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Hi Perlou,

I moved you post about Macron in a new appropriated thread that about that.

As I have mentioned previously :

As you know, it is an english forum and in order that all our members can benefit form your post, it is better to post it in the right thread, write a summary and if it is only in french, just tell it. So the other members of the forum will have the choice, to use a translator if they want to read the article or see if there is an automatic translation of the video.

Otherwise, this thread will be a complete mess, a hodgepodge of all kinds of subjects.

Thank you
C'est vieux de 2 ans mais c'est de l'humour noir, et l'humour est hors du temps. Ça nous rappelle des souvenirs et c'est bon en rire. Ça fait du bien.

It's 2 years old, but it's black humor, and the humor is timeless. It brings back memories and it's good to laugh. It's good for our moral.

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