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Mental And Physical Damage From Solitary Confinement Can Last For Years
By: Elizabeth Palermo
Published: June 16, 2015 07:09am ET on LiveScience.

U.S. President Donald Trump offered to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange if he said that Russia had nothing to do with WikiLeaks' publication of Democratic Party emails in 2016,
I think that Wikileaks shouldn't reveal its information sources.
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Assange was moved from solitary confinement in the medical wing to a different part of the prison with 40 other inmates.

Jailed Wikileaks founder Assange no longer in solitary, health improving :clap:
Jailed Wikileaks founder Assange no longer in solitary, health improving

February 18, 2020 - Jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is no longer being kept in solitary confinement and his health is improving, his spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson told reporters on Tuesday.

His supporters had expressed concern about the state of his health after he appeared confused during a court hearing in October, struggling to recall his age and name and saying he was unable to think properly.

“I saw him about 10 days ago — he has improved thanks to the pressure from his legal team, the general public, and amazingly, actually from other inmates in Belmarsh Prison to get him out of isolation,” Hrafnsson said ahead of an extradition hearing that starts next week.

Earlier, a group of doctors representing 117 physicians and psychologists from 18 nations called in a letter for an end to what they described as “the psychological torture and medical neglect of Julian Assange.”

His father, John Shipton, said Assange’s long confinement indoors had damaged his health and feared that sending his son to the US would be akin to a “death sentence.” “His situation is dire, he has had nine years of ceaseless psychological torture where false accusations are constantly being made,” he told reporters.
Hundreds of people including Roger Waters, co-founder of the Pink Floyd rock group, and designer Vivienne Westwood, marched through central London on Saturday demanding that jailed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange be released.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd joins Assange supporters in London protest march
Singer Roger Waters speaks during a protest against the extradition of Julian Assange, at the Parliament Square in London, Britain, February 22, 2020. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

Waving placards declaring “Journalism is not a crime” and “The truth will set you free”, the protesters on Saturday marched from Australia House to Parliament Square where they were addressed by Assange’s father, John Shipton.

Assange's fate hangs in balance as UK court considers U.S. extradition bid
Almost a decade after his WikiLeaks website enraged Washington by leaking secret U.S. documents, a London court will begin hearings on Monday to decide whether Julian Assange should be extradited to the United States.
It's worth a try?

Julian Assange's lawyers to apply for bail, citing virus risk
A supporter of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange posts a sign on the Woolwich Crown Court fence, ahead of a hearing to decide whether Assange should be extradited to the United States, in London, Britain February 25, 2020. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls
Julian Assange's lawyers will apply for his release on bail because of the risk of contracting coronavirus while in prison, Wikileaks said on Monday.

“On Wednesday, 25th of March, Julian Assange’s lawyers will make a bail application at Westminster Magistrates Court,”
Wikileaks said in a statement. (No other information available.)
John Shipton, Assange’s father, speaks with RT Documentary in EXCLUSIVE interview
Julian Assange has never been anti-American, says John Shipton, father of WikiLeaks’ founder. In an interview with RTD, Shipton offers a look at Assange’s political views and formative years in an underground hacking community. He then goes on to explain where the idea behind WikiLeaks came from and how creating the whistleblowing site led to bombshell revelations. Julian’s father also weighs in on the Swedish rape allegations that trapped the journalist in the Ecuadorian Embassy for almost eight years, as well as claims that he had Russia ties. Julian Assange has never been anti-American, says John Shipton, father of WikiLeaks’ founder. In an interview with RTD, Shipton offers a look at Assange’s political views and formative years in an underground hacking community. He then goes on to explain where the idea behind WikiLeaks came from and how creating the whistleblowing site led to bombshell revelations. Julian’s father also weighs in on the Swedish rape allegations that trapped the journalist in the Ecuadorian Embassy for almost eight years, as well as claims that he had Russia ties.

John Shipton talks about son Julian Assange (18Feb20)
Well, I didn't see this coming ...

WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange fathered two children inside the Ecuadorian embassy with lawyer, 37, who fell in love with him while helping his fight against extradition to the US (Photos)
WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange fathered two children inside the Ecuadorian embassy with lawyer, 37, who fell in love with him while helping his fight against extradition to the US

April 11, 2020 - Julian Assange secretly fathered two sons while holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Pictured: The WikiLeaks founder with first son Gabriel

Gabriel, aged two, and his one-year-old brother Max were conceived while their father was hiding out to avoid extradition to America, where he faces espionage charges over the leaking of thousands of classified US intelligence documents.

