Another hit for the Cs: Discontinuation of international travel.


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Session 25 April 2010:

Q: (Rabelais) Along that line, they mentioned that international travel would be shut down, but it would be temporary. Was this Iceland volcano event related to that?

A: First instance...

Q: (L) Anything further?

(Andromeda) Well, is it to be shut down again soon?

A: Ultimately.

I'd say that this is a really good hit for the Cs! International travel has been stopped, borders closed and not even internationally; for in the USA state borders have been closed. All because of of a nothingburger nonpandemic that is allowing the reset of......what was normal.


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Good find @Nienna !
While not all flights are stopped and cargo planes are still flying, we are as close to a complete lockdown as we have ever been. Some countries are already making signs to reopening the airports to passenger flights in a gradual manner.

But we may end up having a complete grounding of airplanes when the real pandemic hits.


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Ive heard that the avio-companies started selling tickets for 05/05/2020 but I havent confirmed it.

But I think we haven seen the last of this and that the next wave of worldwide re-calibrating (for the lack of a better term) could start at the end of the year, around october ...
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