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A friend shared this video with me a few weeks ago, only just got time to watch it. Seems to be an incredible healing system. I was interested as this dovetails in with Dr. Klinghardt is doing, but on an affordable scale.
It seems, as usual, that tptb are benefiting first. However, I do like the fact that she, Dr Michael, turned to healing, when both her genius parents were using their energies to make bombs!
I would appreciate feedback, as it seems to heal practically everything and repair the pineal gland and more.
Jason Shurka: This past weekend, TLS encouraged me to go to Las Vegas to interview someone who currently has the power to bring true healing (on all levels) to the entire world. An individual who they approached back in 2011. An individual who has developed a healing technology that may even be more advanced than what many refer to as “MedBed Technology”. A technology that dissolved a 12.5-centimeter cystic fibroid in my aunt’s uterus in a period of only 4 hours. Her name is Dr. Sandra Rose Michael and she is the first person I know of, with the exception of myself, that TLS has agreed to associate with in the public realm. TLS has encouraged me to raise awareness regarding this incredible technology while also finding a way to make this technology accessible to the entire world. Additionally, not only have they welcomed Dr. Michael to publicly share her experiences regarding when the organization approached her in 2011, but they even sent me to Las Vegas to document it! She told me herself that they informed her back in 2011 that they would assist in bringing her technology to the forefront in due time. Well, I guess that time is NOW! MedBed technology here and we are going to make this technology accessible to the entire world, once and for all. We’ve got an entire planet to heal! I ask you all to share this interview FAR & WIDE because that is how we change the world! Through AWARENESS. The revolution of healing is here and I am grateful to be a part of bringing it to the forefront alongside the gracious, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. ***TO PURCHASE A SYSTEM, VISIT:

It also does HBOT things and sets up the 12 strands of DNA again. To me sounds too good to be true! Can hope, though has not done much for Biden!!
The video link is below:

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