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Hey! I have a blog, the problem is that it is in Spanish, so a lot of you won't understand any of it...

Basically, I use that blog to post some of my reflexions, but I also post news from Sott.net; senalesdelostiempos.blogspot.com; fragments of what I read in Cass, and things from youtube and other places.

Don't worry! I always put the correct link to your websites and I tell everyone that you are the ones who wrote the articles! =)

here is the link:


What I want is to spread some messages around my community and I thought that I could do it with a blog... I don't have a lot of feedback, but I'm trying to make it more interesting.
Yet, in Paraguay the people refuses to read things that could take them out of their comfortably numb lives. Is very difficult to find someone who will be interesting in reading articles with the message that you spread...

I will still try...
Hi Acid Yazz,

Welcome to our forum. :)

We recommend all new members to post an introduction in the Newbies section telling us a bit about themselves, how they found the cass material, and how much of the work here they have read.

You can have a look through that board to see how others have done it.

Ok Gandalf, thank you for the advice... I'll take a look.
Hi AcidYazz,

I just had a quick look at your blog. While I unfortunately don't read enough spanish to understand most of it, it looks good!
Hi Acid yazz,
Welcome to the forum. I also took a look at your blog. I found it very interesting.
Thank you for having a look at it!

And... talking about it, I hope that you don't mind if I used some fragments of Cass and Sott articles, or sometimes actually posted an entire article. If that bothers you, please tell me... and I'll stop it.

Remember that I always put the references and links to the correct pages.

It is just because in my community it will be easier for them to start if I put some of your articles in my blog, or maybe making references in other spaces. If they just get to the main pages and find all that information in just one page they'll probably feel scared or filled with too much for their minds. (I'm not talking about everyone of course, but I guess it will be like that for many people here. It actually happened with some of my friends.)

I know that some people here already read some of your material, especially from Sott.net. I was happy to find the blog www.senalesdelostiempos.blogspot.com because it helped me to encourage the people here to read some of your news and articles. But I like to use my blog as a way to link people to other places, to inform and, of course, to express my self...

So... again... I hope you don't mind about the use of your articles in my blog.

Saludos a todos!
Hi Acid Yazz,

It is great to share SOTT, Cass and SDLT links as long as you always provide the link to the source and its name. It is actually good, since that way you help promote the material :D.

I had a look at your blog and liked it very much. Keep up spreading the word!
Just had a look and it looks pretty good!

I enjoyed reading this quote:

"Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather."

(Bill Hicks)
(Tool - Third Eye)
Hello everybody! I just wanted to share this new post that I've send because its a review about a graffiti that someone has left here in what would be our parliament, concerning V for Vendetta, and I thought of SOTT.net.

The review is in spanish. I'm sorry for those who don't understand it...

I ask the people why they call the graffiti a menace to the government, saying that the message that the person who did the graffiti left is very democratic (People shouldn't be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of the people.) and if our government is "democratic" as it claims to be, that message shouldn't be consider as menace as the media said. (What show us how the media itself is very interested in manipulating the public opinion and spreading irrational fear).

Here is the link


Best wises to everybody.

I just wanted to let you know that I've been changing some things in the blog so the navigation through it is easier and It looks better now! :D

I'll try to give some more attention to it now... :lol:
Para la APRA

Hace unos días estaba charlando con mi papá, y en un momento me pasó un link a la página de la APRA (Asociación Paraguaya Racionalista). Entré al área donde uno se asocia y leí los requisitos incrédula. ¿Por qué incrédula? Porque me esperaba que una sociedad que se hace llamar racionalista tenga requisitos racionales y no sectoriales (sin argumentos visibles) y dogmáticos, o sea, irracionales.

Pongo aquí una copia de dichos requisitos:

“Recomendaciones para postulantes

Si usted se dispone a completar el formulario para asociarse a APRA, le sugerimos leer lo que sigue.

Numerosas aplicaciones de las que hemos recibido, nos muestran que hay cierta confusión respecto a la naturaleza de esta asociación.

La búsqueda a la que nos abocamos está orientada a personas con un perfil altamente racional y por ello no dogmático.

En consecuencia, damos unos indicadores del tipo de posiciones que consideramos poco apropiadas para los postulantes, esto podrá ayudar a ahorrar su tiempo y el nuestro.

Recomendamos no presentar su solicitud en los siguientes casos:

1. Si es religioso, y considera a su religión como parte esencial de su vida.

2. Si es admirador de papas, adorador de vírgenes, espera la venida de un mesías, cree en la palabra de profetas, tiene guías espirituales, espera la venida de los hermanos mayores del espacio exterior.

3. Si cree que existe alguna clase de Libro "Sagrado" o escrito con "Inspiración Sobrenatural".

4. Si recomienda el uso de la homeopatía, el reiki, el feng-shui, y medicinas alternativas sin bases científicas.

5. Si basa su pensamiento en: literatura seudocientífica (e.g., Deepak Chopra, Erich Von Daniken, J.J. Benitez), literatura religiosa (e.g.,. Biblia, Corán, Talmud), literatura esotérica y new age (e.g., La novena revelación, James Redfield, El libro de Urantia), literatura de religión secular (e.g.,. El Capital de Karl Marx, Mi Lucha de Adolf Hitler, La guerra de guerrillas de Che Guevara, Las venas abiertas de América de Eduardo Galeano, Hacia una teología de la Liberación de Gustavo Gutierrez).

6. Si en el campo político se declara admirador de figuras como: Fidel Castro, Ernesto Guevara, Adolf Hitler, Iósef Stalin, Hugo Chávez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Francisco Solano López, o de cualquier otro dictador o genocida.

7. Y en general, si no es suficientemente escéptico para hacer un análisis crítico de la maraña de información a la que estamos expuestos diariamente.”

Leer más...

I think you have a decent little site there. And after reading your last post I am sure of it. You have a really positive direction going and I hope you keep to that path. I did have to brush up on the old Spanish though, before tackling some of the posts on the site.

Peace and Love
Thank you! I'm trying to have some more activity there...

Old Spanish? Do you mean the Spanish as we speak it in Latin America? :D
No I mean my general understanding of the language. 3 Years High School, Minor in College, 3 months on a tiny little tourist trap island in Mexico. I guess I didn't even think to look into the other language groups on this site. I will start getting involved in both hopefully. Have a copy of Rosetta Stone 3rd year lesson I will plug in and brush up on.

Peace and Love
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