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I had one tonight as well, very weird, he was meeting some important guys down some street. I was close to some cars and I saw people in one of the cars preparing to take him out. Someone (don't remember was it a man or just a voice) was with me and I was like, they will shoot him, and he told me "yes, they will shoot but you just wait and you will see what happens next", with the flavor of don't worry. When he showed up, a shooter I saw also came out of the car then when P. disappeared, the shooter also disappeared. The very second Putin was visible again, a guy came out of the car, took the aim and shot him with a sniper rifle I think and P. dropped down because the shooter managed to aim. Unfortunately, after that we ran away and I don't remember any sort of consequences of all this being "discussed", but I somehow felt he was okay, although he fell down like a dead person due to the shot.


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Not long ago I read an article (in Russian) about two Russian women (citizens of Sochi), who were accused of high treason after sending SMS messages (that described movement of the Russian troops) to their acquaintances in Georgia right before the conflict in Southern Osetia in 2008. It was clear that the author of the article was in opposition to the Russian government, or perhaps Putin, but it did look like she still tried to describe the events as objective as possible. And actually from the description it was clear that these women were used by both sides, both by the Georgian sources and the Russian FSB. And that they weren't really spies, but simply naive. And that it was pretty clear to the Russian persecutors, but they still decided to lock them up.

Later on they were pardoned by Putin. And it reminds me of what transpired during the recent press conference with Putin, where he talked about various faction in FSB, and how there is a rampant corruption there, and how hard it is to eradicate. Margarita Simonyan (head of RT) talked about the same, and how in many cases Putin doesn't know what is going on until he is being told about it.

Anyways, despite the grave injustice both women refused to talk ill about Putin, and said that they always respected him and are sure that he didn't know what was going on. More so...and here comes the part that is actually relevant to this thread... ;) both of them separately talked about dreams they had while being incarcerated. One of them described that she was really desperate and had no idea how she found herself in the position of traitor, and had no idea how she was going to defend herself and what to do. She prayed for help, and then she had a dream. She was in the cell, and then the door opened and Putin was standing there and giving her his hand, while saying "let's go". The other woman also said that she had a dream with him, where he was helping her.

It could be a coincidence, or perhaps their higher self sending them a message. But then it also made me wonder if Putin, or at least his "soul signature" became much more than of a "mere mortal".


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I had a dream featuring Lavrov and Putin
yesterday. It isn't my first dream about Putin but this dream was shorter and easier to describe.
In the dream I could see them as almost as superhuman beings, both were watching after something coming their way. Then I saw Lavrov watching an enormous ship sinking into the sea. I didn't saw how he could have done so but I've got the feeling that it was because of him that the ship was sinking.
I don't remember more than that. I woke up in awed of the spirit of these great men and that the ship may represent something they prevented from happening.


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Thanks for sharing, I'm a little late (laughs). Between black and white tiles at first glance it reminds me of Yin and yang. It makes me think about the importance of balancing the opposing forces in an order that they can function optimally within "our base and structure" mainly internal, and then know how externalize it so that we can form or find a firm ground on which to walk and others to follow towards the primary goal. Interestingly as I see it now that it does, balanced internally to know how to act in congruence with the external.

I dreamed two days ago that I was eating with him with his characteristic joke laugh and nothing else, just share and laugh.


On Monday I dreamed with Putin, never happened to me before. We were in a kind of living room sitting in armchairs close and face to face, he was peaceful and transmited a good vibe, I don't remember the conversation but at the end I grab his hand and tell him that everything is going to be ok and share words of encouragement.

I woke up feeling like I know and understand him as a person, like the feeling you have with close family members.
I had a dream on 2/20/22 in the early hours of the morning. I felt that there was a conflict about to blow up but it seemed to be on Caspian sea. There was a small island with a "black rock" or large black mountain taking up most of the real estate of this small island. I returned from that place stating "I have the tape that the CIA left behind, I know who did it."

