Descriptions of the "afterlife"/5th Density

Yes, this thread offers great faith with the passage beyond the veil, and may your mum's new journey have brought her much peace and joy. To know also that the connection you have with you mum, although not physical now, never ends.

Take good care of yourself, too.
Yes, this thread offers great faith with the passage beyond the veil, and may your mum's new journey have brought her much peace and joy. To know also that the connection you have with you mum, although not physical now, never ends.

Take good care of yourself, too. :hug2:
Thank you and yes it is a great thread for me to be reading right now and I will take care of myself too
Hi I don't know if I am posting in the correct place or not but here goes. My Mom had COPD and it gradually got worse and worse. I have been caring for her for a few years now with the help of We Care. They are real-life Angels and I couldn't have done it without them as well as her lovely Irish Doctor who came once a week to check on her. He is such a character and he would walk in with his little black bag like in the old western movies and say " Top of the morning to Ya" Well I grew to love all the Angels and the good Doctor as well . Recently she took a turn for the worse and we decided she would be more comfortable in Palliative care. The ambulance was supposed to pick her up at 8:30 this morning. Last night I made her her favorite kind of smoothie and took my dog for a walk. I was gone for half an hour tops. When I got back I looked in on her and at first I thought she was sleeping but when I got coser to her I noticed she was very pale almost white. Her eyes were closed and she had the most peaceful look on her face. When I touched her she felt really hot. Naturally I was quite distraught for most of the night. I forgot all about the ambulance coming at 830 . They were so kind they called an undertaker to pick her up and stayed with me for quite awhile. And talking to them I realized that if my Mom had been alive and gone to the care home she would have been stressed right out of her mind and I would have felt guilty forever blaming myself for her death. Now I'm OK with it because she had a peaceful death at home instead. She was really not big on hospitals. But I have been wondering do people get really hot at the time of death ? I know this is way off topic sorry
Really sorry to hear this, memeontheroof. My condolences. May your mother rest in peace on the other side. :hug2:
From what I read we are all part of or connected to "The One" ... it wants to gain wisdom...For what purpose who knows? So to successfully gain wisdom there is no better way than to branch oneself out and permeate all experiences for knowing and gathering to bring back to the one. Don't know what this whole thing is for.... That is all I can really add at the moment to what have already been said here such as different, levels or densities after death and how intention or want will dictate where you go and what you do next...

What I wonder is if you are ment to be here now and have wisdom to gain and a purpose can you "use" your "job" of gaining wisdom against itself to take risks for the experience? Are "Things" keeping you on track that are outside of your actions and control and awareness? If you are part of the one and the one wants something I would surmise that it can intervien to make sure or help it get done?
With the pandemic I came to another city to be with my parents and help them to get food and medicine because they could not go out to shop, in 2020 they were forbidden to enter the stores "for their health". After 2021 with the injections and added to other circumstances, I am staying here with them for an indefinite period of time.

Since I arrived, around April 2020, my dad expressed his desire to stop living, there have been similar conversations, what I have been able to tell him is to concentrate on the perfection of mother nature, fortunately they live in an area where you can appreciate the greenery .... It is a residential area but the trees stand out as opposed to where I lived, where the concrete, buildings and traffic were overhanging.

My dad is hyper tense and has had a pacemaker since 2014.... There was a lot of family pressure to get the Covid shot. He didn't want to take it and he didn't take it.

Since I arrived - even with the Plandemia - I have also seen how his health has been deteriorating, my mom tells whoever comes or on the phone that my dad has a lot of desire to live... It seems to me that this is a form of denial.

Around August 2021, we started with diapers and that, physiologically and psychologically, has also made him worse... He has also been very affected by the fact that no visitors come - as they used to - because of the terror of the Covid, not from him but from the fear of the others.

By December last year, we had managed - basically my mom and I - who are the ones who take care of him most of the time to get him to go downstairs and go out to Christmas events.... He wasn't wearing a diaper as much anymore. He was also encouraged, because one of his brothers was coming to visit him.... There were 4 siblings, 2 passed away before the pandemic, one in 2018 and one in 2019.... One was his twin.

But 2022 came... And he got worse again.... I went to another city for 10 days when I returned, I found him very different and much more deteriorated.... The diaper was not the constant, but the duck... Portable urine container...
My brother was home but he was sick and said it was possibly Covid without any test.
So for 20 days we took care of 2 people.

In mid-late January, my mom told us that my dad had already said goodbye to her... Three days later, my dad asked us to take him to a hospital because he felt like he was dying. My mom and I took him, I was the only one who went in because of Covid's protocols.... After several tests, blood, urine, chest x-ray and electrocardiogram... It did not reflect that he should be admitted and we were sent back.

About 10 days passed and my mom woke us up in the early morning, my dad said goodbye to me and my brother.

