Do 'curses' work ?

Robert Bruce's book on psychic protection is an eye opener. Once you start reading, it kinda opens up one's awarness to other realms. I respect the fact that he's not an attention seeker or celebrity. Just a normal guy doing his Astral thing.


wilecoyote said:
I wonder how effective the creation of an 'energy shield' can be in dissipating harmful energies? And, what shields are effective....the white light tower shield, the bubble shield, the pyramid, the tetrahedron? I mean, what are the tangible effects of creating energy shields?
Nothing in and of themselves. First you want to ask yourself if you need a shield in the first place? In other words, a shield that encircles you also insulates you, and might insulate your ability to learn. The point of an energy cocoon is rather to represent a heightening of your own vibrations, your own energy. Visualizing one might help in focusing awareness on the process, but it does not "place a shield in place".

The best "shape" is the one natural to your body, that of a sphere/egg-shape. Anything with angles is an artificial construct. By imagine a sphere or egg-shape, you are not creating anything, but helping yourself along in sensing what is already there. Visualizing is also a weak mode in the imagination. You need to feel it, and you need to feel the energies of your body and psyche by being receptive to them. So what you develop is your sensitivity to what is there, and that generates a feeback loop that increases the presence of those energies.

If you want something to assist your imagination think in terms not of light but of flame. Flame transmutes, while light only illuminates. This will key your imagination into the sensing of your natural field better.


Charles said:
In other words, a form of protection is to go to your "deeper self" where no real attachments are present. As such, the curse feels more like washing through your system, or more to the point through the outer layers of your system, without leaving too much traces (as you have "seen" what it did to the outer bodies in a detached way). This is not like the absorption and transmutation that you talk about.
Not quite, but it is a step in attaining that. I have to note that just because I can describe this effect does not mean I am a master of it in all cases. And it does not mean it is easy to do or instantanous in its effects. The whole point of transmutation is to own the energy of the pattern, while divorcing it from the purely informational aspect (the form of the pattern). In other words, the energy of the pattern reinforces your own vibrations rather than gives them "directions".

Entropy, as you well know, is not a thing. It is a process of moving from one energy state to a lower one. As biological beings we are designed to be counter-entropic, or rather entropy-resistant. Imposed patterns of ill will tend to break down that resistance, and reprogram our energy processes toward lower states.

What I think you are accessing is better seen in terms of purity of self or truer self. We have to be careful when considering the concept of "attachments" because it is easy to be fooled to the other extreme, that of detachment. We don't want our physical self detatched from our sense of inner truth and purity, because that would be like withdrawing to one room of a house and leaving the rest wide open to attack.

In this way, although this self-identification may deflect the pattern, because you hold the true pattern of self at the forefront of your awareness, it is far better to expand this sense to include all our being. The post above regarding the body's energy field is actually better phrased in the sense that the energy field is the energy of the purity of our being. This needs to be brought out of pure consciousness and into sensory awareness so it bathes a greater field, and leaves no cell unprotected.

So you have grasped onto something here, and if you expand its radius of experience and presence, I think you will find it far more effective, and even lead you to understand how it can be used to transmute energies.

Charles said:
It is more like letting it wash through you instead of deflecting it so that it is returned to the universe. It still can be seen as a form of deflection of course, one that bounces off on a deeper level, less false and more empowered. I have had the impression (could have been wishful thinking) that the universe than sends it back to the perpetrator in a triple whammy. Or is it that my environment would get the energy in a diluted way?
As I said, a curse must propagate its pattern into you, like a computer virus. Holding your own pattern deflects it, but that can also leave residues if you don't identify with that deep layer at the surface as well. In that way there can be bleedthroughs into the environment in a diluted way. I also think that the assumption that simply deflecting energies has the sender under a triple whammy tends to be a bit of a wives tale.

The sender does get a return, but this comes from the state of the sender who is not rewarded for propagating entropy, but has to endure the process in his or her being. If energy is deflected back to the sender, they can just as easily deflect it somewhere else. If a state of consistent awareness is held, however, the sender must endure the causal patterns promoting entropy juxtopposed to energies promoting complexity.

As I said, this is a complex topic, and I may have to repeat somethings and elaborate on them deeper, slightly expanding them along the way. Basically, we need to be aware of our metaphores. The bouncing ball metaphore is a bit limited for example. Here is another one.

