Werewolf dream


The Force is Strong With This One
I recently had an interesting dream that sort of repeated involving werewolves. Now here is the kicker, I never actually saw werewolves the way in which we may think about them, but I new that I was in there presence.

What I will call the first night, it is myself and two others. I get the sense that I am the leader or at least the only adult and there are two other people (perhaps kids as I am a head taller). We come across what I would describe as an abandoned medieval garrison or castle. It is stone the way you would imagine such a structure but broken down and falling apart. It is nighttime and winter as there is snow on the ground. We spot a fire from within and venture inside, I sense that we are mainly looking for warmth. There seem to be two main rooms or areas of this structure with a half broken wall separating the two. The closest is abandoned while the farthest away has a fire with three people sleeping around it. I slink into this room and as I see the three people I come to the realization that we are around werewolves. At this point the dream goes into repeat mode but with slightly different outcomes.

As the dream "repeats" we are back at the abandoned structure, still looking for warmth and once again there is a fire. A second time we venture inside but this time we attempt to stay on the opposite side of the wall, out of site of the creatures but within the reaches of the warmth of the fire.

A third time I believe that we do not even go into the structure but instead venture to the right, headed into the woods and away from the garrison and what lurks inside entirely.

There are a few other aspects of this dream but I am not sure if I actually dreamed it or my mind made it up in a half woken state so I will not include them so as not dilute or add a false aspect to the dream.

Thanks for any interpretations that anyone has.
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