Dreaming in a Totalitarian Society


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I wonder if the short blond woman in your dream was not copy/pasted from a recent video you may have seen where a FaceBook commenter had her front door knocked on by a short, blond cop distributing information fliers about protest rights.
I haven't seen that video that I recall.


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That’s really interesting Jess, keep us posted on what you think it means and if your sense of it develops.
hello gottathink, I don't know what else I could comment except that it seems complicated to put words on impressions or sensations, just maybe what stood out the most in the dream was as if you could communicate or connect with someone just by feeling it a lot and in that there were lines of something, I don't know what they were, they just seemed like lines of light that traced and faded quickly,


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I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I can only vaguely recall. I dreamt of society that comprised of a large group of people that were working individually to solely advance themselves. And then a large group that had natural inclination to cooperate.
The premise of the dream was quite simple. The first group assured their own mutual destruction because ultimately they were motivated only for their individual existence. They could not have enough awareness to triumph over the challenges presented. The second group shared information and every time it did it was strengthened and assured its survival and prosperity. Some of the individuals in this group flourished.

No great revelations in the dream but certainly I appreciated the healthy reminder for my conscious mind. What was interesting is that I felt no judgment, it just was, almost mechanistic and inevitable. That’s simply how the universe works.


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I had a nightmare and I think it's perfect to put in this thread.

I'm walking with a dog in my arms (it's not Arturo) when I hear a big BOOM! And a second BOOM! And then I hear dogs barking too, a lot, in the back of the city under siege. Or the ghetto city. In front of the city gates, I see a soldier wearing a plastic mask that covers his whole head staggering. I wonder if he is drunk or crazy. I hide and watch him, clinging to branches, so he doesn't fall. I decide to enter the ghetto anyway, looking for Arturo. Suddenly I see the soldier who has thrown himself on the ground in front of me and is holding two things in his arms: a dog, a German shepherd and a rifle. With the rifle, he wants to kill himself. I hear the moans of the soldier who wants to kill himself by putting the point of the rifle on his neck. I am terrified, I want to go to him and tell him not to do that but at the same time I feel in danger, and I am afraid that the bullet of the rifle touches me because the soldier seems not to know how to aim. Anyway, he pulls the trigger several times, desperate, but it doesn't work.

Then I enter the city and there it is horror and terror. Because I know that it is the day of revenge and in the streets people are killed without mercy. The first thing I see is an Arab woman in a black burka throwing pepper spray on a person. Then I see men taking out of their housing people and killing them with a knife in the back. The woman in the burka sprays me on the back and I go forward, forward to look for my dog, but I know I can't do it. I wake up.


This night I had a strange dream.
It was about Zelensky was killed and I am the one who did it or more exaktly I made sure, that he killed himselve.
In the beginning of the dream I stood next to him, as a soldier, he had a granade in his hand and sayd something like now I will kill them all and he pulled the split pinns. (It was a feeling like he talked about my family). Then I replied to him, that it was to mouch he had done now and it was a hard work for me to get in this position and that the only one who is gonna die will be him, even if I had to die too.
So i took his hand, making sure he will not be able to throw the granade. Next we both sat on the floor, I made him release the handle.
We sat next to a corner, so I hid bhinde the corner, only my feet were on Zelensky to make sure he can not escape.
The next thing was a big explosion, I saw that I was blown away like from a realy strong wind gust and then a sofa landet in front of me.

I woke up to hear my 2 jear old doughter shout papa, so i stood up to get to her, but she was not shouting, she was asleep...

It was realy strange because normaly I cant remember my dreams and if I sometimes remeber then they are realy short and incoherent (most of the time).


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This morning I woke up remembering a dream.

I was in a competition like the reality show exathlon. Many of the competitions were held on the facilities of something like a
Spa...or a amusement park. There was plenty of water and pools

In the last competition I was victorious but an opponent claimed victory. There was no decision about the winner, simply a person dressed as a scout told us to get on the buses.

They put us on a cart like the ones on roller coasters to transfer us to the buses. I was scared and decided to get out of the cart to hide in a room with a large window. The window had a blind and from there I could see everything that was happening.

Soldiers appeared and started attacking people. The soldiers passed in front of the window but they couldn't see me through the blind. I saw in the distance many naked people with their hands up. The soldiers gave them orders. It reminded me of this scene from Schindler's List.

So the people decided to run away and the soldiers killed them. When it was all over I left the room. Some women were cleaning the blood from the hallway. They were like prisioners and had a sad face. I did not see corpses but threads of blood came out of other doors and from the room from which I had come out, they were like rivulets.
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