Alien Encounter in Étampes, Île-de-France on June 8, 2007


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Hello, I decided to testify only now because I didn't think I could be considered serious... but not a week has passed since that night in June (but the date remains unclear to the nearest 1 year). and since then I still don't know what I've seen... so to speak.... in short, we were my parents and I on a national de la Beauce in the vicinity of Étampes around 1am, flat landscape not a tree not a single grove on the road, that fields and I was talking with my parents (me in the back in the middle offering me a nice visibility on the road, a truck came towards us in the distance when suddenly, coming from the left I observed a very large creature (I think more than three meters high), with very long arms and legs, a rather thin body and a small head crossing the road in three or four strides. Its movement was ample and graceful and its shadow was cast by the headlights and was very large. I think the driver of the truck must have seen it. At that moment in the car I was speechless, no one was talking anymore and I thought I was the only one who had seen that (it wasn't right in front of the car either).

We continued on our way and it may be a minute after I ask my parents 'you saw what I saw?' and they answered me, stunned and scared: 'you too?'. But what was that thing, and we immediately compared our observation and everything was the same. My mother said it looked like a big religious mantis approximately, which I confirm, my father was looking for rational explanations, but he still can't do it today. As for me, every time I tell my story, I start crying, yet I'm a big guy. I don't know what you're going to do with this testimony, but I hope I've freed myself of that weight by writing to you. It was hard for me to write these lines. Thank you for reading them to the end :-)

Translated from: UFO Stalker. Would be interesting to meet the guy.
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