Vincha (VINČA) culture questions


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Knocking my head against brick wall (thanks Laura you are right it really feels like that) did not help me to solve some puzzles form historical "tabula rasa" period (14000 to 2000 BC) especially related to Vinča culture and here are some questions:

1-Did Radivoje Pešić made correct comparation between Vinča, Etrusca (Rasen), Phoenician, Brahmi, Creatan linear alphabets appointing to one mega culture people in Mediterranean circle?
2-Did Vinča's from Bosnia built pyramids in Visoko if not who was it?
3-Did archaic phonetic alphabets (one letter one sound; Č, Ć, Š, Ž, NJ, Đ) like in Vinča culture alphabet and other similar alphabets belonged to same Atlantean roots versus Futhark alphabets.
4-Did Ilyrian tribes were part of same culture like Etrusca and Vinča people?
5-Are the SEE Y chromosomes and it's derivate P37 C allele classified to haplogroup I1b* (xM26) closest to variation of people from Vinča culture if not what is and from where originate this genome structure.
6-Who or what was represented with small head carvings with large eyes and linear decorations on forheads in Vinča culture?
7-Is complex and advanced architectural composition of Vinča culture settlements genuine artifact of Vinča culture or did they get it from someone else?

Thank you for opportunity and greet you all:)
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