Copper people & Grape Leaves

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... so I am leaving it here for the related reference

Hi solarmind,

Your posting of that image seemed very synchronous to me yesterday and much more so after reading your previous dreams.

Coincidentally ‘copper’ was a repeated dream symbol of my own a couple of years ago.

Did you know that the origin of the word is apparently cypress?

Cypress signals the end of a major phase in our life and the transition into a world of new possibilities.

The cypress tree, Cupressus sempervirens, was seen as the tree of immortality and deathlessness to the Persian prophet Zoroaster.

Or in Alchemy;

Copper is represented by the symbol that also stands for Venus. It is a circle with a cross below. The circle represents the Sun predominant quality.

This symbol illustrates the alchemic idea of infusion of solar power.

This symbol represents the aspiration of rising above the physical earthly desires. It is the idea of rising sun that is not yet perfected.

Copper cauldron is a very old symbol of femininity, birth, fertility and all that is associated with Venus. It is interesting to note how similar it is to Ancient Egyptian ankh.Ankh represents universal energy of life. Its rounded top symbolically represents the womb.

Look forward to hearing more about your dreams😊
Hello @gnosisxsophia

thank you very much for reflecting ... indeed flashback of the atmosphere of 1st dream continued last night in the direction that can be traced in what you wrote to me .. hm maybe even while I was sleeping you were writing, and I read it this morning ...

and here is the image I found today while looking for the visual expression of the dream from last night ... so I dreamed to be with some group of women and young people or so by the river in the forest playing around, and someone was watching us. I decided to go and see who it is, as it was not looking like a human but it does. So I end up leaving the group and meeting Pan. I was curious about who he is, but as we start to observe each other I realize I am not an only human either? What has explained to me in the dream was something like this - it was not like a conversation between us, more like mind-melding or telepathy, a voice said that it is obvious that I am not only human, as otherwise, I will not be there with him, as he is a God Pan and the reason why we attracted each other is our God's nature, and that I need to look at the Tripple Goddes knowledge to learn more. So this morning I went 1st to look for the images to make a visual connection and quite quickly I came up with this image, that is in visual sens like a piece of a puzzle from yesterday's image ...

And just to say that through my origins I am related to both Iranian and Celtic people ... probably mix as both where on my lands of Iliyrians ... that feels all like il Aryan ...

thank you again!


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As I don't remember my dreams usually and frequently, after looking at this dream journal I started here after my visit to Chateau, every one I remember since than, now with last one ( 3rd one ) I see that have some obvious significance.

SO Last night I had a dream - a very simple dream, actually just one image but strong - small Apple Tree full of red apples, like the one on picture, and as well as many of fresh apples under the tree on the floor. The tree was a bit more "silvery" than this one.

Selected explanation form this link - dreamingthedreams Resources and Information. said the following:

  • In a dream, apples represent beautiful children.
  • An apple in a dream also denotes one’s determination and good will.
  • To a king, apples in a dream represent his kingdom. To a merchant, they represent his merchandise, and to a farmer they represent his crop.
  • An apple tree in a dream represents a good man and a believer who serves and benefits his community.
  • Counting apples in a dream means counting money.
  • Ripe apples on a tree, denotes that the time has arrived for you to realize your hopes | think over what you intend to do, and go fearlessly ahead.
  • Ripe on the top of the tree, warns you not to aim too high.
  • Apples on the ground imply that false friends, and flatterers are working you harm.
  • If you dream of seeing growing apples on the tree, it symbolizes intelligence and good wealth.
  • Make sure you look after your health as well, as apples represents healthy life.
  • The other meaning of seeing apples might symbolize your sexual behavior, as the apple is connected to the Garden of Eden.
  • Red in a dream also represents the world,s glitters and material pleasure.
  • When you dream of seeing an apple tree it signifies greatness and nobility. This dream represents your personality as the person who believes in himself and has big expectations. You are not afraid to give a challenge to yourself. This dream symbolizes your big dreams for the future, which you will achieve if you will stay as confident as you are at the moment

I can see now the path of the Work i decided to determine my self to in march 2015, is unfolding ... but can't write right now about that, just feels like I want to meditate on that .... and ... don't know ... will appreciate your views on this.

and thank you all for been here with me! to give me directions to learn how to be patient, persistant, silent ... and many others

:flowers: :love: :hug2: :lkj: :cool2:[/list]

And yesterday walking my dog I pass through this dream literary ... I decided to go a bit different route for no reason, and after a few steps, I turned my head to see this red apple tree. It was a moment of a glitch ...
Calypso releasing the Odysseus ... grapes and colors of the 1st dream ... connecting to one another recent dream ... let it stay here ... times are of that no time TIME ... the gates are opening


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Few days ago, after a while, I started to dream again ( for some reason I didn't remember any dreams for a long time ), and one of the dreams, I think 2nd that I clearly remember, was quite short but related to the FOTCM Chateau place in France ... ;) ... What I remembered is short but some how full of symbols, so this is what I got:

I was in the kitchen, I just arrived or so, it was sunny mid day, and most of crew there were down standing, like moving around, ordinary daily routine, and the place was covered nicely with green grape leaves, like it was growing inside of the house. And in one moment Joe came to me giving me one box. And he opened the box giving me a sheet of something what was quite thin, but it was not a paper, when he gave it to me I realize it was like very thin copper sheeat with cutout of stylized figures of people, so that they can be taken out like puzzles. He show that to me, how I can get them out if I want, and he handle a whole nice box to me, and the dream was over.

How that dream was in my mind for a while, I went today to see the symbolic from various dreams reading books, and that was even more interesting what I got there. But if anyone wants to give some explanation before I post what I got, will be very much appreciated.

:cool2: :hug:
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