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Well it shouldn't be too hard past the first couple of uses. The key, as always, is to read carefully the instructions. If the technobabble is too much (tech people love using their own jargon), don't hesitate to ask for more pointers. I'd be happy to help :-)

Thank you, @Recto!
If you are comfortable using the command line/terminal (or not scared to try using it) you can use youtube-dl which is a software with many options that is updated very regularly in order to be always "compatible" with Youtube updates regarding the download of video/audio. You can find the documentation for the installation process on Mac OS and the options available here :

It can be installed through Homebrew which is a command line software installer. For your use case the command would be for instance :

The youtube-dl can download the audio directly but it is either in webm or m4a format. With the command above, it downloads the video then extracts the audio to the target format. For that it uses ffmpeg + ffprobe (or avconv + avprobe), they can be installed using Homebrew as well .
For downloading a webm or m4a audio directly you can do :

I've never had any issue with this software as long as I keep it up to date. On top of that, it is powerful enough to do fancy stuff when needed (e.g. downloading playlists, bypassing georestrictions, adding post processing tasks, etc).

So I have 'youtube-dl' installed. I'm trying to download this Jordan Petersen talk on youtube:


I open terminal, and enter:
youtube-dl --extract-audio --mp3

But I get the line, 'command not found'. Can you advise? Do I need to use the specifications listed on the youtube-dl site in order to designate a space to download, for instance? There are a lot of parameters that can be coded in, and I'm unsure what to include.
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