Heroes & Villain's


Padawan Learner
Who made the hero a hero?
People with stories to tell
To challenge the one there was a rebel called zero
With his own version of heaven and hell
He told us everything is connected, there is no good and bad
So the ones had zero injected
With a vaccine that must be had
For they were losing control of the 9 to 5 illusion
People started to see they'd been mired in confusion
In panic the ones made a law that no zero should ever be mentioned
And that they owned the choices you made and the thought of your every intention
But zero was open and would not be quashed
Truth was now spoken and the lies would not wash
The ones followed fear with no use for their eyes
All zeros they said, we shall hate and despise
Their views must be crushed and their words demonized
So said the ones who believed only in lies
We'll ruin their families and break up their homes
We'll alter their genes and burn off chromosomes
We'll limit their freedoms and scare them to death
We'll infect their water and tax them on breath
We'll put them in places both dark and unkind
We'll spit in their faces and fragment their minds
We'll school them and fool them that the ones run their world
Where a girl is a boy and a boy is a girl
We'll give them a saviour so that they carry the guilt
This is religion that the ones all built
For the zeros are dangerous to the status quo
And your power is ours as long as you don't know
Just what we've stolen from the sovereign zeros
If it ever took hold we'd face too many heroes
And all our false idols would crumble and fall
For without them to lead us our spirits would call
Your heart would expand, and your awareness too
For the ones own survival is why they do what they do
They chose the path that was paved with gold
For the promise of power that the greedy are sold
Tempted by want and enticed by control
These deceivers of life were told they'd never grow old
But what they must give for these I'll gotten gains is nearly all of their soul till just an ember remains
But the ember won't die and it makes them angry too
For although they tell lies the ember stays true
And although it's imprisoned in the darkest of hearts
One day it will leave for all must restart
And its the zeros that tell us the purpose of strife
All life is lessons and all lessons are life
Yours is free will to either be a creative or destructive force
So who made the hero a hero?
It was the villain of course.
That's an excellent poem, Will.

I have a much shorter means of expressing that idea, but you really went all out, ha.

Villain? Nah, William. Good job.
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