When 2 Parents Tried To Make Their Young Daughter Practice What Greta Preaches


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Angry Greta. Image cropped here.

You think FFF kids are mad at their parents for trashing the planet? That’s nothing compared to their anger when you ask them to walk the talk.

At FaceBook, two German parents of a young schoolgirl decided that if their daughter was going to skip school on Fridays and demand the rest of the world start being responsible for the planet as Greta and Fridays For Future prescribe, then she should begin to do so at home.

Well, that didn’t go over too well.

Here’s what the two parents wrote:

Thanks Greta…. thanks Fridays For Future!

Oh oh… doors slamming, loud screaming

Our daughter recently got back from more stupid FFF truancy. She was teed off because we didn’t pick her up (climate friendly) and so she had to tough it out in a bus and train for 3 hours to get home.

After having a chalky vegan soy cake (only for her – we had real cheesecake) there was a surprise. She now has to take the bus to school in the morning. But that’s a drag, because the bus only leaves every hour and she either arrives at school an hour early or arrives too late. We suggested to stop heating the bus, because it still uses oil. But she also doesn’t want to go by bicycle because of all the hills and grades – besides soon it’ll be winter and it’s too cold and windy. But she says she might consider the option if she gets an e-bike for Christmas.

“Christmas? But that’s totally anti-eco,” I told her. “All those lights and CO2 emissions from candles!” This sparked the first pre-pubescent protest, which was amazingly similar to her defiant phase between the ages of 2 and 3. ‘E-bike? Hasn’t our little daughter even seen the devastated areas that result from the extraction of rare earths for the batteries?’

Now she’s sitting upstairs in her room at 8°C (46°F), moping. We have already turned off the heat there to be ecologically conscious. Maybe she’s keeping her fingers warm typing angry mails about her “shitty parents” to her friends on her i-Phone. But here we’ve announced to her that she will be rid of this iPhone at 7 pm. After all, it’s irresponsible to keep wasting electricity to have more or less useful conversation and, secondly: again the lithium extraction and its ecological consequences.

In response to her protests against this expropriation, we assured her in a calm voice that we would either send the iPhone directly to needy children in Africa, or sell it and then donate the financial equivalent to help save the South American rainforest.

But the real fun starts on Monday. That’s when we swap out her trendy clothes for jute, wool and hemp fiber woven stuff. Her Nikes with the cool plastic soles will be replaced by Dutch wooden shoes. And if someone thinks this is satire: No, we are GOING THROUGH IT!

If she then still screeches on, she has two possibilities:
1) recognize what brainless eco-fascists she’s listening to
2) recognize what brainless eco-fascists she’s listening to!

Thank you Greta. You have inspired us, as no one else would have done in educational matters. Mommy and I have just shouted up to our daughter: ‘We’re going to Mc Donald’s, want to come along?’ We hope the hysterical screaming will stop by the time we get back.’”

Every parent should make their activist children really practice what they preach.
Singing classes and dancing classes... and learning the lyrics of the song would also be nice. :lol:
I'm not actually trying to joke when I say I'm not sure this can be remedied by classes... this was actively painful to watch. Her moves... It'd take her a couple years of practice to get up to the flow of a mediocre troupe dancer, and her voice... god, it was even worse. Why did I sit through this?
Well, as it's discussing about singing.... this remembered an old video i still have on my PC (in my "fun folder" among the file i preserve from new PC to new PC). I searched on youtube if i could find it, and yes, got it.
So yes, Greta should practice, but watch the following and ... yup, it's possible to be worst, and in group, in a stadium, Netherlands did it :
(if admin wish, this post can be moved in funy videos, just wanted to bring some smiles to many here :lol: - i like the small guy in black & white, he's "in" ... )

Ok back to Greta, did as Bluefyre did, fastly skipped.
That looks like parents are the problem, not Greta.

I watched this video 3 times!
The first time, accidentally with the volume on, and then twice more, volume on mute...you can fool me once...lol.
I watched her behaviour and facial expressions.
Despite her obvious unkept appearance, her hair is terminally unwashed, and her clothes seem to be chosen to conceal her gender and maturity, although delayed, she is changing, hormonally, physically and hopefully emotionally.

I was enthralled as It’s the first time I have seen this emotionally stunted, mentally conflicted and personality damaged young woman exhibiting girly behaviour, you know, regular teenage girl goofy dancing and singing. She spontaneously smiled, blushed, and, from the glances and side eyes I saw, she likes that boy, judging from her behaviour she could go off the rails any time now!

She looked like she was actually having fun for once.
Greta has found a new responsible well paying job.


Lets hope she places that dynamite in the right places or she'll be .....

That looks like parents are the problem, not Greta.

This is one of my favorite songs.

"How dare you spoil it Greta !!!!!"
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