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Regarding Montenegro, here is the link with more pictures and clips:

Those who protested consisted of mainly ex leading party's supporters, which ruled this country for 30 years. Some of them are connected to narcotics or other criminal activities, others have financial benefits and need to keep them. The rest are just hotheads who got brainwashed that they should hate Serbia. Something similar like in USA democrats are brainwashed to hate Trump.

What is also interesting is that the chaos began when Mr.Veljovic (ex leading party's Police chief) began pushing policemen with his group at the constructed gate.
Yesterday there was another gathering called "patriotic" gathering, which is organized in old royal capital named Cetinje.
The most interesting thing to me was the banner Antifa Cetinje, which obviously shows who supports it. Here is the picture with the banner:
Antifa cetinje.jpg


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According to some of the comments, Antifa attacked a mosque representing the Erdogan Turkish state opinion. - I guess they are affiliated with the ultra-nationalistic Grey Wolves.

Antifa are extremists who firmly believe in Marx's quote-"Religion is the opium of the people". It's only a matter of time before they turn against the Muslims. But it seems Christianity is their main target.
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