Assange fathered two children while holed up in embassy, lawyer says
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange fathered two children with a lawyer who was representing him while he was holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London fighting extradition, the lawyer told a British newspaper on Sunday.
WikiLeaks – public enemy Julian Assange | DW Documentary
The Wikileaks revelations shocked the world, and co-founder Julian Assange shot to fame. WikiLeaks exposed U.S. army war crimes, the secret emails of top international politicians and controversial secret service surveillance methods. Assange’s relentless pursuit of total transparency has changed the face of journalism and given rise to much imitation, as well as fierce criticism. But it seems the spell has broken. After spending seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Julian Assange is now in a cell at Belmarsh, a maximum-security prison in London. In many ways, he is being treated as a terrorist. His health has suffered. The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer has even referred to a "murderous system” designed to make an example of Assange. Assange took on a very powerful opponent. The U.S.A. is pressing charges for obtaining and disclosing classified information. Now, the extradition hearing is about to begin in London. If Assange is extradited from England to the U.S.A., he faces up to 175 years in jail for espionage. Experts are expecting one of the most significant trials of its kind to date. "WikiLeaks - Public Enemy Julian Assange” is a detailed depiction of the rise and fall of Julian Assange. The film reveals some personal glimpses into different aspects of the story: meetings with Assange’s worried father, talks with high-ranking U.S. officials, an exclusive interview with whistleblower Edward Snowden. And every time the key question re-emerges: Is Julian Assange a journalist or a spy?
Hearings in the U.S. extradition case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will resume in September after being postponed from later this month because of the coronavirus outbreak, a London court said on Monday.

Assange's U.S. extradition case to resume in September, London court rules
May 4, 2020 - Last week, Judge Vanessa Baraitser said it would not be possible for it to recommence this month because of strict restrictions on gatherings to curb the spread of COVID-19.

At a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday - which journalists listening to remotely were unable to follow live -
it was agreed that September would be the most convenient date for the hearings to resume, although an exact date and an appropriate venue was yet to be decided, a spokesman said.

Assange was not able to attend Monday’s hearing via medialink because his lawyers said he was not well enough to appear.
The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal reveals explosive new details on the CIA spying and sabotage operation against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Exposed: CIA used Sheldon Adelson's firm to spy on Julian Assange | The Grayzone
Max Blumenthal’s new exposé details how the US surveilled and targeted Assange inside Ecuador’s London embassy, all while working with Trump mega-donor and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s security team and a Spanish company that had initially been hired to protect the embassy. Drawing on court testimony and internal documents, Blumenthal reveals how the CIA sabotaged an asylum plan for Assange; installed software that allowed it to directly monitor him; and harassed and monitored Assange’s attorneys, friends, family, and journalist colleagues.

Guest: Max Blumenthal, Editor of The Grayzone and author of The Management of Savagery.

Max Blumenthal’s article: ‘The American friends’: New court files expose Sheldon Adelson’s security team in US spy operation against Julian Assange

Published on May 18, 2020 (42:37 min.)
Assange is still at it. As much as he must be deprived of nutrients, sunshine, tenderness of his loved ones, he is still strong enough to be interested in world affairs. And Varoufakis did a good job, imho, to pick some interesting points.

Julian called me a little earlier on, at 14.22 London time to be precise. From Belmarsh High Security Prison of course. This is not the first time but, as you can imagine, every time I hear his voice I feel honoured and moved that he should dial my number when he has such few and far between opportunities to place calls.

“I want a perspective on world developments out there – I have none in here”, he said. Which, of course, placed a considerable burden on me to articulate thoughts on capitalism’s fate during this pandemic and the repercussions of it all on politics, geopolitics etc. The knowledge that Her Majesty’s Prison authorities would discontinue our discussion at any moment made the task harder.

In a feeble attempt to paint a picture for him on as broad a canvass as possible, I shared with Julian my main thought of the last weeks:
Never before has the world of money (i.e. the money markets, that include the share markets) been so decoupled from the world of real people, real stuff – from the real economy.

We watch in awe as GDP, personal incomes, wages, company revenues, businesses small and large, collapse while the stock market is staying relatively unscathed. The other day, Hertz declared bankruptcy. When a company does this, its share price goes to zero. Not now. In fact, Hertz is about to issue $1 billion worth of new shares. Why would anyone buy shares of an officially bankrupt company? The answer is: Because central banks print mountain ranges of money and give it for almost free to financiers to buy any piece of junk floating around the stock exchange.

Complete zombification of the corporations”, is how I put it to Julian. Julian commented that this proves that governments and central banks can keep corporations afloat even when they sell next to nothing at the marketplace. I agreed. But, I also pointed out a major conundrum that capitalism faces for the first time. It is this:Central bank money printing keeps asset prices very high while the price of ‘stuff’ and wages fall. This disconnect can go on growing. But, when Hertz, British Airways etc. can survive in this manner, they have no reason not to fire half the workforce and to cut the wages of the other half.

This creates more deflation/depression in the real economy. Which means that the Central Banks must print more and more to keep asset and share prices high. At some point, the masses out there will rebel and governments will be under pressure to divert some income to them. But this will deflate asset prices. At that point, because these assets are used by corporations as collateral for all the loans they take out to stay afloat, they will lose access to liquidity. A sequence of corporate failures will commence under circumstances of stagnation. “I don’t think capitalism can easily survive, at least not without huge social and geopolitical conflicts, this conundrum”, was my conclusion.