Consider two complex information systems connected by a conductor of that information. The sender system is just as alive as the other. It has the capacity, however, to send entropy-inducing information along the conduit. This entropy inducing information brings the second system to a lower energy state. When this happens, the second system releases excess energy, which then feeds the first.

The first system needs a lot of energy because it has to counter the effects of entropic patterns on its own domain. Because it constantly generates these patterns it has to prevent the break-down their toxicity would otherwise engender. It is said that we are naturally STS. Yes, we are STS in the 2D sense, just as animals are, and 3D has both STS and STO tendencies. But we are not all naturally STS in the psychic sense, meaning we do not need to feed on others.

When we channel malignant energies, however, we become addicted to dynamic not natural to us otherwise.

Now take the case where the reciever of the malignant pattern accesses his or her own patterns of true self, which are counter-entropic. Because these patterns are generated from a source WITHIN the individual, they radiate outward, and even if a malignant pattern disintegrates one wave train, the source keeps radiating like the sun. Because it keeps radiating it is not dependent on the energy it releases, and does not need to hoard it.

To radiate, however, it needs to have a medium resonant with it, the medium of mind, emotions and body/instincts. When these resonate with that purity, they function in accordance to it, and hence are intrinsicly resistant to extrinsic entropic stimuli. Since these stimuli are propagated their information has an energy state, and transmutation involves the separation of the momentum of the incoming wave from its information content.

Information, separate from the medium of its propagation is...nothing, so for all purposes the negativity is cancelled out, while its carrier energy is absorbed. When this happens the entropy producer is not fed, and yet cannot help producing more malignant energy, which eventually consumes it. When you simply deflect the pattern retains its integrity, and simply goes elsewhere.

Deflection pure and simple is the negation of the whole event, the karma and lessons behind it. When these lessons are learned, awareness is enhanced and that particular pattern from then on is transmuted in all future encounters. In fact, the link then breaks because awareness brings the blind spots of reception to a greater complexity and frees them from entropic probabilities, so transmutation actually occurs naturally and constantly before the body needs to have any encounters in its field of action.

Lessons involve personal transmutation of patterns of encountering, and when they are learning the probabilities of encountering are themselves transformed because they are based on awareness of greater resonant potential.

Like I said, a complex topic, and I'm just providing bits and pieces as food for thought.

Anyway, you yourself encountered a malignant energy from an unknown source apparently that you could not deflect. I believe this energy was directed at you to counter your tendency to access your deeper self. You said it was localized on your heart, most likely to the higher emotional energies supporting the awareness of inner purity. If you move to sustain the awareness of inner purity and expand it to your surface awarness and body sense, that can protect you from such things in the future.

Charles said:
Some of your points though are new to me. For instance, I didn't know about the DNA sample. I thought that the mere intent was sufficient. Could this DNA sample not be just another form of ritual to sort of "aid the faith" of the curser to establish and canalise his intent?
Think in terms of locks of hair and fingernail clippings occultists like to take to cast spells. Also worn articles of clothing (with traces of body oils) will do. This is like giving a dog something to smell to track the "scent" of the target. It is more than just an aid, as it targets the very physical vibration of the victim.

Although there is a lot of disinformation and misunderstanding spread about these things, at their foundation they are real. They are more than hypnotic suggestion. Rather they are hypnotic invasion in levels much deeper than the conscious mind. These patterns affect our probability field, and our metabolism and cellular processes, as well as our thoughts and emotions. They are as much "suggestions" as is a virus, and just like with a virus the receiving organism can build immunity to this in varying degrees.


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Probably yes, in way of focused negative energy. Now it's different story how someone could be focused with such intensity and for enough time in order to project negative influence and start with malignant changes on subjects.

