We lost our dear dog


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My condolences for your loss, ryu. It's always hard to lose such a close and beautiful friend as she looks to be in the photo you provided. I'm sure that she knew how loved she was and was happy for you and your mom's being there for her last day.

In much of the afterlife literature, it says that if our beloved 4-footed companions our in our thoughts they stay in what we call 5D and don't go to the 2D soul pool. So I am sure that she is having a grand time playing with her new-found 4-footed friends that are there with her and, also, keeping an eye on her beloved humans. :hug:


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Your post is heartfelt Ryu, I am sure your dog knew she was loved. I know from having dogs (and cats) all my life that letting them go is always very hard on us. They give so much unconditional love and add joy to our lives while they are here. Take care of yourself Ryu.


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My deepest condolences, Ryu. Sweet of you to take her for a last walk, and on a beautiful day! I'm certain she is well, and who knows, might be with you this very moment! Wishing her well on her continued journey. I'll pray for guidance and wellbeing for her today. Take good care of yourself :hug2:


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I am very sorry for your loss, Ryu. You wrote a beautiful tribute and thank you for the picture of your lovely dog. The pic seems to embody her spirit, such kind eyes she has! The lockdown seems to be not only hard on humans, but on our 2D friends as well. Take your time to grieve, saying goodbye to our pets is tough. :hug:


Really sorry to hear about the loss of your companion. She certainly has a kind face.
It is difficult but hold those wonderful memories in your mind and heart. The bond is a very special one you shared. When you lose that loving energy from your life it takes time for to heal but she is free now and your love will help her to move into her next life. I'll pray for a peaceful transition for her.
What was her name Ryu? Also take care of yourself as it is difficult until you come to terms with your loss. :hug2:
Her name was Meyko. Thanks you for your kind words!


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My deepest condolences. I have two four leg companions and while older one, male, is almost 15 and female is 7 , he is still active an in a relative good health. Both are smaller breeds and they say that they can leave longer, but I can understand your pain, since they become part of the family. I also read that on the 5D they are the first ones to greet us.:-)


Sorry for your loss ryu.

I've just been through the same thing, our family dog left us after 14 years last week.

It's been very strange of late, as many of my friends have had pets die on them in the last month or so, (at least 7 in my circle, and I have noticed a few here on the forum too). My first reaction is that maybe, they're heading off now so they can upgrade to 3D? or maybe it's just a huge coincidence, I don't know. In any case, the thing that comforts me is that, as I am sure is the case with your doggo too, they had a good life and gave so much to us and now they have the chance to explore what's next.
Thank you for your kind words and I too am sorry for your loss. I also think this year has been strange. I've lost another pet back in January, she died suddenly. Maybe this Corona virus affects them too. Maybe they sensed that things were about to get nasty and decided to leave.
And if they upgrade to 3D, I hope we'll get the chance, once we get in 5D, to meet with them and say: "You thought 2D was hard?! wait and see! You ain't see nothing yet!"


C'est toujours une atroce déchirure quand on perd un de nos petits amours mais on est jamais séparé de ceux qu'on aime...
Comme vous l'a déjà demandé Thebull, quel est son nom ?... Je prie pour Elle aussi... De tout coeur avec Vous...

It's always a heartbreak when we lose one of our little loves, but we're never separated from the ones we love...
As Thebull has already asked you, what is his name?... I pray for her too... With all my heart to Thee...
Thank you for your prayers Perlou, I am touched. Her name was Meyko.


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Merci pour son Nom RYU, Meyko sera dans mes prières chaque jour pendant quelques temps, le temps pour Elle de sa transition ...
Elle est maintenant entre les mains du Divin Esprit Cosmique... LOVE...

Thank you for her Name RYU, Meyko will be in my prayers every day for a while, the time for Her to transition ...
She is now in the hands of the Divine Cosmic Spirit... LOVE...
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