Crazy storm weather around the world


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Winds of about 100 kilometers per hour were recorded at Tottori Airport in West #اليابان Thursday morning Yokote, Akita Prefecture, witnessed record snowfall with a height of 151 cm, reports of power outages and 30 people died. 546 domestic flights were canceled on Thursday and Friday

Snow is continuing in the city of Abetton, Italy, and will continue according to expectations

Carnic meadow (UD)#6gennaio , last day of work for the alpine river speleo teams of #vigilidelfuoco to secure the roof of a company warehouse, which partially collapsed three days ago



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Natural disasters worldwide resulted in tens of billions of dollars in damage in 2020, according to catastrophe bonds firm Artemis, citing a new report from German reinsurer Munich Re.

On Thursday, Munich Re reported that the global insurance and reinsurance industry recorded a monstrous $82 billion loss thanks to an increase in natural disasters in 2020, up from $57 billion the year prior.

The reinsurer calculated the world's economic losses from natural disasters last year was around $210 billion, up from 2019's $166 billion. It added that only a small proportion of the damage was actually covered.

he US accounted for the largest percentage of damage in 2020, at $67 billion, up significantly from 2019's $26 billion. This was due to relentless wildfires and hurricanes, contributing to one of the costliest years for natural disasters on record and is facing an economic toll of around $100 billion.

One of the major consequences of surging insurer losses could be upward pressure on customers' primary insurance pricing.

Munich Re noted that about 60% of the natural disaster worldwide went uninsured in the year.

The insurer believes climate change is responsible for the explosion in natural disasters seen around the world.

Torsten Jeworrek, Member of the Board of Management at Munich Re, explained:

"Natural catastrophe losses in 2020 were significantly higher than in the previous year. Record numbers for many relevant hazards are a cause for concern, whether we are talking about the severe hurricane season, major wildfires or the series of thunderstorms in the US."

Ernst Rauch, Chief Climate and Geo-Scientist at Munich Re, said, "if the weather disasters for one year cannot be directly linked to climate change, and a longer period needs to be studied to assess their significance, these extreme values fit with the expected consequences of a decades-long warming trend for the atmosphere and oceans that is influencing risks."

"An increasing number of heatwaves and droughts are fuelling wildfires, and severe tropical cyclones and thunderstorms are becoming more frequent," said Rauch.
As natural disaster becomes more frequent, here are the US' zip codes that are subjected to the most disasters.


The latest FEMA report ranks Los Angeles County as the riskiest county for natural disasters.

The Polar Vortex Is About To Split In Two - What Does That Really Mean? We Are Re-Monetized! = BOOM!
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OAKLAND, Calif. - A potent atmospheric river barreled through the Bay Area, bringing high winds that knocked out power and flash floods that caused evacuations from wildfire burn scars. Plus, heavy snow caused blizzard conditions in the Sierra Nevada.

However, despite all the worry, there was no major damage, other than a few trees coming down and disruptions to people's lives because the power went out.

Thousands of residents in Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties were hit the hardest as they live in areas by a complex of wildfires ignited by lightning last August. The state Office of Emergency Services positioned strike teams and task forces in five counties. Officials feared the heavy rains would cause mudslides. However, by Wednesday morning, there were no immediate reports of damage.

Before the storm hit, deputies went door-to-door in the evacuation zones and tried to find people staying in evacuation areas who may not have access to phone service and emergency notifications. Those residents who didn’t evacuate were asked by deputies to sign a refusal waiver, officials said.

People in San Jose's Willow Glen were worried about flooding along the Guadalupe River, too. City crews braced for a busy night. They staffed up overnight to respond to downed trees, downed power lines and localized flooding. Residents went out to get sand bags.

City workers spent most of Tuesday evening going door-to-door, alerting hundreds of residents living near the river of possible rising waters. However, by Wednesday morning, there was no immediate word of any damage or flooding reported.

In San Franciso, there was standing water on many of the streets including Gough Street heading toward the freeway.

In the North Bay, residents also braced for the worst as heavy wind and rain, brought on by a winter storm, swept through the area. And the National Weather Service upgraded a flash flood watch to a warning as the atmospheric river arrived.

