Health Matrix Article on Herbie and Australia's Paralysis Tick.


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I just read the following article on the Health Matrix website. I run a small fb page for interesting articles for dog owners and fb blocked me from posting the article there. However, I did managed to get it posted on a fb page for professional dog trainers.
My interest in the article in relation to dogs is the paralysis tick that we have over here in Aus that is deadly to dogs - can kill them within 3 days if not found or early symptoms not recognised.

I've had two dogs go down with paralysis tick and both required expensive veterinary stays. The only options that I knew about at the time to control for paralysis tick were toxic top spot applications of nasty chemicals or equally toxic internal medications.

On acreage property, I reduced tick population by getting some guinea fowl. They did an amazing job! Previously to owning them I would let the dogs out of a morning to go for a run and toilet etc, and when they come back up to the house for breakfast, I could be removing up to 12 paralysis ticks from the top of their coat. The first tick season after I got the guinea fowl, I was lucky to see one tick a year under similar circumstances! The guinea fowl were working in two ways, the first is they eat lots of insects. The second is my speculation that since they are also good watch dogs and a lot of noise and disturbance if there is anything strange in their environment, they discourage the wildlife that act as tick carriers from coming into the property.

About paralysis tick -

Health Matrix article about Herbie -


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@Andromeda @Gaby @Scottie
Curious, I discovered your hedgehog rescue about a week ago while searching information about vitamin C, and last night, a hedgehog that was hanging around regularly around our house came really close to us, while we were outside.
We never really observed him in details, even though some days ago, we were close enough to notice a huge tick on its rear.

Yesterday he came closer, he was thirsty and drank in a flowerpot cup close to the house, I thought it was strange that he would get that close even though we were here. I thought: Is he asking for help? It was the opportunity to observe him in more details.
He even walked 3 meters away in front of us, which made it obvious that he has a wounded leg. And he is ridden of huge ticks! It seems complicated to get them all off with its spines, and I really have been wondering what to do.

I'm not confident to make the intramuscular vitamin C protocol, nor have the adequate material to do so.
I just gave him organ meat and Vit C with water, and he eats well, so I cannot say he is in urgency, but getting rid of those vampires is necessary. I called the vets, and they told me to bring him to a wildlife center tomorrow which I think would be the best.

Some pictures of the nasty ugly ticks, some are so huge (never seen that huge) I'm not sure the hook would be big enough, that's why I hesitate trying to get them off:
Edit: one more pic.


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Ah, geez, poor little guy! Yes, the wildlife rescue is definitely the best bet. Ticks are terrible creatures! I do think it's a good sign that he was eating well. Let us know how it goes.


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If you didnt know diatomaceous earth is an excellent, cheap and safe tick killer.... I use it on my outdoor cats and on spots around my house where I notice them. It kills any insects when it sticks to them in a dry enviroment. And I also had a similar hedgehog experience as @Starshine .. little hedgehog came real close to my back door garden and when I saw he had a LOT of ticks on him I covered him in diatomaceous earth.. he came back day after and I gave him some more. He didnt return after that so maybe it was a success.

Btw. @Starshine maybe take into consideration that it is possible that the hedgehog is trying to reach you on/from a higher level.
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Interesting symbolic clues, Agron, thank you for pointing this out, and for the tip too.
We finally had an appointment this morning with the wildlife center and left him over there. I am sure he is in good hands now.
I was saddened yesterday, it was a weird day because we had to go to the morgue in the morning to see my great mother which passed away, and we had no answer of the wildlife center which is on the way. We wanted to leave him there before going because they only receive animals in the morning due to COVID. They called back too late as we were already on our way.
I was angry because they don't allow you to take it back when healed, so I called back again to ask what will he become next, they told me that they would release him close to the reporting area.
They assured us to keep us posted.
Really adorable creature, we had to name it Léon le hérisson, that's a match in French.


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We have been asking for an update on the hedgehog's situation, and the center for wildlife told us that he died because the abscess he had was too important and his paw was dislocated due to that. Saddening and surprising. Maybe they considered it was better this way...
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