Will the Internet be shut down by the PTB?

That's a fair question, and if so, how many existing structures will be weaponized? Even though I've got a fair amount of tech know-how, I know I'm not equipped to set up and rely on mesh networks yet - i've neither the precise skills, nor the gear. And the central DNS servers could be overriden, server updates/firmware updates sent to end user ip addresses, your router/gateway easily becomes a trojan, or they straight up brick phones - I've been expecting tech to die from the sun, but am not prepared for a serious TPTB tech attack.
I was wondering about that for some time. When you have a certain amount of wealth, power and influences, there are multiple scenarios that can hinder free speech: lobbying for making strong encryption algorithms unlawful, owning a (respected) Certificate Authority thus bypassing certificate chain, etc. But I guess that the better method is to have an illusion of liberty, and ability to track “dissidents”. Take for example ProtonMail. It is probably the most known “honeypot” (you can read more about it here) marketed as a Swiss Bank... So I would not expect some bold moves from PTB side.
I do think so as well, even if they don't need to crush it down for a very long time: let's says some days... Which would be enough to create panic almost all over the world, and giving them the possibility to "reset" it with then a use of it under conditions which will make far more complicate for anyone to access some (if not many, or all) Websites that are not convenient for the PTB.
Well, there are obvious benefits to locking down or turning off the internet. At the same time, if they want to continue with lockdowns, the internet must stay up.

I don't think the speedy arrival of fiber to the home here in France is a coincidence. The rollout has gone extremely quickly, and even continues during lockdowns.

In any case, we've already seen censorship on a ridiculous scale, and I expect that to get worse. The number one way they lock things down is to have false flags and then remove freedoms. So, I expect the same to happen with the internet.

The question is: How bad will it get? It may also vary by country. I guess we'll see!
This is likely to be in the cards in the future, definitely. I don't think they would ever get rid of the internet outright, since that would mean depriving people of all their circuses, and they would ACTUALLY rebel against that rather than just sink into lower states of depression and isolation, like they are with covid.

I think what would likely happen is they would maybe shut it down for something like a week or so, just to give people a taste of the power the government has over their connections, entertainment, social media, etc, and how much people need the internet. Then turn it back on, but restricting it to maybe top major corporate websites, using some kind of justification that they have to prove their intrastructure is immune to cyberattack or whatever. Whatever sites do not make their whitelist cannot be accessed.

My question is how they would be able to enforce that? Would the point of attack be the Domain Name Servers? If someone has an ip address they can just plug into their browser, what could the PTB use to stop that?
Well, there are obvious benefits to locking down or turning off the internet. At the same time, if they want to continue with lockdowns, the internet must stay up.

Yes but it would be a good opportunities to crash more business, in the 9/11 controlled demolition style. Like MK Scarlett say, just some days, not enough to break lockdowns.

Exactly. Amazon and all the other similar websites will have the green light but it is going to be a different story for the websites who dare to spread the truth.

Yes, the big attack on the master DNS table by Russian hackers delete almost all entries except a few, backups are defective and restoration does not function.
Exactly. Amazon and all the other similar websites will have the green light but it is going to be a different story for the websites who dare to spread the truth.

Shutting down Google, and social medias would be sufficient I think. And how do you know the website IP once the DNS was shutdown?

And even if you know it, 99,9% of people would not know how to use it. And more importantly, without DNS html pages would not function due use of a lot scripts located elsewhere.
There are interesting ramifications to Internet shutdown mainly related to the questions How and Why.
Bandwidth is currently being reorganized. Much of the bandwidth allocated for the car navigation could be recalled if it was not done already. Will it be made available for the IoT? The current rate of production and manufactoring of Internet linked fridges, washing machines, kettles and smart home systems has recently stagnated if not decreased. What has increased is the number of monitoring and surveillance apps, which leads me to believeand that mobile operators will get more spectrum available for the data. In gaming All PC based platforms are slowly migrating to mobile platforms, local servers are converted to cloud servers which in many ways is optimizing the traffic but in reality is creating a far stricted and easier to control and monitor architecture of the visible ‘Internet’. Words like intranet and extranet will become ancient vocabulary since everything data and work related comms will be cloud based delivered via specific ISPs in majority identical with mobile operators. I believe in the near future own domains will become ‘rara avis’ since platforms that will alow instant presence will spring like mushrooms after the...rain.
The rain will be quite intersting. Censorship could increase. DNS errors could increase in frequency, 404, page not found as well, and that’s just a drizzle. And there are legitimate reasons for that as not all IT engineers are considered essential workers and many companies go if not went already under. The moment the Social Networks will start packing in or will be mostly down due to hacks, it will be deluge and the only limited communication will happen mainly on gaming platforms or via mobile apps using wifi or BT. As I have no clue as to how dense and operationalin the satellie comms network at present, I don’t know when the rain will stop and the New Internet will rise. Meanwhile, maybe it is good to for anyone to make a plan to get the digital information ducks in the row, pack or HDDs.
That was an educated guess for a worst case scenario. Maybe nothing bad will happen.
It's possible to have a temporary shutdown but on the long run, the internet is essential to the great reset. People now can't do anything without it: working, shopping, attending school, administrative paperwork, bank transactions, etc.
What it probably on the mind of the technocrats is a temporary shutdown or a major disturbance blamed on some bogus cause like Russian or Chinese hackers, or global warming, which is used to implement a reset of a "better and safer" internet which is more compatible with constant surveillance/monitoring/control of individuals, the so-called internet of things, and authorised information.
IMO, it is already shut down to a degree with mass censorship. Also very hard to trust what you read, as there are dummy sites set up to lead the unwary astray. So, print and save what you can, while you can. I recommend paper libraries. Worst case, you can burn for warmth in extremely cold weather as back up fuel when power is out. Best case, you’ll have some excellent literature for study in quiet times. It terms of wishful thinking, cutting the internet would be a knife that cuts both ways. One never knows when a vital communications satellite might be taken out unexpectedly, one that the PTB might depend on for internal communications and for dissemination of nonsense.
I’m always reminded of that ending scene in They Live in which the satellite dish is taken out which has been beaming mass hypnosis rays at humans. :) I bear in my heart the private fantasy that some of these might be actually rigged to self destruct by those ordinary humans (assembly workers) that understand the nefarious purposes when the time is right.

We had quite a long power outage here (as is typical) after Hurricane Matthew. No power or internet for > a week. My goodness, I never got along so well with my daughter as during that time. We never got so much done as during that time. Natural wake and sleep cycles, with the daylight. No entertainment distractions. It was a very loving, creative, productive, low stress time for us. Call me a Luddite, I don’t mind. I think there can be some good with a return to simpler times. I don’t fear it at all.

I remember C's saying why to shut down if it is working to program people well. A simple example is Covid and the Current Trump election Saga. A few years back, we used to decent google search hits for alternate news items, images, and memes. Now we no longer get them. They improved their algorithms to block it. A few days back, somebody sent me this regarding the values of companies in stock market.

Does the world believes these companies feed them? It looks investors do believe so. None of these major companies produces anything by themselves that is essential to survival of coming days. All are the middleman between people or people and producers.
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