Blood-exuding icon in Volgograd region


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21 March 2006, 12:33
Pilgrims flocking from all over the country to a blood-exuding icon in Volgograd region in hope for healing

Moscow, March 21, Interfax - A bleeding stain has appeared on the face of the Mother of God on the Kazan Icon in the small Orthodox church of Sts. Peter and Paul at the Log village near Volgograd.

Parlamentskaya gazeta has reported on Tuesday that after the discovery the village has become a pilgrim center for believers from all over Russia, and the expectations of some of them have come true. The icon has returned sight to one of the pilgrims and delivered another from terrible ulcers on her feet. Recently a ten year-old epileptic was brought to the church by his parents. After hours of prayer before the miracle-working icon, the boy was relieved of the disease.

The image of the Mother of God has also helped to a woman from Moscow who prayed for her father who was dying of cancer. The woman spent several days praying before the icon and after a while her father felt much better.

The Volgograd diocese has set up a special commission to study this phenomenon. It includes doctors from the regional cardiology center. They have come to the conclusion that the outlines of the blood stain on the face of the Mother of God represent a minute replication of the anatomic map of blood vessels on the human face.
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