It was funny, nice the next day.... My dad wakes up, sits on the bed, I see him confused... he looks at us and asks.... "Who am I?"... My mom answers him... "It's you, (his name).... My dad answers: "I'm not dead? "... No, my mom tells him ...." Why? "... My mom tells him that it is not his decision, but it is until God wills.... I looked at my dad who remained angry.

Days have passed and my dad keeps saying goodbye to people.

My dad is almost deaf and almost blind, communication is difficult.... Sometimes I better write to him so he can read what I want to say.

An aunt has recommended me to "talk to him" about his possible fear of death, what if he has already seen his parents or his siblings in dreams or in some other way.... I asked her once, she is not afraid of death and she has not seen them.

Since last week a doctor came because he looked worse and worse, a family consensus was reached.... The detail that I see is that my father is not familiar with allopathy... He has been taking 3 medications for almost 10 years for hypertension.... The rest has been with homeopathy. He has had 3 pneumonias....

Then this doctor prescribed him about 9 medications plus 2's too much!.... He says he has pneumonia.... He's been taking them for 3 days... I see him drugged.... I have no experience in seeing him like this... For me, my dad is sometimes.... And when he is, he behaves like a baby....

I feed him, I've had to make his food more baby-like.... And the other time, while I was feeding him his porridge - soup - stew... I thought about that part, about dying as children.... Like angels they are born, like angels they die.

My question, after all this talk and because once, with an aunt who had no will to live and I related it as suicide.... If there is any prayer for... What to help him to leave, because that's how he has expressed it.... He hasn't told me to pray for him for that goal, though.

Today I stayed on duty at night, he is very anxious, I prayed for him to rest.....

An aunt told me, you have to pray.... I ask her what for? For his health to get better? Or for him to go away? That he may die in peace? She tells me... "to chase away the spirits that feed on his suffering".... The pains in his body, the confusion, being mad, etc.

Thanks for reading.

I am at lost, is it really when God decides or when, my father decides?
Generally, when you die and all biological functions cease, your body will gradually cool down. It is however possible, that in the process of dying, just before you pass away, your body might produce one final surge, for whatever reason. Very often people in this situation also are very lucid, even if they were confused just before.

I recently found the two sessions that discuss the above topic and thought I'd share them here in case it may be of further interest/assistance to others here:

Q: (Pierre) During a past session, it was mentioned that a few minutes after death, there is a burst in genetic transcription that's related to the genetic body disconnecting from the information field. Also it has been noted by several witnesses that before people die, they have a sudden burst of energy. They're not sick anymore, and then they die. Why?

A: A shift in the internal EM field releasing bonds that constrict.
Q: (Gaby) So then how is there terminal lucidity when the brain is not working anymore? Like when a person is dying and they have brain damage, but then they wake up and say goodbye as if nothing is wrong right before they die?

A: When the soul or life force is in the process of separating, it is in a position to escape the restrictions of damaged physiology.

Q: (Joe) Pierre asked about that in a previous session not too long ago. How people have a burst of energy before they die...

(L) What did they say?

(Joe) Pierre threw out the idea and they agreed. Something about information. Do you remember?Artemis(Pierre) Yeah...

(L) Here I think they're saying that when it releases, it can override the restrictions. In fact, probably what the person is experiencing is NOT a revival of the brain, but the manifestation of...

(Joe) There are some crazy examples of that. People who are old and ill and didn't speak for a period of time before they died. And then suddenly they woke up and spoke. But there are other cases of young people who died relatively young who'd never spoken a word in their lives who are more or less in a coma or severely handicapped. They never spoke a coherent word, and then just before they die they speak for the first time in their lives in full, proper language that they never used from the day they were born.

(Pierre) The human being is the marriage of the soul and the physical. Especially people dying, the physiology is impaired. But they're married together, so the physical restricts the soul. But just before death, the soul gets freed from the body. It's not restricted anymore.

(L) And it can turn around and control the body that it wasn't able to do before because it was so tied to it, embedded in it, so to say.

(Pierre) So when you hear someone saying unexpected words, it's not a revival of the body or brain. It's the death of the body and the free soul that finally expresses itself.
is it really when God decides or when, my father decides?
Hi, hope you're doing well and can face the situation :hug2:
In my view, it's lessons till the end and nothing more...
"to chase away the spirits that feed on his suffering"
Your aunt seems right here, if you are aware of this fact you can consciously accompany him.

I'm living alone with my mother (aged 82), no one else but me will face her last days in this world and this thread is more than helpful to be prepared for those... Thank you ALL :-)
What to help him to leave, because that's how he has expressed it....
If he wants to leave, but is still hanging on, it's important that you just be with him, to listen and touch as possible. There may be something he hasn't said yet, or someone he still wants to say "goodbye" to. If you are there listening, you may be able to help him in some way. But as for prayers, why not just say a loving prayer, for your dad's highest good (not in your opinion, but whatever his soul says it is). I know it is painful to see him in this situation, but dealing with it may be part of YOUR lessons, who knows?

Love and hugs to you all.
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