Julian thought about this for a moment and asked me: “How important is consumption to capitalism? What percentage of GDP is at stake if consumption does not recover? Do the corporations need workers or customers?” I answered that it was high enough to make this conundrum real. Yes, Central Banks and robots can keep the corporations going without customers or workers. But, robots cannot buy the stuff they produce. So, this is not a stable equilibrium. The losses in people’s incomes will accelerate, thus generating pivotal discontent.

Julian then said something along the lines of: That will benefit Trump who knows how to feed off the anger of the multitudes toward the educated, upper middle-class elites. I agreed, saying that DiEM25 has been warning since 2016 that socialism for the oligarchy and austerity for the many, in the end, feeds the racist ultra-right. That we are experiencing again what happened in the 1920s in Italy with the rise of Mussolini.

Julian agreed entirely and said: Yes, like then, there is an alliance forming between rich people and the discontented working class. He then added that most of the prisoners and the prison officers in Belmarsh support… Trump. At that point the connection was cut off.
Our conversation lasted 9’47’’. It was more substantive, and of course moving, than any conversation I have had in a while.
In this video alert Robert David Steele goes over what has transpired with a New York Judge wanting Julian Assange to testify in Seth Rich Murder lawsuit.

ALERT - New York Judge asks for Julian Assange to testify in Seth Rich Murder

𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗥𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗿𝘁 𝗗𝗮𝘃𝗶𝗱 𝗦𝘁𝗲𝗲𝗹𝗲 Robert David Steele is a former US Marine, CIA spy, and co-founder of the US Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 and has long promoted the use of Open-Source Intelligence. Robert wrote the handbook on Open-Source Intelligence for NATO, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and US Special Forces Operations. He has trained over 7,500 officers across 66 countries and speaks fluent Spanish.

This is a great recap of the events that have unfolded since Julian was forced into political asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy back in 2011. It had been a while since I had read anything on him and watching this brief recap brought me to tears! What a great and brave man he was to reveal all that he did and unfortunately has paid an insanely high price for doing so. So so sad.
Confirmed at Trial: President Trump Offered Julian Assange Deal If He Shared Who His Source Was for Podesta Emails — And It Wasn’t Russia!

President Trump offered Julian Assange a deal if he were to disclose his source of the DNC emails released before the 2016 election.
Julian Assange did not share who provided him the DNC emails he leaked before the 2016 election but he did unequivocally claim that it wasn’t a state actor (i.e. Russia).

This entire lie – that Russia hacked the DNC and provided the hacked emails to Assange and WikiLeaks – was the driver behind the Trump-Russia collusion narrative and the Mueller investigation.

We didn’t find out until May 2020 that the owner of Crowdstike stated under oath that he could not prove that Russia hacked the DNC and provided these hacked emails to WikiLeaks.
This was because Democrat Adam Schiff prevented the release of these emails which would prove him a liar after stating for years that this is what happened.

On March 8, 2020 and before on June 16, 2019, we presented arguments against the Mueller gang’s assertion that the DNC was hacked by Russians.

Cyber expert Yaacov Apelbaum posted an incredible report with information basically proving that the DNC was not hacked by the Russians.

So we knew this, but we never knew conclusively who provided the emails to WikiLeaks.

Today it was reported in a British Court that the President of the US attempted to get this information from Assange. The Daily Mail reports:

Donald Trump offered Julian Assange a ‘win-win’ deal to avoid extradition if he disclosed the source behind leaked Democratic party emails, a court heard today.
Jennifer Robinson, one the lawyer’s representing the WikiLeaks founder, said Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Trump associate Charles Johnson acted as conduits for the President to tout an arrangement.

They said Assange, 49, would be left alone to ‘get on with his life’ if he revealed the DNC hacking source, which was of ‘value’ to Mr Trump, Ms Robinson claimed.
The Daily Mail further reported:

Ms Robinson said Mr Rohrabacher said he had come to London to talk to Assange about ‘what might be necessary to get him out’ and presented him with a ‘win-win situation’ which would allow him to leave the embassy and ‘get on with his life’ without fear of extradition to the US.
She said: ‘The proposal put forward by Congressman Rohrabacher was that Mr Assange identify the source for the 2016 election publications in return for some kind of pardon, assurance or agreement which would both benefit President Trump politically and prevent US indictment and extradition.

The meeting was concluded on the basis that Congressman Rohrabacher would return to have a direct conversation with President Trump about exactly what would be done to prevent Mr Assange’s indictment and extradition.’

The barrister added that Assange did not provide any source of information.
Assange’s attorney claims Assange is a reporter who is held against his will against the rights of journalists every where:

Others claim the charges against Assange don’t make sense in the first place:

Many believe that President Trump would do well to pardon Assange.
Note that there is no mention whether Assange cut the deal with President Trump or not.
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