Corona craziness

Overqualified 🤡 peoplezzez saving lives, and y'll be fine

"When your hair stands on end once again in the face of the stupidity of your environment. In the face of all the unqualified, stupid bleating about the Ukrainian conflict, about Israel and Palestine, about geopolitics in general - and you ask yourself, frightened, whether this is somehow a spontaneous, collective outbreak of mental degeneration

... then consider how many millions of lives have been saved by the courageous commitment of THESE SAME intellectually overqualified people in the last 3 years. Then you'll be fine."


Because of Corona: "Lützelsee tour walks only allowed in clockwise direction"
(A lake in Switzerland)

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I recommend not setting it back the whole hour at once. Just do a minute at a time over an hour to reduce the shock to your system. Note that I am not a doctor - you might want to contact your local health practitioner first.
i suggest not looking at the clocks at all. in our overcautious society, everything has become a health risk. the cass: " the body does not matter".
Nothing to do with that thing that cannot be named but it's definitely due to heat! :lol:

i like the accuracy of the excess deaths number to a single digit. did the study also find the name?
A good joke, isn't it ?

Edit : it's old, 2018, still remains a good joke, let's say it was the first version of the covid hoax which was updated/reviewed before "going life" in 2020
As for the government's anti-Covid measures, I can only healthy post them in this thread for a laugh, but from experience I know that the shortest jokes are the best, and these government jokes are 3 times past their sell-by date.

A month ago I had to make a trip to emergencies (Galicia, Spain), so here's the crazy joke: patients and medical staff have to wear masks from the waiting room to the operating room, while in the rest of the hospital or clinic, masks are no longer compulsory for patients, and most medical staff wear them whether they like it or not.

Whether water is "free" depends on where you live.
In Europe certain public places have to give you water Which Countries Require Venues To Offer Free Drinking Water?
When it comes to my country (if i remember correctly) you have to pay for delivery (and various techniques to make water usable) not for water itself. If you own your own well, then well ;) you probably do not have to pay for it (unless its unusable without certain filters and things like that).
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