Your favorite classical tunes...

At my daughter's request, we are currently introducing her to classical music (she's 7). These are her favourite so far (and one of my faves as well in the most popular ones):

Pachelbel's Canon in D major:

Debussy's Clair de lune :

I'm always moved to tears by these two.

Thanks for the thread, Herr Eisenheim! :)
Mrs Tigersoap said:
Thanks for the thread, Herr Eisenheim! :)

Yes, an excellent thread!

My favourite classical composer is Handel, and my favourite works of his are the Concerti Grossi and the Organ Concerti.

Here's a YouTube link to his Organ Concerto op4 no4 in F Major:

And here a link to his Concerti Grossi op6 no7:

The story goes that Beethoven was given a complete set of Handel's scores. He indicated the scores and said: 'There is truth.'

Mozart, too, revered Handel. How Mozart loved Handel gives a brief history of how he responded to Handel's influence and music.
great tunes , I think I will compose the playlist from suggestions in this thread :) Interesting article too.

I cannot help but post more overtures

My second favorite by Rossini from The Barber of Seville, gotta love the dramatic build up, moving you from one feeling extreme to other

and Verdi's la Traviata Overture will move even those made of stone :), too bad its very short
this is also visual feast with Leighton's paintings
Just to clarify, do you mean Classical Period music, or, Classical as in orchestral/small ensemble music in general??

I like the Saint-Saen's organ symphony and it's a great one for kids because they can watch that adorable movie "Babe" and catch the tune. Here's a nice little video:

A more formal version of the final movement:

Here's the whole shebang:

Well worth listening to. The final movement begins at 27:58 and it is OUTSTANDINGLY done. (The conductor is pretty entertaining, too.)

This is an awesome version of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy":

I love this guy:

Yeah, some people might think it is cheesy or a sacrilege but he CAN be serious and he's got big hands which makes this possible:

...which is probably my favorite piece of music if I had to choose just one. And he does one heckuva job.
Laura said:
This is an awesome version of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy":

Wow, what an awesome version. I just love it.

Thanks for sharing
Samuel Barber's violin concerto (also the Meyer violin concerto) performed by Hilary Hahn.


It's reverse order Meyer then Barber. Someone upped the whole disc.

Gorgeous pieces.

Antonio Vivaldi's Summer. The last movement reminds me of cometary showers :)

Thanks for the thread. There are some new favorites in here. :rockon:
loreta said:
I like very much Satie.

Love Satie. He got me through my first broken heart.

Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, pick any of 'em! Plus there's a terrific pianist named Jaques Loussier who take baroque music and reimagines it as jazz. J.S. does very well with a cool percussion line.

Just had to add another one :) Enjoy!
I am a big fan of piano concerto.

This is my all time favorite; Mozart Piano Concerto No 20. And I like Mitsuko Uchida, she is very passionate and precise in every performance. To me, this is magnificent and the perfection.

And Yuja Wang’s Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 3. The 3rd Movement is a bit fast, but I like the flow.

This morning I was listening to Listz's Un Sospiro. I love it.
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