Green totalitarian propaganda


The Force is Strong With This One
Cars, scooters and bicycles equipped with electric batteries are the new credo of the green ideology at the service of the planet's survival, illuding a large part of the engaged youth with an i-phone in their right hand and a fast-food burger in their left hand (or vice versa), just like the anguished urban bobos dripping from their mentholated marshmallows about their dream of a better world. They forget that batteries are produced in China, killing many Chinese children in the process when they come into contact with their toxic metals. And once used, the batteries of i-phones, scooters, bicycles, and cars go for "recycling", ending up as "ultimate" waste, which we don't know what to do with except bury them or throw them into the sea, preferably in Africa where the slogan "Black Lives Matter" no longer seems to be in use... Wind turbines are a concrete example of this by recycling blades and rotors made of rare and carcinogenic metals, with a world demand for carbon fibre that is constantly growing (estimated at 20,880 tonnes in 2018). Only a few dozen of these windmills have been dismantled in France since the installation of the first park in 1996, and within five years there will be 1,500 to make way for more powerful models. Their number will inevitably increase as investment in renewable energy accelerates.
It is thus to be understood that if there is a "recycling industry", it is because opposite there is an industry of over-consumption specific to the consumerism of our liberal Babylonian "model", and that the latter is inseparable from the predatory enslaving system specific to this dimension of vitiated reality. This is why wind turbines are wind, like all current ecology, of which the green "Khmer" do the same thing as the Khmer Rouge *. Propaganda, fascist methods, and indoctrination of the youth, subtly disguising the New World Order being established by the adherence of crowds that are blind because they are manipulated!

* Nickname of a radical communist political and military movement of Maoist inspiration, which led Cambodia from 1975 to 1979 by committing a veritable genocide of the Cambodian people (about 1.7 million victims, i.e. more than 20% of the population at the time).
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