April Drop Dead Date


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Here are a couple of videos explaining the situation that has developed

Edit: 30min and 12min

Thank you- very interesting, the explanation is in layman’s terms which I find useful as I know nothing about investing. The language gets a bit colorful at times 🤣


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Here are a couple of videos explaining the situation that has developed

Edit: 30min and 12min

This is gold!
It is hilarious, the orchestration of ‘their (PTB)’own demise!
It is happening in the pandemic with essentially the manipulation of the virus ecology, so that it produces the perfect mutations to take out ‘themselves’.

And now an example of lockdowns potentially setting people up with no work and time on their hands to closely follow the markets, catch the greedy institutions red-handed, then just engage in simple investing that blows up ‘their’ plan.

I’m beside myself with giggles, this, what’s going on on the world, it’s is an amazing show.
I can’t wait for the Bollywood version!


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I'm wondering about the "April Drop Dead Date". It is currently April. What if this month is THIS April?

A collapse can happen over the course of a few days and maybe even overnight. I am not writing about literally the next few days, I am writing in general terms.

What if our decent savings turn overnight into an equivalent that would allow us to buy a jacket? All these operations related to the printing money, locks and cuts, as well as irresponsible handing out, have the power to seriously mess up the economy.

The April Drop Dead Date suggests a certain cutoff moment and the opening of utterly new. Well, such a breakdown would actually be something groundbreaking. Drop Dead... what if, it goes to something that makes even ordinary transactions (requiring electronic connection to the banking system), such as in the grocery store, impossible? Until things start to get back to, the relative, norm.

You can always buy something so as not to lose big savings if, of course, someone has them. However, the governments will attack from the other side. And as far as I know, they plan to introduce large taxes on property and on more valuable things, such as a car. Of course, for a known purpose, that is, to establish a neo-communist system, but first, you have to discourage people from owning private property, and what better than high taxes?


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Thank you for sharing Vulcan59. I will speculate here without anticipating anything of course that maybe the 3 novas event sooner than later will have a certain effect on our solar system and on our planet as well.

Will wait and see.
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