Flying object in the sky doing weird manoeuvres! 1/8/2021

Flying object in the sky doing weird manoeuvres!
Sunday 1/8/2021 Northern NSW, Australia
Object in sky seen in NW direction / 12.36am

I had been reading (‘Amazing Grace’ by the amazing Laura Knight-Jadczyk) for hours and finding it very hard to put down, but I was getting tired. My cat was asking me for more ear scratches and snuggling up to me because it was cold. I was starting to get sleepy so I turned my phone off (which I use for a light so I know it was 12.36am).

I started to lie down, but as I did, I noticed a bright flash out the window and saw an unusually bright light in the distance move incredibly fast horizontally, toward my left. Whuuuhhh???! My head didn’t even reach the pillow. Instantly, I sat up. My body flushed with a powerful surge of energy/adrenaline, my breathing and heart rate changed dramatically and wham! I was wide awake, trying to comprehend what I had just seen.

There was something about the trajectory of the object and the light being emitted from it that made me respond so strongly. I realised it was definitely not a meteorite/shooting star. The light seemed artificial. Too bright.

The part of me that knew I was tired, immediately attempted to rationalise it: “oh you SILLY goose, that’s just a branch on a tree moving in front of a star which is why it looked like a flash and it’s an illusion that it’s moving”. However my deeper instincts and my body were saying something very different. I held my breath and stayed absolutely still to ensure it wasn’t my breathing combined with a swaying tree branch that might be creating an illusion. I glanced at the trees, nothing was moving.

I crawled across my bed closer to the window and sat very still watching this object, as it moved around rapidly every few seconds, paused, and then moved again.
I’ve never seen anything move in that way, or that fast.

In a split second I saw it ‘zip’ back to where it had originally been, then move straight up 90 degrees super fast, stop for a second, then go straight back down and then again it ‘zipped’ horizontally to the left. The speed was astonishing! It seemed to ‘hover’ for a few moments, then moved again, pausing briefly. The manoeuvres felt to me it was scanning for something or trying to track something, or else whatever the object was must be malfunctioning! (Momentarily I wondered if it was a drone and the police were looking for marijuana growing spots, because other than that, seriously what would you want with that area? There’s nothing there! But I doubt any of them would be looking for crops at night - unless that’s their latest thing).

So I’m watching and thinking and my eyes were pretty much bugging out of my head, because I felt no man made technology (I have ever seen or heard of) can move in that way - and definitely not that fast.

I wanted to go outside to get a clearer view and see if I could hear any kind sound. I kept my eyes on it the whole time while I pulled on my shoes and dressing gown (it was really cold). I walked to where I had a clear view and saw it had moved along a bit further to the left, it looked like it was hovering for a few seconds then started moving again. It continued to move around in the same way as described, but didn’t move far from where I originally saw it.

The light emitted from it seemed an unusually bright white / slight blueish tinge but it kept changing from bright white to slightly blue, then bright white again. At some intervals the light changed - I got the impression it might be rotating. I could see nothing in its lights or movement to indicate it was any kind of plane or helicopter. And what plane or helicopter moves like that?!

I looked around at the stars to compare their colour and natural ‘organic frequency’. Then back at this object which was astoundingly bright. It definitely felt artificial.
My logical mind went through the possible options (taking into account my eyes were a bit boogly from reading)...

It clearly wasn’t a shooting star (While watching this object I saw about 8 shooting stars.) It wasn’t a firefly because they aren’t out at this time, it’s too cold and they are a much warmer colour. Nothing like this. The don’t move like that, I’ve watched them for years. Could it be a helicopter in the distance searching for someone? No search lights visible. The night was super quiet. It’s winter here, much quieter at night than summer. I live in a remote rural area up high in the hills so the sound of a helicopter, vehicles or any aircraft can be heard long before they are seen, especially on a still night, they rumble even at long distance from you, are incredibly noisy and easy to detect. Plus, no helicopter could possibly move remotely like this object in terms of speed, trajectory, power. Was it a drone that someone (possibly drunk!) was playing with? It thought it possibly could have been - until I saw it’s how fast it moved and in the directions it was going. I’ve seen a few drones operated during the day out here and others on TV and from what I can tell they cannot move anywhere near that fast. Also again, the sound travels long distances out here. I have heard drones easily even in the daytime, even when neighbours further away are using a mower or chainsaw. They have a particular sound. Even if a drone was too far away to hear, I seriously doubt any man made drone exists that could move as fast as this object. Was it a satellite that was malfunctioning? Unlikely. Again, the speed and and manoeuvres were not remotely aligned with or reflective of how they function. (Recently I saw a satellite pass over my place and it was astoundingly close. If I hadn’t learned about Elon Musk’s project I would have been a bit freaked out but it moved consistently at the same speed, blinking it’s little blinky light and stayed true to its intended trajectory. I was surprised to realise I could actually - only just super faintly - hear it moving through the air.) The object I saw was not a mafunctioning satellite, from my estimation.

My cat was outside with me dancing around under the stars while I watched, and I spooked a couple of wallabies (sorry dudes), but to confirm, I was definitely awake this was not a dream. I watched this object for about 10-12 minutes doing the same thing, but finally I got too cold and my back was really sore, so I decided whatever it was doing it didn’t seem to be doing it over my house or anyone else’s house as there are no houses in that area (unless I misjudged the distance, and if it was going to come over my way, what could I do?) I went to bed after saying the ‘Prayer of the Soul’ (to be sure, to be sure 😂) and my kitty and I went straight to sleep. I woke up later in the night and instantly recalled what I had seen, sat straight up and could see it still there. I flumped back down in my bed and mumbled “what on earth are you guys doing?”. But I was tired and it was pretty cold, so I went straight back to sleep. Clearly I did not feel concerned about an alien invasion 🤪 nanu nanu ! (Oh if only it was Mork from Ork... Now, he knows how to make a girl laugh!)