My interpretation was perhaps I was feeling in symbolic ways the current military operations. Perhaps the island was in reference to Snake Island and I think most of us know about the propaganda collapse that happened there. Having the tape I think means knowing thanks to SOTT, the Cs and this network exactly the players' and their motivations. I am curious to see how "Black Rock" may reverberate as the economic reality becomes really real for the West. Thank you for the excellent articles on SOTT today about Russia's Judo moves in regards to the world economy:

Thanks to Putin's war in Ukraine the race is on for the Great Reset -- Sott.net

Russia's judo kick to the western financial gut -- Sott.net

I also wonder if the black rock had something to do with the portal that all of Cassiopaea fans now know is over Kiev:
Q: (L) Today is February 26th, 2022. Okay, here we go. I'm so wound up...

A: Exciting times no doubt! Hollenoaea of Cassiopaea here! Ukraine is ancient site of landing of Kantekkians. It is highly coveted by 4D STS! Putin is doing service to all by attempting to remove psychopathic elements there. Unfortunately, the resistance of the power elite may lead to deaths of many innocent people.

Q: (Artemis) What is it about it that's so coveted?

(Joe) Because it's an ancient site of the landing of the Kantekkians? Why does that make it highly coveted? Some element of the population? But...

A: The geological profile complemented the energy profile making it ideal for transference.

Q: (L) Is that suggesting that the landing happened via some means other than just getting on a spaceship and flying and plopping down?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, it was some kind of transference that involved some kind of technology that we may not understand?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) Like a portal?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, there's a portal in Ukraine?

A: Yes

Unfortunately, I left my black dream stone in a hotel room. Housekeeping picked it up and said they are mailing it to me. The phone call explaining the lost object was humorous believe me. Miss it.

Years ago when I bought 10K worth of gold coins and two large gas cans and just recently before the price hikes insisted on filling them up even I thought I was a bit crazy. Crazy like a fox but only because of the network, Laura and the Cs! Otherwise I would have remained a total Libtard.


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or at least his "soul signature" became much more than of a "mere mortal".
Is it possible that this also applies to people who in some way represent an important interaction depending on the level of learning we are at? i.e., that it does not necessarily have to be "a high soul" but that we can also "see" a fragment of that "soul impression" of a person in which we are involved in an energy drain. A small representation of their essence.

I think it is a common thing to have sometimes as "invasive dreams", an involuntary thinking that makes us feel attached even when we are somewhat aware of having some degree of control of our emotions, a back and forth that does not allow us to focus on what is important and recurring dreams with the person or people involved no matter how much one wants to stop thinking about them. And strangely enough, at least in my case, over time it turns out to be true. When the person finally leaves my life, the dreams and emotions also leave and I have felt really free, that I have removed a tremendous internal weight.


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Interesting dream you had, i share a dream i had today too, not about Putin but about Russia, in my dream i was watching a territorial map of the country the name was the same Russia ,but wth call my attention was the names of the other countries around Russia, some of the names was: Ispania, Karthagenesis, Belearussia and other names i can't remember now, the size of those countries were very small and theres too many of those countries around Russia
I had a dream about Putin a few weeks ago. It was brief and vivid.
Putin was sitting at a card table in our garage.
The garage is significant because that is where we go to smoke cigs and talk things out. We spend a lot of time there especially in the warm months.
The card table is of course reserved for planned visits or collaborative work.
I approached him, feeling as though this was an expected “touch base” or meeting of some kind.
I had a gun in my left hand (I am right handed) for reasons I don’t know. I was only carrying it, not pointing it, and I set it on the table as I sat down. Putin gave me a look. Just a sort of eyebrow raise and the shadow of a frown.
Understanding that the gun made him uncomfortable, I gave it to him and smiled. He gave me a brief, curt nod and seemed satisfied with the outcome. Then I woke up.

