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I saw this band live in concert about 1987.
Then I listen to them over and over again till the cows came home it's not completely my type of music but it brings back such memories to listen to the their songs.
I posted this here primarily because of the message about thinking.


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Thanks Joe. It is inspiring. Maybe this is a song we can practice as group with some minor modifications? For instance, one change could maybe be to replace the word "master" in the lyrics with the word "Divine", since it is also short enough to not extend the original lyrics. A couple of group examples I found:

"Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace"​

St. Paul's Choir, Westfield, NJ "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace" -Sebastian Temple (arr. Hayes)​



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Gamma Ray - Introduction (Illuminati)

You've come to take control
You can take my heartbeat
But you can't break my soul
We all shall be free

You'll never take control
Your new world order
Will lead to none at all
We all stand before you as one
Heaven is for everyone
To be free from the dark
Just learnt about this band and searched if already mentionned in this thread, and yes, an old post from 2012, german heavy metal band that visibly looks like an old band i liked early 90's named "Edguy" (just liked one of their album)

This album named "No world order" was released at a particular date : 10/9/2001 ! (wiki page)
What i liked is the first song, which is less than 1m long, the lyrics are posted above.
Personally it gives me chills, but good ones.
If you want to "test" it on you i advise to put an helmet and concentrate on this 1m (powerful) piece of musical and vocal work, i even wonder if hearing it regularly would be beneficial ... i would tend to say "yes".



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You've got to take me home, you silly girl
Put your arms around me
You've got to take me home, you silly girl
All the world's not round without you

Take me home, you silly boy
Put your arms around me
Take me home, you silly boy
All the world's not round without you
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