While outside, straining to listen for any sound connected to it, I realised I could hear a sound that to me sounded a bit like morse code. It was a series of high pitched tones / a mix of long and short. I recorded the pattern on my tablet the next day because it was annoying the heck out of me. I could only hear it in my right ear. I haven’t noticed it today but I have been around a lot of noise all day. This sound may have no connection to what I was viewing but I noticed it immediately (once my heart had stopped thumping) and it was very strong, so it’s a strange ‘coincidence’ if that’s all it was. Very strange to hear a high pitched ‘frequency’ in my left ear (constant) and completely different sound / pitch / rhythmic pattern in my right ear.

I didn’t feel any ‘negative energy’ while I was watching this object, just a bit flabbergasted to see the way it was moving.

Also... I don’t feel it was anything in Laura’s book that ‘triggered’ anything... the chapters I was reading at the time had nothing to do with any ET stuff, they were focused on some very challenging relationship experiences. My goodness, the astounding things that incredible woman has endured!!!

Anyways, just felt to share.
Best Saturday night/Sunday morning I’ve had in ages 😋
Nanu Nanu 🌟


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That seems to be quite the event, did anyone else in your neighborhood or nearby see or notice anything also?
Hey @Pat and @Alejo
yes it was very unusual... (for me!)
but no there nothing in the news at all.
The “news” is all just covigeddon vomit and drama and “obey! obey! obey!”

I almost went to wake my neighbour up because it was SO astounding to watch... but I knew he probably wouldn’t appreciate it as he an insomniac and really needs his sleep. He has spoken about seeing all kinds of stuff in the past and has seen what he is convinced were UFOs (recently).

Lots of locals in my area have seen all kinds of weird stuff happening in the sky around here, people who I feel are genuine and often quite tight lipped about that sort of thing, but I notice once I meet an open minded soul we tend to communicate quite openly about some interesting topics. I find that refreshing because so many people are not like that and it can feel a bit lonely sometimes, or that nobody is paying attention anymore.

I was trying to understand what this object was doing, it was so weird! I will ask around and see if anyone else saw anything and report back if they did.
Another craft seen (northern NSW)
(Observed by my neighbours)
2 September 2021 - 2.30am (ish)

My neighbour brought up this subject when we were having a chat a few days ago. He mentioned he had ‘seen a UFO’.

To the best of my recollection this is what he shared:

It was a very cloudy night.
My neighbour woke up because his young daughter had started crying.

He was standing by the window in the living room holding/comforting her and as he looked out the window he noticed a bright light in the sky, not far from their house. At first he thought it was the moon through the clouds but he thought it was strangely bright. Then he saw beams of light through the clouds and was trying to comprehend what he was seeing.

Rationalising (as we do) he thought at first the beams of light might be someone on the ground with a powerful torch. “Weird... who would be doing that?” But then the ‘bright light’ in the sky suddenly moved very fast to another area nearby, so he knew it definitely wasn’t the moon.

He went and woke his partner up and they both watched this ‘object’ move around very fast. Again, beams of light were coming through the clouds. They could see clearly from the location it was in, the beams were not coming from the ground. They were clearly coming from the object.

They knew it wasn’t a helicopter... there was no sound. It was a very quiet night, neither of them could hear anything, even when they went outside to double check. (Out there, helicopters can be heard coming for miles around, we can feel and hear them coming long before we see them.) They knew the location of the object was too close not to hear something. Even as it was moving around rapidly it still remained fairly close to their house. They watched it moving around for quite a while. When talking about it, they didn’t seem particularly upset or worried by the experience. I quietly wondered whether there had already been (at that point he had first woken up) some ‘projection’ or ‘interference’ with someone in the house, as their daughter had woken up crying.

The conversation turned to them asking me if I had seen it, (I didn’t) but I shared with them what I had seen a few weeks before (which is the first entry on this thread). Our experiences seem very similar from what the described (except for the ‘beams’)

My neighbour said after I had told them my experience: “you’re a bit psychic, did you try and communicate with it?” I laughed - because I am no more “psychic” than the next person! - and said “No way, I’m not up for that, I’m not inviting that into my field!” After all I have learned online through this group and Laura’s offerings, and from reading parts of “The Wave” and “Amazing Grace” I am extremely cautious about leaving myself vulnerable and open to any kind of ‘interaction’ like that.

What my neighbours described sounds pretty similar to what I saw, but I didn’t see the ‘beams’ at all. They couldn’t see the craft clearly because of the clouds, despite the fact that this craft was much closer in proximity than the one I recently observed, also I would assume the brightness of the lights may have prevented closer inspection of the craft, as was the case for me.

I am a wee bit curious about what this craft was doing (did ‘they’ think it was operating in a frequency/density where it couldn’t be viewed?) but after what I have learned through Laura’s offerings on the website and reading ‘Amazing Grace’ I have no desire to invite them to connect with or ‘visit’ me, even if I actually had some kind of ability to ‘communicate directly’ with them. I wouldn’t trust what was being said.

(For the record, these people do not touch drugs or alcohol, neither do I.)
So it appears that ‘Aliens’ like to ‘party’ on the weekend...
At least ‘round these here parts! 🤪

Nanu Nanu 🌊
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