It was this way in my dream as well, the common theme that he is just this busy entity performing tasks. Probably hopped right into the next dreamer’s world 😎


This dream with Putin is so much fun. We were sitting in a modest room. I asked Putin why he was here? (the place looked like a provincial, ie rural setting). He replied that he had come at the invitation of a cousin who was getting married. He joked that it was a distant relative. Then the atmosphere became more intimate. I sat next to him. He served brandy as if he were the host. He seemed hungover (from the wedding) but also cheerful. He quickly started singing. He sang about brandy very jokingly, mostly in English. He was making up a song at that moment. When he stopped at one point I helped him with the rhyme. Very cheerful and pleasant. Probably from brandy, I started falling from the bench where I was sitting next to Putin. I grabbed him. He was a little drunk and relaxed. He joked in his usual way. We were trying to call a younger guy who was sitting at the end of the bench drunk and playing music over the phone on the TV. He played some modern music and was deaf to us. We wanted to sing and come up with songs. After that, I started to fall off the bench again and I pulled Putin with me. We fell on the soft surface and laughed like friends. His face was close. It was a little blurry for me because I can't see up close. It was hilarious and exciting, I thought ‘Man, this is a good thing to tell people ..’ And then I woke up.

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I had this dream last week. I can’t remember too many specifics and this isn’t because I waited. I literally had trouble remembering right after I woke up so this will be short.

I was at some sort of social gathering with a bunch of people I didn’t know but I had found myself with a group of about 4 or 5 people that I felt ok being around. Putin was there and was just mingling with the people at this place, no one seemed to notice him. I certainly did and I was over the moon. I immediately went up to him and basically started blathering. I couldn’t get any of my words out right due to excitement. I remember feeling a bit like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert.

I remember saying something like “I know no one likes you but I do” clearly I had no tact but despite my poor display he took a bit of a liking to me and even decided to head out with me and the 4 or 5 others to go to a different location. I have no idea where we were going or why or even where we were and why. I woke up after what seemed like a long car ride to nowhere with a few strangers and Putin.

Sorry, I literally couldn’t have had a more boring dream about an absolute legend.


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I too recently had a dream about Putin. I dreamt that I moved to Russia and was looking for an apartment to rent. I found an apartment high up in a skyscraper and some woman showed me around and said the owner was waiting on the balcony. I looked up and there was Putin himself, dressed in a navy blue suit. He told me to sit down and showed me the rental agreement, which of course I signed. Then I had to go somewhere else and left Putin on the balcony, telling him to wait for me, but I don't remember if I returned to him later. From the interesting details I still remember that the whole balcony was covered in red flowers, resembling a garden.


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Honestly, I thought that I was not going to write anything in this thread, I did not think that I was going to dream about Putin.

Well, tonight I dreamed non-stop about him.

In fact, I woke up, I thought "how strange" and after falling asleep I had dreams about him again.

I have forgotten almost everything, but one I remember.

Putin was at some function and when it was over Putin went to the bathroom. I was with his collaborators (something like soldiers) and soon I also went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom was Putin and another "soldier". He told me: "it's busy, there's no room." I replied that no problem and I left.

When I had left, Putin called me and he told me that I could use the bathroom, that he had given money to the other soldier and now I could use it.

I thanked Putin and went to the urinal. On the way I looked at the other soldier, who was looking at me with a look of intense hatred.

I don't know if it happened to you, but there are people who, without ever having seen you, hate you at first sight. The difference in potential between you and that person is enormous and he hates you without more.

That was the case with this soldier.

The soldier, after looking at me with hatred, suddenly turned around and told me to leave, that I couldn't use the bathroom.

I was very angry at the lack of respect towards Putin and towards me, since he did not treat him when he received Putin's money.

I approached the soldier, ready to use violence if necessary, to put the soldier in "his place."

Putin stopped me and said: "There is always another way to do things." I understood that he was referring to violence.

The funny thing is that in my dream now Putin was Julius Caesar at the same time.

The resolution of the dream I do not remember very well, but "Putin / Julius Caesar" used a stratagem with which he tricked the soldier and solved the conflict.

I really don't know why I dreamed of Putin all night, but the most curious thing is that Putin and Julius Caesar were the same person.


Thursday night I dreamt that I was in a dark beach returning home wearing a t-shirt with Putin's face, people gave me bad looks and asked why I was wearing it, I replied that I had it for a long time and that it's just a t-shirt (I was proud wearing it though and it felt right). I was alone going home but did not know exactly how to get there, just walking barefoot in he darkness with my "undesirable" t-shirt and my cellphone that I used ocassionally as a flashlight... 🤔
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