A Man Made of Clouds

When I was about 12 years old I had an odd experience one evening. I woke up in the middle of the night, (I remember looking at the alarm clock and it was around 2:30 AM) and standing near my bed was a man-sized entity that was all white and its body could only be described as looking similar to cumulus clouds. It had no discernible facial features, just a head, torso, arms and legs. It remained by my bedside for a moment, then glided in front of my dresser. It then proceeded to dive, Superman-style, through my dresser mirror.

Now if I had been in my right mind this would have terrified me, but being half-asleep, I merely thought to myself, "That's weird," and went back to sleep.

To this day I am unsure if this all happened "in my head" or if I saw a legitimate being external to myself or some strange combination of both. Could have been a "false awakening," but I am pretty confident that I was at least partially awake.

Thoughts? Aside from suggesting my long stay in a mental hospital? :lol:
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