Do some French people see what's going on? Yellow Vest Protests


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Why this man always touch his nose :huh:

If anyone is well versed in gesture decoding, I will be interested to know...

It could denote insecurity and doubt or lack of confidence in oneself.

Russian artist who published Paris mayor candidate kompromat arrested
Benjamin Griveaux, one of Macron’s closest lieutenants, abandoned his bid to become mayor of Paris on Friday after it was alleged
he sent sexual images of his genitals to a woman who is not his wife. Griveaux has not disputed that he sent the messages.

Pyotr Pavlensky, who has lived in exile in France, said he had posted the sex video to expose Griveaux’s “hypocrisy”.

The Russian artist is best known for works of performance art including nailing his scrotum to the ground in Moscow’s Red Square and setting fire to a door at the headquarters of Russia’s state security agency or the Bank of France.

The prosecutor’s office said Pavlensky had been arrested and held for questioning at a police station in central Paris in connection with another case about violence perpetrated on New Year’s Eve.

It added that Griveaux had filed a complaint on Saturday afternoon for privacy violation and that an investigation had been opened.

Under French law, so-called “revenge porn”, or the publishing of pornographic material without a person’s content, can be punished by up to two years in prison and a 60,000-euro ($65,000) fine.

Officials at Macron’s party on Saturday were still discussing who should replace Griveaux and run under the party’s banner in next month’s mayoral elections, and expected to have a name early next week, the party said in a statement.


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Why this man always touch his nose :huh:

If anyone is well versed in gesture decoding, I will be interested to know...
Apart that he is a very uneducated person I find this about body language and touching the nose:

But why do people touch their nose?
When you get negative feelings the blood capillaries in your nose will contract and you will feel like wanting to scratch it. This results in the negative body language taken in the picture below which is touching the nose. This gesture is one of the most famous body language gestures out there because it's quite common that people face many negative situations each day.

While giving lectures about body language many people always ask me why they never noticed themselves doing this gesture before. Your subconscious mind was designed to keep the information that is relevant to you and to discard the ones that are not of use.

Previously you never knew that this was a negative body language gesture and that's why your mind always used to discard it but now that you know its importance you will never miss it.

We know by now that Macronitus is a liar.

Why touching the nose is connected to lying
Some people , who don't know much about body language, have mistakenly connected touching the nose with lying. Yes a person might touch his nose while lying but this will only happen if that person believed that lying is a bad thing.

In other words it's the fact that the person finds lying negative that leads to touching the nose and not the fact that he is lying.

The other point to consider is that if any negative thought came to the mind of the person while speaking, which is something that happens frequently to all people, then he will touch his nose while speaking. Now this doesn't mean that the person was lying at all. See also The body language of lying

Touching the nose has been linked to lying, but like most lie-detection cues, they aren’t absolute or reliable. We can tell when something is out of the ordinary when someone touches their nose for no reason or touches their nose while delivering critical information. The astute will find it obvious when someone is touching their nose for the purpose of alleviating an itch instead of alleviating a lie (or negative thought). Scratching is directed, specific, deep and vigorous, showing that some amount of waiting was done before the gesture was performed. Thus more relief is present when the itch is real. Itching due to negative emotions is general, shallow or glancing. This type of itch is done by bringing the index finger up, by example, and lightly touching the side of the nose where the nail is not used at all. That is, no real scratching is taking place.

When nose touching is not due to itching, then it’s due to a negative or dishonest thought from either lying, being terrified, pretending to be brave or just feeling self doubt.

Chemical known as catecholamine triggers nasal tissue to swell, but that it only induces the nose to increase in size below the level of perception. This is the real life Pinocchio effect. Even though most people will not be able to detect it, the increase in blood flow and pressure often causes a tingle in the nose, which in most people, triggers an itch response.

Some people touch their nose at the end of every sentence – it’s their idiosyncrasy. Does this mean that every word that comes from their mouth is a lie? It could be, but it is not likely. Once we’ve caught someone in a lie we can backtrack and look at the clues that preceded the lie and those that followed the lie to pick up on cues that might have given him away.

The body language does not lie. So it is a very interesting remark you did, Maat.

The sources I took are here

And here


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In a televised address on Thursday, President Emmanuel Macron announced school closures and urged people to avoid close contact for fear of spreading the virus. However, the brave French yellow vests aren’t letting a ban on mass gatherings or fears of coronavirus stop them from expressing their opposition to the French government, and are staging their weekly protests in Paris. The demonstration comes just a day before voters are set to go to the polls in local elections, in which Macron’s party is forecast to fare poorly.

Go Yellow Vests!


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Spain: the prop tightens. The shock doctrine:

Pedro Sanchez's executive bets on the most drastic measures and copies the Italian model: home confinement of the country, except for very few situations. The decree prohibits any travel other than to purchase medicine, food, work, care for dependents or go to the bank. The armed forces, moreover, are now under the orders of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

In summary, the state of alert decree points out that citizens may only and exclusively be on the public highway in eight highly valued situations: acquisition of food, pharmaceutical products and basic necessities; assistance to health centres; travel to the place of work to carry out their work, professional or business activities; return to their place of habitual residence; assistance and care of the elderly, minors, dependents, disabled persons or particularly vulnerable persons; travel to financial entities; due to force majeure or a situation of necessity or "any other activity of a similar nature that is duly justified".

