Childhood recurring nightmare involving a dragon!


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I have thought I would post about this before but never got round to it but since it is 4 am here and I am still up then I guess this is as good a time as any.

When I was a child (I would estimate 5-8 years old) I used to have a recurring nightmare every night for a time involving a dragon. It would always take the same pattern, night after night. It would start with me with my older brother as we were just about to leave a police station. We would walk towards the exit, holding hands but as we got near to the doors I would start to be pulled back into the station as if I was magnetised. My brother would lose patience with me and stomp off in a huff (sounds about right) and I would gradually be pulled back deep into the bowels of the station. I would fight this pull with all of my being but was unable to stop this happening until I was pulled into a room where there was a huge, malevolent dragon. As you can imagine, it was a terrifying nightmare and it would happen night after night until I 'grew out of it' and never had that nightmare again.

I have tried to analyse this nightmare over the years but never felt that I could get to the bottom of its significance. However, after finding this site I have to wonder if I was being abducted or had been abducted and my subconscious was telling me about it in this nightmare. Or perhaps it was trying to symbolically warn me about this realm being ruled by 4D STS.

I suppose it doesn't really matter now but I just thought I would post about it and see if anyone has anything to add that I am just not seeing.
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