Cerbère 33


Does anyone know about Cerbère 33 ? It is a small board with copper nail that is supposed to act as "an efficient shield against negative energies" by creating an "open wave field" (my translation, in french it is champs ondulatoire ouvert).

English website version is there : _Cerbere33 - Bouclier contre les énergies négatives . Homepage 1st and last videos have english subtitles.

I did not know this even existed until i met someone who had joined a witchcraft group. This guy left it, so the group went on practicing witchcraft against him. He had attacks almost every nights until he put this thing under his bed, and it worked. The testimonies are rather interesting. One of them is by alchemist Jacques Grimault who has tried it.

Currently, an acquaintance of mine who heals patients with distance reiki is a bit in trouble. She told me she's had an horrible vision of sthg that showed her its teeth :evil: during a distance treatment, and also regularly feels bad presence at night, that make her feel cold. Could Cerbère 33 help ? If not, what could ?

Thank you !
Hi Shinzenbi,

I personally highly doubt that this thing is of any useful help, but this is just my impression and I may be wrong. The explanation of the good testimonies could be, that a placebo effect set in, because they believed that it is of help.

As the C's say: Knowledge protects.

Regarding your friend, is she asking for your help? Because it is difficult to give an advice for a person who is not on the forum.
Hello Gawan,

Thank you for your reply. I also do not understand how it could help, nor how it works if it even does.

Is my friend asking for help ? Well, i do not think so. Good for her, she is not scared by the strange occurrences. Still, she has mentioned them to me. I think it is because i'm the only person she knows who studies the occult. We just practice sport together and never meet on other occasions (none of us would want that). No sentences such as "i'm scared, how do i expel it, let's kick it out". So far, all i've done is send her the Amazon link to the book entités et parasites énergétiques (entities and energetic parasites) by Rose and Gilles Gandy. Knowledge protects.

She does not know this forum exists and even though she did, she does not speak english. Not speaking english is a much bigger problem than not being able to write on the forum. It prevents from gaining information from english sources, which is necessary for any serious researches. If she asks for help and i do not know what to do, i'll report.

Have an interesting weekend.
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