The new regulations provide for the mobilization of all the armed forces in work to contain the coronavirus, but the armies will be under the direct control of Grande-Marlaska, who becomes the new strongman of the Government, with about 250,000 officials under his direct command, who will have as their main objective, in addition to controlling compliance with restrictions on movement, to ensure the supply of essential products (food and medicine) to markets.

Translated with (free version)

They don't say anything about... dogs. :huh: Can we go outside with our dogs for their pipi and poo? My my!

So as you can see we are under a State of siege (state of fear). Not me.


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Unfortunately, France has been dealing with their own CON VIP - virus which has escaped quarantine and lockdown measures?

France's Macron says only at start of coronavirus crisis
French President Emmanuel Macron attends a meeting at the emergency crisis center of the Interior Ministry in Paris as France faces an aggressive progression of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), March 20, 2020. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes/Pool
France is only at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis and is in a race to curb its progress, President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday.

French state has enough money to pay civil servants through crisis - minister
The French government has enough money to be able to pay its civil servants during the coronavirus crisis, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday.

France's No.1 police union threatens walkout over coronavirus protection
FILE PHOTO: A man wearing a protective face mask crosses the deserted Rue de Rivoli in Paris as a lockdown is imposed to slow the rate of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in France, March 18, 2020.  REUTERS/Christian Hartmann
France's biggest police trade union has given the government an ultimatum, telling it to provide officers with the face masks and gloves they need to enforce a nationwide coronavirus lockdown - or risk its members walking off the job.

France to invest an extra 5 billion euros in scientific research amid coronavirus
The French government said on Thursday it will invest an extra 5 billion euros ($5.4 billion) in scientific research programs over the next decade, with a fifth of that earmarked for the health sector to prepare the country for future epidemics.

France's Nice city to close Promenade des Anglais over coronavirus
A view shows the deserted Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, as Nice's mayor said on Friday he will be closing it as part of measures to fight the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak spread, March 20, 2020.  REUTERS/Eric Gaillard
The mayor of the southeastern French city of Nice said on Friday he will be closing Nice's famous Promenade des Anglais as part of measures to fight the coronavirus outbreak spread.

Mayor of French city of Nice imposes curfew due to coronavirus
The mayor of the southern French town of Nice will impose a curfew in the city starting from this Friday 8 pm local time (19h00 GMT) in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus, going a step further than the national lockdown.

France's Macron says extension of lockdown is 'likely'
French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that a lockdown put in place to fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic
would likely be extended beyond its initial 14-day period.

We don't want your virus! Provincial France fumes after urban exodus
A view shows a beach in Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, Brittany, as a lockdown is imposed to slow the rate of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in France, March 19, 2020. Picture taken March 19, 2020. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe
In the Brittany village of Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer,
resentment is simmering at the city-dwellers who this week fled their Parisian pads for their seaside bolt-holes and who, in the minds of locals, may have brought the coronavirus with them.

Paris closes Seine riverside promenades over coronavirus worries
Paris has closed the popular promenades along the Seine river, the lawns of Les Invalides and the Champ de Mars park around the Eiffel Tower because of coronavirus infection worries, the prefecture said on Friday.

On French Riviera, overhead police drone gives coronavirus orders
Police in the southern French city of Nice have found a new way to remind citizens of confinement measures in France against the coronavirus outbreak: a talking drone.

The rare person venturing onto deserted beaches below the palm-fringed Promenade des Anglais along the Nice seafront will hear a coronavirus health warning from above, blared from a drone: "Keep a safe distance of at least one metre between people."

Paris hospitals brace for coronavirus peak in April: doctors

Hospitals in Paris are scrambling to find more intensive care beds, ventilators and medical staff ahead of an expected spike in the number of coronavirus patients in coming days, with the figure expected to peak in April, doctors said on Friday.

Nearly half of coronavirus-hit cruise ship passengers can disembark in Marseille
A views shows the Costa Luminosa Italian cruise ship (L front) docked at Marseille port, southern France,  March 19, 2020. REUTERS/Marc Leras
Passengers who have tickets to travel back to their home countries will be allowed to disembark from the coronavirus-hit Costa Luminosa cruise ship in Marseille, the port authority and the cruise operator said on Thursday.

Passengers with homeward tickets can leave coronavirus-hit cruise ship: Marseille port
Passengers who have airline or other tickets for travel back to their home countries will be allowed to disembark from the coronavirus-hit Costa Luminosa cruise ship in Marseille, its port authority said on Thursday.

Macron seeks more EU powers as Europe faces coronavirus meltdown
French President Emmanuel Macron is leading a push for the European Union to acquire more powers to respond in healthcare emergencies, conscious that the EU risks being blamed for the continent's shortcomings in tackling the coronavirus outbreak.


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AN economic perspective of the Coronavirus:
Olivier Delamarche: the worst is yet to come
In the eyes of Olivier #Delamarche (Triskelion Wealth Management), the outbreak of #coronavirus Covid-19 acts as a revelation of the flaws and fragilities of an economic and financial system that is currently at a standstill while the financial markets are suffering a crash.

Pierre Jovavonic and Kitty
CRISIS: The Worst is Before Us!
The World Stock Exchanges have had a particularly difficult week since Monday 9 March. The economy is now being hit hard. The consequences are already considerable and believe me, the economic crisis of 2008, next to this one, is a joke.


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Good find, isparnid!
Translating the above tweets:
And those poor old people who died in Elhpad, they surely didn't respect the confinement either.

It's a mistake and I regret it on several grounds": Didier Lallement, the prefect of police of Paris, apologizes after his remarks on the patients in resuscitation of Covid-19 who would be those who would not have respected the confinement.
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