How reptiles developed into birds


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This is 13 min long recent lecture by prof. Sergey Savelliev "The brain and a problem of evolution from dinosaurs to birds". It is in Russian, but at the 9:36 mark, there is an animation that illustrates his and Vladimir Alifanov theory. Basically, it explains the following points that the current theory of birds evolution doesn't explain satisfactory:
- the biological necessity of reptiles to get into the water environment (plenty of food) vs,. climbing on trees (less food then on the ground)
- why the birds are walking on 2 legs
- why the birds developed large breast
- why birds developed wings and feathers

Youtube link starts at 9:36 to play this animation:

There is a plenty of illustrations & photographs, presented through the lecture that supports their conclusions...

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This refers to the evolutionary theory of the Austrian engineer Hans Hörbiger, it is very old. It is necessary to add to this video the mutations that a moon produces when approaching the earth, affecting the gravity that causes the reptiles to take flight.


"At the end of the primary period appear huge plants and gigantic insects.
At the end of the secondary period appear the giant dinosaurs. The beings alleviated of their weight rise, the cranial boxes are widened, the beasts take flight, at the end of secondary appear the giant mammals, perhaps the first men, created by mutation. Our giant ancestor appears, about 15 million years ago. "Taken from Francesc Puigcarbó's blog - March 06, 2010
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