Health Protocol for Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccination

Everyone should examine their own blood under a microscope - 1000x to 2000X, 600X is still enough to look at red cells, notice if nano-tech is growing, parasites' and so forth. There's too many variables so you need hard, honest data on what's happening inside.

Obviously we can't trust medical as mostly they are bought out - out of a million or so Doctors in the US about 100-400 stood up (mostly retired ones). That's .001% - not even close to even 1%. You cannot trust medical labs, doctors, hospitals or blood services to tell you anything even close to the truth - think the massive numbers murdered in elder 'care' facilities (some with 60% death rates) and the many killed or worse by 'hospital protocols'.
* I can't imagine anyone trusting a doctor, nurse, medical specialist or hospital/clinic but then again there's the normalcy bias.

Also keep in mind with 'cremation' - that's an assumption - the people may have been taken to DUMB labs or tanks for all we know with 'cremation' as a cover story. Remember you're dealing with pathologically liars - they never tell the truth and usually invert. That's why they use the BS excuses to keep family members away from loved ones.
* Also keep in mind a person is worth over 50-million in body parts and plasma all of which must be 'harvested' while the person is still alive. 'Brain dead' was a BS excuse made up for the planetary 'transplant' industry just like much of the CV-19 PLANdemic was made up in order to get people to take the injections and allow for more controls or harvesting of bodies. A person alone in a hospital or elder care facility with no family around is not unlike leaving a 50-million dollar Rolex watch on the night table in a room full of strangers with no/little ethics or morals and lots of personal debts. Not hard to imagine what will happen.

Grab a microscope (they are not that expensive, or borrow/rent one) and you can at least get an idea as to what's going on with your blood. You can then monitor yourself what appears to work or to not work, or even if there is an issue (remember EMF/RF like 5G can cause the cell destruction). Otherwise, without hard data, you're just guessing and assuming. Since you do the test yourself there's no one to BS you. Many whom have been injured or disabled by the eugenics shots then go back to the very people whom did this to them -- people need to become independent and educate yourself and stop trusting 'authorities', 'specialists' and 'experts' and learn to trust themselves.

Many things which NEED to be done people are not willing to do. Most won't examine their own blood let alone get rid of EMF/RF sources like smart(spy)phones or WiFi. Just like too few stood up against the BS lockdowns or eugenics shots the same people just want a simple 'cure' like a tea or pill. Others just want to find someone to take 'responsibility' (blame) as to why they did not stand up against the lockdowns and injections in the first place.

* At least he tried to counter what he did to himself. He was also in much better shape then most people, young, and he did detox's right after which many could not afford.
Hi could you provide some links with info on examining your own blood and exactly what to look for using a microscope - you seem familiar with this practice have you tried it yourself ?
While researching about the effects of a low dose of Vitamin C on a human body, I stumbled upon this COVID-19 case, where the woman was cured by, among other things, high dose of Vitamin D and low dose Vitamin C (in this case 500 mg per day).

This particular combination was interesting to me because I found that low dose of Vitamin C activates the Vitamin D, and the high dose deactivates it.

The authors conclude that ascorbic acid promotes 1,25(OH)2D3 synthesis at a paraphysiologic dose (150 mg/die) in humans but this synthesis is inhibited at higher doses (1,000 mg/die).

Inhalation of ethanol can protect against influenza and coronaviruses.

Inhaled ethanol may treat respiratory infections and stop pandemics

Inhaling low concentrations of ethanol vapor can disable the influenza A virus in mice, without harmful side effects, says a new study by scientists at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST). The scientists believe it may also treat similar viruses such as the one that causes Covid-19.

Prof. Tsumoru Shintake, who leads the Quantum Wave Microscopy Unit at OIST, first proposed the idea to use ethanol vapor to treat respiratory tract infections. He set out to test the approach with his colleague, Prof. Hiroki Ishikawa, leader of the Immune Signal Unit at OIST, and their team members.

“Ethanol is an effective disinfectant for body surfaces, so we wanted to know whether ethanol could also be effective inside the body,” said Dr. Miho Tamai, a scientist in Prof. Ishikawa’s lab.

Using a humidifier to produce ethanol vapor in a small container, they found that when mice infected with influenza A inhale the vapor for ten minutes, the virus is inactivated. The study is published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Influenza A viruses accumulate in a thin fluid layer covering lung cells that protect the surface of the airway. The scientists think that the ethanol vapor must increase ethanol concentrations in the fluid to 20% to successfully treat the infection. This concentration is not toxic to lung cells the scientists created in the lab to mimic human cells. At body temperature, 20% ethanol can not only inactivate the influenza A virus outside of the cells in one minute, but also stop the virus from replicating inside these cells.

The concentration of ethanol provided is important. If the concentration does not reach the right level to inactivate viruses, it will not be useful.

Influenza A is a virus that has an outer membrane, called an envelope. “Ethanol vapor may also inactivate other enveloped viruses such as SARS-CoV-2,” Prof. Ishikawa said, and so far, all viruses that have caused pandemics have been enveloped. “Once the next pandemic happens, maybe we can quickly apply the ethanol vapor inhalation therapy to prevent or cure the disease,” he explained.

Prof. Shintake agreed, noting that the effectiveness of this method does not depend on the variant of the virus. He explained that if designed carefully, an ethanol vapor inhalation method could possibly stop a pandemic in future. He and Prof. Ishikawa will continue to collaborate to optimize the therapy and to investigate its effects on other respiratory infectious diseases such as avian influenza viruses and SARS-CoV-2.

The researchers believe that ethanol vapor inhalation treatment has great potential as a versatile and cost-effective new therapy against various respiratory infectious diseases. But Prof. Ishikawa cautioned that people should not try using ethanol as a therapy on their own. “That may lead to serious side-effects or explosion risks,” he said. “The efficacy and safety of this new treatment on humans and other mammals should be carefully evaluated in the future.”

Hi all,
I have a somewhat stupid question, the ivermectin powder can be dissolved in water? Or is there a different way to dissolved it properly?
Their whitepaper attached as PDF.


  • A. Mario, Mónaco
  • Published 2020
  • Medicine, Chemistry, Environmental Science
lvermectin, an antiparasitic agent which is insoluble and unstable in water, is solubilized by the formation of colloidal particles, called micelles, with surface active agents as solubilizers and stabilized by using cosolvents and/or appropriate substrates in the aqueous formulation. The liquid formulations are suitable for use as parenteral or oral administration for the treatment of parasitic infections.


  • Lo 1983, Solubilization of ivermectin in water US 4389397.pdf
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