What’s behind the sun?


A Disturbance in the Force
the pictures just posted are from partial eclipses in the state of Michigan taken with a Polaroid camera in 1994 and 2016. 1994 had no clouds while 2016 was a lucky shot on a very humid rainy day. I wanted to see if IT was still there - sun moves at 485000 mph and this thing is still visible 22 years later in essentially the same place. My assumption is the Polaroid picks up some 4th density bleed. Since I’ve never seen anything like this my question is this existence a physical manifestation of thought and is the object the mechanism for our “view” of this universe?


Jedi Master
If you are suggesting that the cross of light in the picture is what you are questioning. I expect that this is the effect of a simple polarized lens, that is common in these cameras, and light of the sun peeking around the moon during a near total eclipse (they call that point of light a diamond). Your images are showing the cross near the edge of the eclipsed sun, which kind of backs up this theory. Note that these cameras, and the film that they use, were never intended to pick up images of the sun, filtered or not. Digital cameras can be damaged permanently without good filters. What you picked up with this type of optical camera is pretty consistent, that is over this time frame, and I think pretty lucky not damaging your camera. I will have to try this, with a solar filter on a polaroid-like camera, on the next near total eclipse I get to see. Haiku …
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