The wind knocked down a tree in Rohnert Park, causing some localized damaged there.

In the end, the wind proved to be more powerful than the rain. Power was knocked out to a peak of 38,000 PG&E numbers. However, by Wednesday morning, that number dropped to 27,000 customers.

The atmospheric river — a huge plume of moisture extending over the Pacific — was preceded by lighter rain before intensifying Tuesday evening, hitting the North Bay first, then spreading south to Santa Cruz, Monterey and Big Sur. Rare snow was reported in Sonoma and Napa counties north of San Francisco at elevations as low as 1,300 feet.

The National Weather Service issued a rare blizzard warning for Lake Tahoe and much of the Sierra, forecasting up to 6 feet of snow falling on upper elevations and winds in excess of 100 mph over ridgetops.

Describing it as a potential "life-threatening situation," the warning was to be in effect from 10 p.m. Tuesday through 4 a.m. Friday for the Tahoe area as far south as Mammoth Lakes, California.

A warning was also issued for widespread high avalanche danger on the eastern slopes of the Sierra because of heavy snow combining with wind from before dawn Wednesday through Friday morning.

Meanwhile, icy conditions in mountains north of Los Angeles shut vital Interstate 5 in Tejon Pass until early afternoon. Some truckers tried old narrow mountain roads around the closure and became stuck. In the same region, State Route 58 in Tehachapi Pass reopened at late morning after an overnight closure.

In the Sierra Nevada, the closure of Yosemite National Park was extended to at least Jan. 30. The park sustained heavy damage more than a week ago when it was battered by fierce winds that swept through California before the onset of the current storms.

While the upcoming storm could pose danger, it could help ease dry conditions that have left more than 95% of California experiencing drought.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Video / January 26, 2021 at 10:15 pm
TRUCKEE (CBS13) — Snow in the Sierra has local officials warning drivers to stay off the road.

“The storm is going to be intense. High winds is what’s predicted and those aren’t conditions you should be driving in,” California Highway Patrol officer Seth Jennings said.

Jennings insists tourists think twice before trekking to Truckee.

“Visibility will be zero at times. If we can’t see where we’re going or it’s not passable for us to get there, then we have to take our time to get to people,” Jennings said.

Truckee locals were filling up their gas tanks and packing grocery stores, preparing to hunker down Tuesday afternoon.

“Burgers, chicken patties, pizza,” Colby Banks said.Police Release Photos Of Person Of Interest In Sacramento Prowler Cases

“It could really get you in trouble,” Fritz Renner, who’s lived in Truckee for 20 years, said.

Renner says even he’s nervous with whiteout conditions headed for the Sierra.

“You don’t see those kind of warnings very often. National weather service 8ft? That’s as bad as it gets,” Renner said.

But the first big blizzard of the winter isn’t all bad.

“Favorite part of the snow is skiing fresh powder,” Truckee resident, Glenda Granucci, said.

“It’s great that we’re getting precipitation California needs the snowpack. But while it is storming we recommend no one drive through the area,” Officer Jennings said.

Chain controls will be required for vehicles without four-wheel drive and snow tires.

Get the most out of CBS13’s weather coverage:

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Natural disasters worldwide resulted in tens of billions of dollars in damage in 2020, according to catastrophe bonds firm Artemis, citing a new report from German reinsurer Munich Re.

From Yale Climate Connections:

Earth was besieged by a record 50 billion-dollar weather disasters in 2020, the most such disasters ever recorded after adjusting for inflation, said insurance broker Aon (formerly called Aon Benfield) in its annual report issued January 25. The previous record was 46 billion-dollar weather disasters, set in 2010 and 2011. The annual average of billion-dollar weather disasters since records began in 1990 is 29.

Billion-dollar weather disasters 1992 – 2020,

...Those numbers make 2020 the fifth costliest year on record for weather-related disasters.

...More than 80% of the severe weather damage occurred in the U.S. in 2020, including the costliest severe weather outbreak in world history, according to Aon: an August 2020 event that featured a violent derecho in the U.S. midwest that caused $11 billion of the $12.6 billion in damage of the outbreak, the balance caused by tornadoes, hail, and other severe thunderstorms.

