Another hit for the Cs: China's response to the virus adopted by Western powers


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This may be a silly question, but considering that it is not illogical to assume that it was known from the beginning that the virus posed no real threat and that the mortality was irrelevant, I wonder why China found it necessary to control the situation. What exactly did they want to control? Were they trying to control the infection with a virus that might have simply passed as a bad flu season?

I'd say that protocol required that they assume the worst. As soon as they looked at it and determined it was man-made, they activated their bio weapons protocols, or some version of them. They weren't about to sit around and wait to find out if this man-made virus (likely from the US) was really bad ju-ju or not. They could figure that out as they went along. First order of business was to protect the population. Notice that as soon as they were sure that it wasn't much of an issue, China pretty much dropped the whole pandemic thing, leading Western leaders to accuse them of "under-reporting their cases and deaths".


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Was recently working on a construction site with Chinese blokes. They're a lot of fun, they smoke nice cigarettes! I've asked a few questions about the whole Wuhan thing and they think it came from the Wuhan lab. I mentioned Fort Detrick and the US, they were surprised, they're also very amused by Australia's reaction to the bug, they simply cannot fathom how stupid we are. Nor can I.


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Something that's bugging me is the coincidence of Wuhan hosting the Military (Olympic) Games, and Wuhan hosting China's only biolab doing gain-of-function research on coronavirsues and networked with similar US labs.

So I guess the question is; were those US soldiers sent there by people who knew they were infected, thus 'off-shoring' the outbreak from the US to China in order to deflect suspicion from US-based population behavioral modification experiments?
Maybe not a 'coincidence' that China implemented it's mandatory adult vaccination law at the start of December 2019, either. They were bound to have people dropping dead in the streets after their immune systems were 'boosted' by a cocktail with God knows what in it...
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