2022 Crop Circles

Enmill Barn, vicinity of Crab Wood, Winchester, Hampshire. Discovered April 24.





I have looked at the official page of the Crop Cricles and since September of last year they have not registered any.

In principle, the supposed crop circle of this month seems to me to be a fake.

In the event that the phenomenon stops at some point, stops happening, can it have any meaning?

It's something that just came to mind.
Octagon, sawtooth pattern and 4 body astronomical. Instead of a second sun, the figure on the central disk sort of looks like a sunspot.

Little Down, Nr Hippenscombe, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd May
An octagon in the crop circle matrix, showing an outer ring of 16 rays (like a toothed saw or brush cutter) and, in the inner part, a simple astronomical system (Sun, Earth, Moon), quadruple model.

Hippenscombe is a hamlet within the civil parish of Tidcombe and Fosbury, Wiltshire,
The area was severely affected by the Swing Riots of 1830.

The Swing Riots were a widespread uprising in 1830 by agricultural workers in southern and eastern England, in protest at agricultural mechanisation and harsh working conditions. It began with the destruction of threshing machines in the Elham Valleyarea of East Kent in the summer of 1830, and by early December had spread through the whole of southern England and East Anglia.[1]

The first threshing machine was destroyed on Saturday night, 28 August 1830 and, by the third week of October, more than 100 threshing machines had been destroyed in East Kent. As well as attacking the popularly hated threshing machines, which displaced workers, the protesters rioted over low wages and required tithes, destroying workhouses and tithe barns associated with their oppression. They also burned ricks and maimed cows.[1][2]
When it's only circles, it seems basic. We can do it with ropes. But, i guess it's not that easy but it's that hard neither.
The drawing was discovered on June 4 near Nr White Horse Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, UK.



It doesn't seem very real to me, however I see the W or the M of Cassiopaea.

I have tried to decode in off-on key, ones and zeros, and the only one I got with any sense are numbers translating from Ascii.

Reading as M from left to right would be:
01011001 : 5 and 9
10010001 : 9 and 1
00001001 : 0 and 9
11001101. : 12 and 13

Reading as W from left to right:

First line: 11 and 3
Second line: 9 and 0
Third line: 8 and 9
Fourth line: 9 and 10

And... that's it, maybe the numbers mean something to someone.:-D
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