I found article who connects system of beliefs with stress and hormonal mixture with the curse. :cool2:


by Robert Mattews/LONDON

Can a curse kill? Yes, according to scientists investigating causes of sudden death in otherwise healthy people. Deaths resulting from curses have been reported for centuries. When Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was burned at the stake in 1314, he allegedly summoned the Pope and King of France to join him before G-d’s judgment seat. Within a month, Pope Clement V was dead; King Philip IV followed seven months later. Science has traditionally claimed that pure coincidence lies behind such events, rejecting the Curse of the Knights Templar as a myth invented after the deaths.
Now researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia have uncovered evidence that curses may have genuine power. Stress leads to the release of hormones, which increase heart rate and blood pressure. Disease-fighting cells in the immune system also seem to lose some of their strength when under stress. It is now believed that people from a deeply superstitious culture who are cursed, are put under enormous stress, which is increased as family and friends reject them. The result can be stroke, heart attack or death from diseases contracted because of the weakened immune system.
It seems that curses may indeed work this way. Of course, if you don’t believe the curse, you can fight it. There’s a lot of indirect evidence that the mind can both kill and cure. Stress may also help to explain why soldiers sometimes die in battle from seemingly insignificant wounds. Even returning to work after a pleasant weekend can be enough to cause death.
Hypnosis and meditations are now being looked into as protection against stress-induced death and researchers at the University of Miami have discovered that counseling can boost the immune systems of HIV-positive patients. Although most people in advanced societies are immune to curses, there is a hospital operating room equivalent. When such remarks as “he hasn’t got much hope” are made while patients are under anesthesia, they do much worse afterwards than those who hear positive suggestions.

I guess C's readers are safe :P


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Ljubica said:
I guess C's readers are safe
Always expect attacks, and false confidence is the best way to decrease defense.
Curses could be 4D psychic attacks through human vectors IMHO.


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mkrnhr said:
Ljubica said:
I guess C's readers are safe
Always expect attacks, and false confidence is the best way to decrease defense.
Curses could be 4D psychic attacks through human vectors IMHO.


It was a joke. And, yes allways expect the unexpected.

Kay Kim

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I was just thinking about this today and then I remembered this thread. I have considered what you said many times when someone is trying to get to me. It keeps me from having bad feelings for the person as I feel they are not aware of what they are doing.

Hello Opossum, next time, if you felt threatening by someone or something, then pray to Universe/Divine Cosmic Mind.

Q: (L) Because there do exist situations where words are used repeatedly to harm another. One example is the Nazi propaganda machine. If someone had shot Goebbels, it might have saved a lot of people from dying.

A: No.

Q: (L) Well, of course. There would have been someone else. Still, the point is, words can be used to destroy, and words of power can be used to kill. Sometimes words can be a lot more hurtful to the soul than physical acts.

A: Not directly.

Q: (L) Well, directly, or indirectly, it still amounts to the same thing.

A: No.

Q: (L) Well, I know you are not going to agree with me.

A: This is a subject that demands further exploration, in order to bring about a definitive answer.

Q: (L) Go ahead. Explain it to me.

A: Words only have power if the receiver believes they do.

Q: (L) But, in many cases, that belief exists.

A: The power to control belief lies exclusively within the receiver.

Q: (L) Which higher being is most able to help a person in a situation of danger?

A: Universe.
Another usefull quote from the C's
Session 12 August 1995
Q: (L) Is there any benefit to be obtained through the use of mantras?
A: Especially when the mind says there is. Remember, most all power necessary for altering reality and physicality is contained within the belief center of the mind. This is something you will understand more closely when you reach 4th density reality where physicality is no longer a prison, but is instead, your home, for you to alter as you please. In your current state, you have the misinterpretation of believing that reality is finite and therein lies your difficulty with finite physical existence. We are surprised that you are still not able to completely grasp this concept.
Q: (L) Well, I think I have a good grasp of this concept, but I am asking questions to obtain answers for others to comprehend.
A: That is not being completely honest.
Q: (L) Close enough. Is it true that recitation of mantras can effect spirit release or exorcism?
A: If you please.

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What I am going to tell you happened to me a few months ago. I wasn't trying to fix anything, it just happened that way.

For a few days the "energy" around me was bad. Discussions in my environment and "domestic" problems of all kinds.

I lay down to take a nap and I began to pray the prayer of the soul.

With my eyes closed, while I was praying I clearly saw a woman's face looking at me. Her face was to the left of my vision (with my eyes closed I looked).

As I was praying, the woman's face began to close her eyes, and then close them completely. Then the image began to fade little by little until it disappeared completely.

I spent a few minutes "looking" with my eyes closed, but there was only darkness.

I finally fell asleep. When I woke up the energy had changed and in all my surroundings the dynamics were one of harmony in all aspects.

All of this can obviously be subjective, but whether I was under attack or not, the prayer of the soul helped me.
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