Cometary Encounters - Now available!


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To Sweden, for unknown reasons, none of the EU amazon stores deliver your new book, Pierre. (And the “Swedish” Amazon store doesn’t have it - which is common for many products and books, as it often relies on shipments from Germany… so, it is not much of a real “swedish” store anyway)

So, I too will wait for the Kindle version. But i am patient :wow: and look greatly forward to it.


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Having just finished Earth Changes this spring, I can honestly say the book changed my life. Now I have a better toolkit for understanding the world around me, and navigating through it. I can't thank you enough for that.

You have a patient and methodical approach, @Pierre, very straightforward and careful - and with nice dashes of humour in there too. It's very approachable - even a relative novice like myself found it easy to follow, and profound in its... impact (pun intended).

I've ordered my copy of the new one, and am super looking forward to digging in again. Again, my deep thanks - and congrats!

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That was my plan, too. Yet unfortunately (.ca)


That was a fast seller, Pierre.

Will have to do some :knitting:and wait.
You can order it from and have it shipped to Canada if that works for you. I'll probably do that myself. At the same time, you can purchase the book through AmazonSmile and have a donation made to QFG:


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Big news, everyone: Pierre's new book is now available!

The kindle edition is coming very soon!

A big thanks to you and to the rest of the publishing team.

A book is so much more than a plain text. You have to add proofreading, cover design, back cover summary, editing, formatting, picture improvement, pictures integration, index, bibliography, table of content, ISBN number, referencing, printing... All these has been accomplished by our publishing team. :hug2:
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