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Dagobah Resident
This is the closing music to the great movie "Return of the King", sung by Annie Lennox. Really beautiful music from Howard Shore, moving moments. I watched the entire LotR trilogy this weekend, they are a tremendous work of art. Probably my fave movies of all time.



The Force is Strong With This One
La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sight) (1993):
"The song's title is taken from the reported last words of Vincent van Gogh, "La tristesse durera toujours", quoted in a letter from his younger brother Theo to their sister Elisabeth, using her nickname Lies.[4] The letter was translated by Robert Harrison, who states that the phrase means "The sadness will last forever".[4]

The song lyrics are written from the perspective of a war veteran, containing the line "wheeled out once a year, a cenotaph souvenir" and tracking the bathetic progress of the former soldier's war medal: "It sells at market stalls/Parades Milan catwalks".[5][6][7] Richey Edwards told Melody Maker newspaper, "It's a beautiful image when the war veterans turn out at the Cenotaph, [...] and everyone pretends to care ... but then they're shuffled off again and forgotten."[7] According to Martin Power in his book Manic Street Preachers, the band "sounded at sixes and sevens" in the rest of the album, "Yet, as with Generation Terrorists, they had again produced one genuine classic in the form of 'La Tristessa Durera (Scream to a Sigh)'."[7]

In allusion to the style of the song, Rob Jovanovic detailed that the song "followed the grunge template" with a "quiet opening verse that explodes into a loud guitar-driven chorus".[1]
Edwards, unusually, played rhythm guitar on the track.[7]
The B-side, "Patrick Bateman", is a "tribute" to the American Psycho character.
" (From Wikipedia)



Dagobah Resident
Soon I will be Gone, by British blues band Free. When they wrote this song they were still in their late teens/early twenties. Which kinda makes the song remarkable. Compare and contrast with young bands since this time. This is from 1970, a really raw, austere song about a failing relationship.

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