing did matter to the notion of
The ego was champion and obsessed with the self
But as throughout history this game has been played
When exhausting the taking all debts must be paid
And the payment is due, all bills in the red
We must settle the balance for the blood that's been shed
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