Fallen angel in Catalunya?


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That scared the crayolas outta me :cry: I still have goosebumps from the last frame of the picture.


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reminds me of legends of mothman not saying this is one them but do expect over next few years more dimensional vistors.

The rabbit

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Well dont know about the feathers, but that looks to me like a genuine being be disturbed while sleeping.


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Ah yes, the mixtus orbis, how are we ever meant to discern the real from the false (both internal and external) when the fakery can be so convincing?

Anyway, I thought there was a thread somewhere else on the forum where this was already debunked. Maybe not, but in any case, it was part of an advertising campaign for Diesel brand back in 2006.

See here



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i agree with those who thinks it's real, the problem is what it is, and the answer is it could be anything... it's always something we've never seen, always something new.


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People ,

You have to remember that not every "humanoid" creatures with wings and white skin are suppose to be "angels" or "fallen angels". Think about this, if that was a fallen angel, why did it ran away instead of "killing" or "magically" removing the memory of those two adventurer and took the camera. Angels after all are magical creatures good or bad. Second, angels and demons are 'ethereal" creatures. Means they dont have to be corporeal( have flesh) in order to exist because they are "spirit" creatures. Third, who gave people notions that "angels" have wings? The only ethereal creatures with wings are the cherubim and seraphims, both are not angel but another heavenly creature. Angels dont need wings to fly.

I think its an alien.

David Topi

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just saw it and heard it, I speak catalan as do the people on the video, but their tones and "surprises" are a bit "exaggerated" (the way the talk and express themselves), so I am not sure how real this is! (and if it is real, it seems they are faking a bit their fear and surprise!)


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To me David Topi, the fear and suprise is what sold it. Whether real or not, "I" agree with April, it startled the bejebers out of me. If it is a hoax, this is high quality work.
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