The most expensive disaster of 2020 was the summer monsoon flooding in China, which caused $35 billion in damage.

The entire article with related comments can be found on

World hammered by record 50 billion-dollar weather disasters in 2020

From Cs session 9 May 2020:
Q: (L) Alright. So, we didn't have a session in April because I swear... It was just too fascinating to watch what was going on in the world. Just unbelievable! To watch people going completely insane and... And the lies! Oh my god, the LIES! It's like we are swimming in a sea of lies. All the media, all the governing bodies... I don't think there are any exceptions for any of them. We used to - and possibly still do - admire Putin and Russia, but he's joined the whole gang, too. There are just very few that have not been completely taken in by the lies. It's been a roller coaster of a month.

A: Indeed, but it will get even more interesting before it is all over.

Q: (Artemis) "Over" as in the planet explodes, or what kind of "over" do you mean here?

A: Weather will play a more prominent role next.

I reckon that is another hit for the Cs!


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From USA Today:

Fierce hail storms batter Texas, Oklahoma: 'Billion-dollar' damage likely from 'gargantuan' hail

Residents in Texas and Oklahoma were recovering Thursday after hail as large as softballs battered portions of the states a day earlier, leaving behind shattered windows on cars and in homes.

In Oklahoma, at least one injury was reported when large hail hit Norman and surrounding areas Wednesday evening, officials said. A National Weather Service spotter reported hail in excess of 3 inches in diameter around 9 p.m. in the Norman area.

A wind gust of 69 mph was measured in the area at 9 p.m. as the storm pushed through.

In all there were 38 reports of severe hail across the two states, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

"Yesterday was certainly a billion-dollar hail loss day across the U.S.," Northern Illinois University meteorologist Victor Gensini said. "San Antonio and Fort Worth, Texas - along with Norman - were all impacted with large to significant hail. In addition, there was one gargantuan (4 inch) hail report near Hondo, Texas."

CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen said that it would be the second billion-dollar disaster this year in Texas, following the extreme Arctic outbreak back in February.

Hail makes up the highest number of insurance claims each year and can exceed $10 billion in losses annually, according to the Weather Channel.

The storms were part of a sprawling system that brought severe weather and heavy rain to much of the southern and central Plains. In addition to large hail, storms also produced damaging winds and a few possible tornadoes, CNN said.

Contributing: The Oklahoman

Last year the world was hammered by a record 50 billion-dollar weather disasters.

It is becoming more apparent that erratic seasons, extreme weather patterns and natural disasters are increasing, which is not a consequence of "human-caused climate change" (formerly known as man-made 'global warming') as parroted relentlessly by the MSM, but part of a natural cycle.

See also:


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Massive cyclonic storm over India called "Tauktae".

Winds have reached a blistering 215 km/hr (130 mph) at one point and is accompanied by huge amounts of rainfall. The cyclone eventually made landfall on the western coast of India (near Jafarabad and Mumbai).


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Post-Tropical Cyclone #Ana Advisory 8: Ana Becomes a Post-Tropical Cyclone. This is the Last Nhc Advisory On Ana. 7:40 PM · May 23, 2021·National Hurricane Center

Varied weather with showers and storms today. The Cold Front is approaching central Slovenia. In Novo mesto 24 ° C, in Maribor only 12 ° C. Even near Storm Hills ...



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Here's a video of a truly incredible hail storm that happened in Andrews, Texas on 1st of June. Apparently it was really unique, and the storm looked like giant columns.

Also a note for those who fear spiders, that there is a short footage of one before the storm. It just crosses the road.

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Catania in East Sicily

Is like that every year, once or twice. As the city is leaning downwards towards the coast - due the prolonging of the Etna Volcano, all water runs down through the city, down the main street of Via Etnea. I have never seen it myself live - but noticed a couple times that when I arrived only 2 days later - you saw nothing of it. Quite puzzling.

But for the many stores along Via Etnea, it is a huge problem with water coming in. And busses often still try to drive in the same rushing water like seen in the videos above. Crazy. There are plenty of videos on Youtube with torrential rainfalls affecting Via Etnea in Catania.
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