Was Pr Raoult blackmailed


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Since yesterday there's a strong emotion mainly in France where the famous Professor Raoult sent a tweet where he advises to vaccinate the heathcare workers, here is the tweet :

Its traduction :
Given the stakes of the current epidemic, I am in favor of systematically vaccinating healthcare workers with the vaccines recommended for their age group. I therefore encourage all my colleagues to get in touch with their vaccination center.

There are many many reaction already in the re-information sphere, it's litterally the consternation. I directly had in mind "blackmail", or any kind of pression. I agree with the last video of Richard Boutry who address to Pr Raoult, here's the clip :


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Since yesterday there's a strong emotion mainly in France where the famous Professor Raoult sent a tweet where he advises, here the tweet :
Hi dredger, there is no tweet in your post it seems.


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Hi and thanks for your question, I think it's a really good one since the recent tweet from Pr Raoult has shocked many people.
Nevertheless, in a sense, I don't think it's so surprising because he never really said that these vaccines were dangerous and that we should avoid it. He was suspicious and doubtful since the beginning and, recently, he said again that the vaccines could be a good idea for some people (old and/or fragile).

Moreover, in his last video (IHU YT channel), he insisted in the fact that vaccination was not a magic tool but one good option amid treatment, test and ill people isolation.
In this video, he also gives their results (IHU) about the vaccines efficiency and said that it was rather 60 to 80% than 95%.
I think we also shouldn't forget that he's pro vaccine generally speaking and that he affirmed that doesn't think there is a worldwide plot about covid. He mainly thinks that corruption and lust for money and power focus the governments and elite on vaccination rather than treatments.

BUT, yes, I was also surprised to read this tweet since it doesn't seem like him... definitely... Something sounds awkward about it... He might think that doctors and nurses should get their jab but he also said that it was a personal and secret choice. He always try to calm down people about that "crisis" sayins that it's not so bad. And finally, let's say that he doesn't appear to be the kind of man to say this kind of thing with a tweet... even if he didn't use the word "obligation"...

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As commented by editors in this Sott's article, which does not talk at all about this subject, but refers to Raoult with this sentence:

A few days ago, Professor Raoult declared that the countries where we vaccinate the most are the most corrupt countries, establishing the link between the two.
Then the following Sott's comment (I snipped the tweet in the following as it is already at the top of the thread):

However, Prof. Raoult yesterday shared the following on Twitter:

Can we assume that he has been (and still is, or even will be in the future) threatened enough to "force" him to make such a statement?

The former right-hand man of Martin Hirsch at the Assistance publique des hôpitaux de Paris, François Crémieux (also a member of the board of directors of the IHU of Marseille), took over the head of the AP-HM (Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Marseille) on May 9. Is this a coincidence?

The interview given yesterday by François Crémieux in La Provence suggests - to those who read between the lines - that Didier Raoult AND Louis Fouché could be in the hot seat, or in any case, under close surveillance to ensure their "good behavior":

"the IHU does not benefit from a right of exception in any of the fields that fall within its missions.
I have a clear disagreement with Louis Fouché, whose discourse on vaccines leads to a disruption in the understanding of the stakes of vaccination by our fellow citizens, including our professionals at the AP-HM. We have launched a call for vaccination of hospital workers by hospital workers to testify to the fact that the word of one person, however mediatic it may be on social networks, does not carry the word of the AP-HM nor of the greater number. Louis Fouché does not have, in any case, to express himself, in any capacity whatsoever, on behalf of the AP-HM and I will be extremely vigilant."

As Louis Fouché is clever as well as kind-hearted, he has never spoken on behalf of the AP-HM.
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