Wetiko Screening Process


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Hi all,
The following is a creative convergance of the covid-19 screening process and my best attempts at screening for the mind virus, otherwise known as "wetiko."
The idea came to me months ago as I struggled to come to terms with dwindling friendships and lost connection with family due to, well, all things this past year.
I felt inclined to share this as soon as I was finished writing it, but I wanted to test it out first. Keeping this "checklist" in mind, I have been able to notice more "wetiko" in myself than in others.
By that, I mean that this checklist has helped me successfully isolate instances where my "spiritual immunity" wasn't working at its peak, and I've been able to reflect more often and more deeply as a result.
That being said, I hope others can enjoy this simply for the metaphor, and at best, use it as tool. Remember, screening is merely a risk assessment and not meant as a diagnostic ;)

Wetiko as Covid Screening:

Fever or chills: Ideological fervor. "Fired up" against one half of duality and/or fired up for the other half. May happen intermittently due to immune response toward unwelcome ideology or influx of complementary ideology (ie autoimmune response.) Severe cases cause permanent inflammation which attacks in the absence of threat.

Cough/shortness of breath: often sounds like abrupt, violent bursts of expletives , insults, or a "shut up" sound. Chronic cases express as same sounds but more subdued delivery. Can present without actual infection as wetiko attempts to enter the system, irritating the passages.

Fatigue: the subject will support something seemingly at odds with his/her character or core values. When probed, fatigue expresses as, "What else am I supposed to do?"

Muscle or Body Aches: The subject may complain of constant tension or acute pain in trunk or limbs. This may indicate a long battle or inability to integrate two opposing views present in the system (one being that of the subject and the other being that of wetiko.)

Headache: Symptom of unsuccessful mental gymnastics as wetiko overtakes the psyche.

New Loss of Taste/Smell: subject no longer has the ability to pass a "litmus" test on sentiment or information. May be unable to notice when something "stinks to high heaven."
Bad tastes and smells go undetected even after external explanation.

Sore Throat: repetition of state-sanctioned phrases, language, or messaging. Usually presents as "from the heart," so as to avoid further in-depth explanation. Surface level infection, but could point to an underlying condition.

Congestion and/or Runny Nose: Subject may display signs of core values, but can only express them through state-sanctioned phrases, language, and messaging. Discharge will be cloudy and discolored.

Nausea or Vomiting: can result when core tries to expel wetiko, or when a wetiko-ridden subject expels the core which has become foreign. Sign of deep infection.

Call 911 if the subject is unable to maintain consciousness.

Thank you all for reading!
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