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les supers contre, ça existe. Si si

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I posted the abortion photo on Facebook and my account was restricted for 30 days.:dance:

Ok This is a turning point in the history of mankind, we can compare it to the moment when Hitler was rejected as an artist.

That was the Biotic Baking Brigade, more on them here:

Gate’s (and all the patho-clowns) deserves so much more pie in the face these days - maybe big ol pile of surprise snow will do 🤔
I knew they shouldn't have turned that damned CERN thing on
Dr Jill will get a Nobel prize for making a new sub atomic particle

We aren't quite sure what a 'peson' is, but again, Biden has 70 morons on his social media team - none of whom caught the typo, or you know, thought it would be a bad idea to brag about gas prices that are still astronomically higher than they were when Biden was elected.
Modern Clown World ™

I am not normally into jokes very much. Never was, really. But along the past 2.5 years, it did open a door of enjoying memes and letting steam off; in both sarcastic as well funny ways. And it just feels liberating from time to time. What I never expected as the Plandemic ™ started, was how low the public/official standards would develop and sink into... I mean it is extremely sad. And bad. So bad, that it literally is funny (at times).

I also think, it is a sort of survival strategy. Black/Dark humor or something.

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