What do the Cs say about the Kolbrin Bible?

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The Force is Strong With This One
For the record, with a quote I'll explain what the Kolbrin Bible is, because it's very important (The Kolbrin - RationalWiki). So, here it is:

"The Bible, is a collection of texts alleged to be the translation of an ancient manuscript. UFO, Planet X/Nibiru and 2012 apocalypse enthusiasts are fond of it. It was promoted in North America during 2005 on late night radio programs. The "book" is virtually unknown to any mainstream organization or medium. No hard copy of the purported original has been presented or is known to exist. The Kolbrin contains eleven books. The first six books are said to have been scribed by Egyptian writers shortly after the Exodus and are collectively called the "Bronzebook." The last five books are collectively called "Coelbook," or "Kailedy," and are said to have been written by Celtic priests around the time that the New Testament was being created."

Now, this was merely for context. What is truly explosive is, it convalidates all the research made by Laura Knight-Jadczyk about his last book on Judas, Christ, and PaleoChristianity. I mean, it explains EVERYTHING. Judas was crucified instead of Jesus, according to the books. Jesus merely bodily ascended. And that's not all. It says that these "sky-monsters," (meteors), precede and accompany the "The Destroyer," a massive object in a long-period orbit around our sun. Well, guess what? NIBIRU!
By the way, it's available in its Master Edition here:The Kolbrin Bible [PDF]


The Living Force
Introduction to The Kolbrin – MORMON (LDS) Reformation


The Kolbrin, is essentially the ‘Book of Mormon’ for Great Britain. Much like the Book of Mormon, it claims to come from a large collection of manuscripts and tablets engraven on metallic plates by ancient spiritual leaders/historians, taken to Great Britain from the Middle East some time around 700-400 BC. The book is predominantly composed of spiritual material but also contains a small amount of history. [...] "
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