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I had a strange experience a few weeks ago. I've been reading up a bit about shamanism, and what particularly caught my eye was the theme about warding off evil spirits. I had a dream of being in a crowd of people watching 'someone/something'. I never saw what it was. But my role in the crowd was protecting a little girl who I perceived as being either my sister or daughter. With my eyes I was watching out for her, while using my feet to protect our food from others in the crowd.

The little girl decides to move up to the front of the crowd to get a better look so I follow after her trying to watch the food and pay attention to where she is going. Whatever this person was that had gained this crowd attention comes up to her and uses some metallic object to blow smoke in her face. I instinctively put my hand in between them and could actually feel the cold metal on my hand. Which is unusual to actually feel it like I was actually touching something.

This person pulls their head back and continues to blow smoke that the girl starts inhaling, so I stick my face in there to try and suck up the smoke but don't get very much of it. So I look at this person (even though I saw nothing), literally sat up in my bed, turned around and said "Hey, get outta here!".

Whatever it was hissed at me while I was awake and scurried away! Not totally strange, except I later found out the next day that my sister was having painful menstrual cramps that were worse than normal until it finally subsided and she went to bed at roughly 3am. This was about the same time I woke up...

I think I warded something away that could have been feeding on her or something. Maybe erected a protective mental barrier. Anyone else have experiences like this?


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This reminds me of a part of session 2002 September 14:
Q: (V) Okay, what was the cornflower blue dot on my arm?
A: It was an energy surge "burn."; EM in nature
Q: (V) Did this emanate from a source within me or from without me?
A: Both.
Q: (V) Dare I ask, STS, STO?
A: Realm curtain EM burst.
Q: (V) It's like 4th density bleed through?
A: You got it.
Q: (V) You used the word 'burn.' It looked like where a shot had been given, comment please?
A: Ask Laura about that.. She had one.
Q: (V) You had a cornflower blue spot on your arm? (L) No, it was on my belly, but...(V) What did you think about it when you saw it? (L) Well, it freaked me out because it had tiny hole in the middle of it. (V) Mine started out real pretty cornflower blue and then developed into bruise colors. (L) Well, mine came with a dream. I dreamed that something shot up out of me into the atmosphere one night. The next day, in the bath, I noticed that I had this spot and this hole in it right where this thing had shot up out of me in the dream. Well, in the dream, it was almost like a little rocket that shot up out of me and when it shot up to the roof of the house it opened like an umbrella and floated down. (V to T) Now I remember you talking about orgone being a blue color, did you not? (T) Yes. (V) Is there any relationship to orgone?
A: No. Blue color is physiological response the same way a blister is physical response to heat.
Q: (V) Okay, if that is the physical aspect of it, what is the say metaphysical aspect of it?
A: EM energy surge.
Q: (V) When this happened to you did you ask them about it? (L) Yeah, but I don't remember what they said, I'll have to look it up. I think it was something like an energy surge; something like a defensive gesture. (V) Is what Laura is saying is true, is this EM energy surge a defense mechanism?
A: Most often.
Q: (V) Defense mechanism against what?
A: Intrusion.
Q: (V) Well it's cool we got that going on. Did it work?
A: Did it?
Q: (V) That's what I'm asking you guys...oh well, I'm still here.
A: Okay, it worked.
Q: (L) Yeah. I was aware that my children were being threatened and this thing shot up out of me, up through the roof, and it opened up into an umbrella and floated down on the house like a symbolic protection - like a gigantic bell jar shield - for the kids. I thought it was so cool because, gee, that's pretty handy thing to have, you know; you've got these rocket launchers in your body (laughter)!

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Weird and interesting, DanielS!

A few years ago, when I was with my ex, I dreamed that there was some Darth Vader-looking bad guy standing right in front of our bed, and he was reaching his hand towards my ex, who was asleep by my side. And I kept putting my arm in the way, not letting him touch her. Then he got annoyed that I wouldn't let him and he decided to touch me instead, so he poked me repeatedly with his finger. I woke up with the poking and I could still feel it physically (or so I thought) as I was opening my eyes. Naturally there was no one there when I fully awoke. Then I went to the bathroom, from where I could see the door to the street, and I saw a for an instant what looked like a blue-greenish light reflection on the door's glass, which at the time seemed quite bizarre. Got a little scared and went back to bed.
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